“My ANC commissioner is terrible and literally hasn’t returned a single email in months.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

Meant to put this up from a late rant/revel post last week that not many folks saw:

“Rant! My ANC commissioner is terrible and literally hasn’t returned a single email in months. Our NE neighborhood has a HUGE speeding problem – HUGE. There are a few repeat offenders I’m just waiting to get caught. I see police randomly patrolling our street but sadly they never see the brunt of the problem. I’ve asked other neighboring ANC commissioners for advice on how to contact my current one and they all pepper her with compliments (although if you ask my actual neighbors, no one can stand the inaction and indifference anymore as her reign has been too long and she avoids the idea of change all too much.) She was re-elected this year ….and alas, I’m back to trying to figure out the best way forward with this very dangerous speeding issue. I’ve literally watch the same two people almost PLOW DOWN dog walkers crossing in the cross walk as they do 75 on a 15 mph street (or something well above 40!) Any advice on how I can bring this issue to light?”

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