Best Slice of Pizza in DC has been Blocked by Inauguration Security Prep.

by Prince Of Petworth January 15, 2017 at 10:27 am 17 Comments

blocked PoPville

I take three things very seriously in life – Bagels (and associated appetizing), Pastrami and Pizza. Wiseguy Pizza is the best slice in the District. So this aggression absolutely cannot stand. Wiseguy Pizza’s entrance has been blocked by prep for inauguration security:

“City couldn’t find anywhere else to put their concrete blocks. They closed the front of my restaurant. I hope this doesn’t stay like this until Thursday. It’s ridiculous. They must did this Sunday morning like 6am.”

Ed. Note: I don’t know if it’s the city or the Secret Service or the Guard but this is outrageous. So if you’ve got a hankering for some good pizza today (or anytime this week) show some love to Wiseguy and support local DC.

wiseguy pizza blocked popville
3rd and Massachusetts Ave, NW

  • Wiseguy love

    Don’t forget you can also visit their new location on Foggy Bottom (Eye St b/w 21st and 22nd)!

  • Ben

    Perhaps the chicken bacon ranch pizza person was in charge of barrier placement? Who has the last laugh now???


    • anonymous

      haha- now that’s good!

    • MellieP


    • MadMax

      Wouldn’t be surprised at all of CBR was Eric all along.

  • MadMax

    Our office had to come in to work today, will definitely be ordering some pies from Wiseguy’s to spread the love.

    • MadMax

      There was a film crew inside when we went by to pick up our order, presumably due to the barricades.

  • also anon

    So where’s the best pastrami in the city??

    • I am very happy with the new On Rye and Stacked spots. But for older places my favorite place remains Parkway Deli in Silver Spring.

      • dcd

        +1 to Parkway. Also, if you’re REALLY hungry, Stachowski’s in Georgetown.

        • MtP

          I’m actually planning on going to On Rye tonight, so very excited to try that. I also love Stachowski’s and am also surprised DGS doesn’t make PoP’s list.

      • Allyson

        I’m actually a big fan of Carving Room, right next to Wiseguys. Better than On Rye IMO, and significantly cheaper.

    • Pastrami Eater

      DGS or bust. Get there early on a weekend, sit at the bar, talk them into 1st cut off a pastrami fresh out of the steamer.

      Smoked and stacked is no joke either. Haven’t got to On Rye yet to compare. Stachowskis and Parkway are solid choices as well.

    • TacoPants

      +1 on Stachowski’s on P and 28th. I’ve also picked up a few stellar ribeyes to cook at home from here. Great spot

  • kysh

    I totally agree on 2 levels :
    1. Wiseguy’s has the best NY pizza …I’m m from Brooklyn
    2. The inauguration sucks…in every way.

    *I left the country for the mockery and am hearing that foreign travel has spiked for Americans who need to avoid Trump’s actually mov in ng into a house that symbolizes so much to so many.

  • NE Resident

    I hate the inauguration as much as the next guy, but not sure I see the big deal – the place is still open right? Looks like peds can still get to the door. They have to put those barricades somewhere…

    • Anonymous Coward

      What about folks in wheelchairs or scooters? Doesn’t look too easy for them.


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