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Scuttlebutt Confirmed: Chads Sells…to Tony Kornheiser, Gary Williams and Maury Povich?!?!?!

by Prince Of Petworth January 4, 2017 at 11:10 am 30 Comments

5247 Wisconsin Ave, NW via Chads’ Facebook

Back in March we shared some scuttlebutt saying the long time, low key Chads of Friendship Heights was for sale. Apparently it sold. The Washington Post reports:

“Tony Kornheiser announced on his podcast Tuesday that an ownership group that includes himself, former Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams and TV host Maury Povich purchased Chad’s, the longtime Friendship Heights restaurant and bar.”

Well, this is either gonna be absolutely awesome or absolutely awful. Stay tuned!

  • Anon

    Meh? I don’t think there will be any major changes from what I’ve read. But more importantly: meh?

    • “Kornheiser said the group plans to rename the former Chadwick’s, soliciting naming suggestions from his podcast listeners, among others. He also said he would like to put a studio in the Wisconsin Avenue hangout, where he could record his podcasts and potentially host other local podcasters.”

      • James

        That sounds cool. I like TK.

    • anon

      I heard you can take your SO if you think she’s had another man’s child and they will do a DNA test while your appetizers are served. Then Maury himself comes out and announces the results after your main course.

  • MoldieOldie

    I think folks are underestimating the number of A-List, B-List, and local sports celebs plus politicos that this place will attract and which in turn will attract those wanting to “see and be seen” with the aforementioned.

    But who knows, restaurants are shitty investments.

    • V

      really? in Friendship Heights???? We used to go here in HIGH SCHOOL

    • Rich

      If Maury Povich and Tony Kornheiser constitute the A or even B-list in DC, it doesn’t say much for DC. Maury isn’t exactly classy and Kornheiser struck out at his attempt to be a political pundit. But then DC can seem awfully small townish in laughable ways. I doubt this will last long unless they hire and leave alone an established credible staff to run the place.

      • Chadz

        Kornheiser works for ESPN and knows a lot of local sports figures. Also, He and Obama are golf buddies.

      • MadMax

        He’s on one of the most highly watched national shows on ESPN, it has nothing to do with politics.

      • ModlieOldie

        who said TK, Maury, and Gary were “A or even B-list in DC”? what they do have (at least Tony and Mr. Chung) are daily nationally broadcast shows. maybe that’s something. and T-Money and Gary have a lot of sports cache and guests who bring the same (e.g. Michael Wilbon, James Carville, Ron Jaworski, Reginald The Monkey, Bob Ryan, David Aldridge, Chuck Todd, Gary Williams, President Obama, Tim Kurkjian, Jay Bilas, Barry Manilow, Kip Sheeman, Matt Damon, Torie Clarke, Bill Simmons, Phil’s Mom).

  • Truxton Thomas

    The Post previewed this in the Sunday business section with the following “prediction” from an investor: “Former Maryland men’s basketball coach Gary Williams and ESPN television host Tony Kornheiser announce their foray into the Washington restaurant business. Keep your eye on Chad’s in Northwest D.C.”

  • stacksp

    I hope its a proper sports bar. Can bounce between here and Civil Cigar to catch games

  • Chris

    Pouring a little budlight out for whats likely to be the end of the 1/2 price frozen, non-seafood appetizers at happy hour. One of my favorites. WHERE AM I GONNA GET CHEAP WINGS AND MOTZ STICKS NOW TONY!!!???

  • Steve

    C’mon man. What are we even doing out here man?

    • I had to get us back in from Bethesda. Obviously you’re not a golfer.

      • B. Orakpo

        not a listener to the TK podcast, eh PoP?

        • I used to listen to the show pretty religiously on 980 but burned out a while ago :(

      • ModlieOldie

        HONESTLY!!! (seb. vettel)

  • new

    The Littles are going to love this place

  • Just A Guy

    Did Kornheiser walk into Chad’s with check in hand and give the previous owners 30 mins to get out?

  • aknomad

    Paternity Test Tuesdays anyone?! Maryland Players get free admission!

  • I worked at 1250 24th St when James Carvelle and Mary Matlin opened a restaurant there. It was a huge to-do….for a month. Scuttlebutt was they literally stopped paying rent after a month. The restaurant sucked and it withered and died within a year. It’s the only place I’ve ever gotten a warm/borderline hot beer. They left everything in the restaurant when they left. Vanity restaurants dot the DC landscape and rarely last long.

  • Khris

    I think Korny overestimates his present-day popularity. I’m sure in that inside that enormous head of his, he envisions legions of fans lining up down Wisconsin Avenue just to catch a glimpse of him talking into a microphone behind a wall of glass. Unless you’re Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh, nobody cares.

    • Halfsmoke

      hit ’em with the Heiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

  • Friendship Heights is the spot where I serve my cane.

  • Tim

    It is a “nostalgia” purchase by 3 deep pocketed mid 80s barflies wanting to relive a bit of their youth. I’m dating myself but I remember being at Chadwicks in 85or 86 for lunch when both Maury and Tony were there having a “liquid lunch”.

    Good for them.

    • Khris

      I’ll bet they miss the old Malt Shop down the road. That place was popular with the local media celebrities back in the day.

  • Eleanor Oliver

    There goes another nice quiet place to have dinner and a pleasant conversation with friends. Does this town need another noisy sports bar with TVs blaring every 5 ‘ ? I’ll bet they mean nachos, Buffalo wings and fried pickles when they say they’re going to change the menu. What’s so great about that. Chad’s menu was a little tired but at least it was not duplicated all across town.

    • joe_baggadonuts

      Keep your negativity to the Cleveland Park listserv, please.


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