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“A beloved H Street dog walker lost everything in a fire.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 27, 2017 at 2:40 pm 9 Comments

house fire fund
via gofundme

A reader sends this sad note from GoFundMe:

“Karllito, a beloved friend, neighbor and dogwalker, and his two kids recently lost everything in a house fire.

They need to replace their personal effects, buy clothes, toys, books and get their lives back on track.

The dogs in this picture are just a fraction of everyone in the community that love Karllito and his kids.

Karllito is a a single dad of two and a Navy veteran who lives in the H Street Corridor. His daughter wants to be a veterinarian and thus they have opened their home to fostering & adopting many pets to nurture her love for animals.

Karllito and his family have helped out the community when we need and not it’s our time to help him. Please contribute whatever you can to help get Karllito and his two kids back on their feet.

Thank you all!

Help spread the word!”

If you would like and are able you can make a donation here.

  • Wendy Testaburger

    I passed by a row house fire yesterday night in Trinidad; it may have been his house. The firemen were throwing tons of furniture and plastic bins full of stuff out the second floor window onto the front lawn so that nothing could reignite the fire. The windows were all shattered and you could see smoke billowing from a few blocks away. One of the firemen said that no one was hurt, so that is good, but it was really devastating to see the extent of the damage.

  • ymous

    How old are the kids? I, like many parents, have tons of gently used clothes and toys that I would gladly donate to this family if the ages/genders are a match.

  • kapitolhill

    Did he have renters/homeowners insurance?

    • skj84

      Every time someone posts a go fund me for fire victims I see this type of comment. Renters/homeowners insurance isn’t paid out immediately. These poor people have to replace the most basic living items, like clothes, shoes, and personal effects quickly. Would you want to go around with just the clothes off your back until the insurance company decides to pay you out? Of course not. These donations help people get back on their feet quickly.

    • James W.

      Renter’s insurance can be paid out within the day, assuming the claim can be verified. In the case of a fire, that’s a pretty easy one. I filed a claim once and it was paid out within 24 hours of when I filed it. I feel bad for this guy, but let’s not talk people out of renter’s insurance as an extremely cheap and effective way to avoid a crisis.

  • Erin

    GoFundMe creater here. I think it was the house in Trinidad. Thanks for the question about donations- going to see what he needs and start collecting!

    re: insurance, i really don’t know. he’s a single dad with two kids. even if he does have renter’s/homeowner’s insurance, it could take months for him to get it. right now there are basic pressing needs and i want to make sure he knows the community has his back.

    • anoNE

      I know household items are hard when you are likely in temporary housing. But If there are specific clothing or toiletry etc items that could be of use NOW, that would be helpful. I know there are quite a few of us in NoMa-H Street-Trinidad that would be able to donate more in that capacity than in straight dollars. With that said, I recognize that it’s likely not in the family’s best interest for people to offload unwanted items that are not what they truly need immediately.

    • Elvis’s Mom

      Thank you for doing this. I don’t know Karlitto but dogwalkers are the best.

  • wpk_dc

    Here’s wishing the best for Karlito and his kids. Very sorry :(


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