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“I found this gear on the street this morning on Irving St. NW between 13th & 14th.” and Woman’s Bag Found


“I found this gear on the street this morning on Irving St. NW between 13th & 14th. I actually have a pretty success rate of tracking down owners of stolen belongings I find on the street. I’ve returned gym clothes, rock climbing gear, at least 4 wallets, legal papers, a stolen car and countless packages that the thief decided wasn’t of use. I actually enjoy the sleuthing, but in this case, I don’t even know what these harnesses, or this little measuring triangle are used for, so I don’t have a starting point. Tree climbing? Utility work? Construction?”

Ed. Note: I’ve forwarded to the guy who’s friend’s climbing gear was stolen on Sherman but it’s not his.


“It looks like someone had a bag stolen, probably from a car. We found a lot of workout gear and shoes nearby and put it all back in the bag. If you can describe the bag, we’re happy to try to get it back to you. No ID or wallet inside. ”

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