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PoP Proclamation: On Rye is Legit

by Prince Of Petworth December 8, 2016 at 12:45 pm 27 Comments

740 6th Street, NW

It brings me great pleasure to share word that the recently opened On Rye in Chinatown is legit. Legit, legit. Now my pastrami bona fides run deep. Though my family originally hailed from Lodz, family folklore says some cousins were tight with Reuben Kulakofsky. Anyway Pastrami and Football that’s what Lodz does!!!


But seriously, not only was my sandwich mint – the space is great too. If you haven’t been yet, I’d definitely add to your list. Check out the full menu here.


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  • DC225

    For the price, I expect more meat. Their sandwiches are too skimpy for the high price.

    • I thought the serving was a good size but I do agree – it certainly is not cheap. I’ll think of it like Luke’s Lobster. I freaking love those rolls but damn they are not cheap. This’ll be an every now and then stop for me – if I worked near here I’d go bankrupt 🙂

  • stacksp

    Almost went in there yesterday for lunch but decided on ShopHouse instead. The comment above about the skimpy sandwiches is a fair warning that I need to look into. Is this place better than Beef and Bread, i think that is what it is called, that is next door on the corner where all the people hang out waiting for the bus?

    • anonymous

      Not to hijack this thread, but I received awful news that ShopHouse is being offloaded by its owner, Chipotle, in the near future. Unless they can find someone else to run it, it may be going away. I REALLY hope they can find someone to keep them open- I love that place! It seems totally wrong to introduce us to that wonderful peanut sauce, tofu, and perfectly spiced veggie, and then just take it away.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      They are two very different places. Beef and Bread is a New England style roast beef sandwich place, so tiny bun with tons of meat and a few flavor variations on that. Obviously, this place also has more space to sit. I am not a huge fan of reubens, so I would prefer Beef and Bread, but I think On Rye is definitely a nicer overall establishment.

  • tj

    I went last Friday and it was great. I had the beet reuben. Hope they do well.

    • jumpingjack

      I’m really impressed with how many delicious-sounding and creative veggie options they have.

  • dcd

    My two favorite pastrami sandwiches in the area are the Delight at Parkway Deli in Silver Spring, and the behemoth sandwich at Stachowski’s in Georgetown, on which you easily get more than a pound of meat. I’m always willing to look for a third, though.

    • oh2dc

      +1 for Stachowski’s

    • artemis

      Parkway Deli is the best.

      • I also love Parkway Deli!!

        • dcd

          A bowl of Parkway’s matzo ball soup and a Delight (pastrami, cole slaw Russian dressing and and munster on grilled pumpernickel) is high on my list of favorite meals of all time.
          This would be a good Friday question (several, actually):
          Pastrami or corned beef?
          Best sandwich in the DC area (though we may have done that already?)

          • I’ve done some sandwich questions in the past but as for pastrami vs corned beef I think there would only be a dozen or so of us participating 🙂 This would be a good happy hour question to discuss in person!

          • artemis

            Pastrami over corned beef ANY and EVERY day of the week.

          • Kevin

            Definitely corned beef.

          • Blithe

            Corned beef. On rye. With mayo. Yes, mayo. And a half sour.
            . I’m also a fan of Parkway’s matzo ball soup. Bliss in a bowl!

          • dcd

            I’m with artemis – pastrami all day long.
            And Blithe oh, my. Dear God, what hast though wrought? Next you’re going to tell me that mayo belongs on hoagies.

          • Blithe

            dcd, I’m not sure how — or if — hoagies differ from subs and grinders but my stance on the mayo depends on the type of hoagie and what else it’s dressed with. If PoPville ever does a deli-day, perhaps we could argue this out over Dr. Brown’s?

          • DF

            DCD, sorry but mayo belongs on ALL sandwiches. For me, it ain’t a sammy if it doesn’t have mayo (Hellman’s or Dukes, I don’t care).

          • Kevin

            But none of that Miracle Whip that all my Midwestern friends seem to go ga-ga over.

          • MadMax

            In the South there is only Duke’s.

    • MadMax

      I love the generous amount of meat at Stachowski’s (even though I think it’s too fatty), but their bread falls apart almost the second they put the meat on. They really should just give you a knife and fork.

  • oh2dc

    Really enjoyed the classic Reuben I had. The inside is lovely and fairly spacious. One small hiccup was they were out of potato latkes, so they gave us veggie alternatives (which they told us after we ordered, paid, and waited for the food). The replacements were laughably small and not very good, especially for the price.

    Others noted the Beef and Bread place. I really like that place, too. I just wish it had more space for seating. If so, I would go more frequently.

    • MadMax

      What about a traditional latke makes it not be vegetarian…?

  • david

    Dat chocolate babka ice cream sandwich

  • DP

    What is the pastrami – Łódż connection?


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