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“A new thing I’ve noticed people doing is trying to exit Grant Circle at New Hampshire from the inner lane. This results in a vehicle in the outer lane that’s planning to exit at 5th being cut off. Aren’t you supposed to be in an outer lane when you’re planning to exit a traffic circle? Isn’t this equivalent to making a right turn from the left lane (something many DMV drivers think is legal and do anyway)?

This has happened to me a couple of times, and I witnessed it happening to someone else this morning. The vehicle exiting the circle at NH had its signal on, yet it still cut off a vehicle in the outer lane that was planning to continue in that lane. The vehicle in the outer lane got cut off and had to slam on its brakes. The driver of the exiting vehicle was clearly annoyed because he/she paused for a moment, even though he/she was in the wrong.

A collision waiting to happen.”

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