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“I was shocked by his condescending, curt, and utterly unhelpful non-answer to a question posed to him.”


“Dear PoPville,

Is this par for the course for Jack Evans?

I am ashamed to admit that I don’t pay much attention to ward politics, but I have had a generally neutral impression of Jack Evans from the little I’ve read/heard. Then, last night I saw this response of his to a question on the Dupont listserv.

I was shocked by his condescending, curt, and utterly unhelpful non-answer to a question posed to him. (I have no opinion on the question posed- I was just dumbfounded that a politician in DC would respond so ridiculously.)

Is this normal? It’s so incredibly petty, it’s embarrassing.”

Jack, your constituents in Ward 2 on these list serves are anxious to hear how your leadership in promoting billboards in the District, and quite likely in our Ward in the future if the proposed legislation passes, benefits them. I for one remain opposed to visual blight and did not understand your leadership on this issue until I read the Washington City Paper article. As I said before, this battle over visual blight was fought decades ago with the billboard industry and our highways and byways are better for it. Please explain your position and provide your perspective concerning the assertions made in the Washington City Paper.

From: “‘Evans, Jack (COUNCIL)’

I don’t read City Paper.

Subsequent reply from another member of the listserv:

“Translation: I don’t care if my constituents hate me. I just got re-elected unchallenged because corporate donations have so filled my coffers that no one was willing to run against me. Keeping those corporate interests happy means more to me than a few constituents and an alt-weekly complaining about my corporate sell outs.”

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