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Thanks to textdoc for passing on:

“Key wording from FAQ: “Starting January 1, 2018, businesses, government, and residents will be required to source separate and recycle all materials included on the Mayor’s List of Recyclables and Compostables. The list is being issued now to allow ample time for education and outreach and for public and private entities the opportunity to adjust or renegotiate service contracts.”

I am puzzled to see pizza boxes added to the list — I thought that virgin pizza boxes were recylable, but that food-soiled ones were not.

Interestingly (to me), plastic bags/film/wrap will no longer be accepted for recycling.”

From DPW:

“The Department of Public Works (DPW) is proud to announce the release of the newly developed Mayor’s List of Recyclables and Compostables. The purpose is to provide a single, comprehensive list of recyclable and compostable materials for DC residents and businesses.

In 2014, the District enacted the Sustainable Solid Waste Management Amendment Act of 2014, which requires the District to issue a list of materials that are considered to be recyclable or compostable. The law also requires that solid waste materials be source-separated into three categories: recyclables, compostables and trash. Effective, January 1, 2018, this list will inform District residents and property owners about the District’s mandatory recycling programs.

In the coming months, the District will provide education and outreach resources to assist District residents and businesses in recycling the new list of materials.

Materials added to the Mayor’s List of Recyclables are accepted for recycling by the majority of the Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in the region, according to a survey conducted by DOEE and DPW this past spring. Likewise, materials recommended for removal from the list are not accepted by the majority of the MRFs in the region.

“Providing a uniform list of what is accepted for recycling throughout the District will make it easier for District residents and visitors to successfully participate in recycling and is an important step in the District city meeting its waste diversion goals,” said DPW Director Christopher Shorter.”

List of recyclables.



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