Walters Sports Bar Broken Into This Morning – If You’re Gonna Watch a Game – Go There and Buy a Beer in Solidarity!!

by Prince Of Petworth November 25, 2016 at 2:36 pm 5 Comments


From Walters Sports Bar [3632 Georgia Ave NW]:

“At 8:30 this morning Walters was broken into through our back door. Looks like 2 males jumped our back fence, broke our back window out and gained entrance. 2 hooded males with sparkly shoes stole our cash register and a case of Powers. While we appreciate their taste in whiskey if anyone saw something please let us or Investigator Kevin Decker 202.715.7506”

  • Guillermo Brown

    Walters is a fantastic sports bar.

  • Marty

    When I last worked retail (~30 years ago), we NEVER left any money in the till overnight. NEVER. I guess that may not universally followed by every business, but I’ll just hope that these two dudes just got a useless (to them) empty cash register.

    • David Raziel

      I always left a few dollars in my register so in the event some the crack heads broke into my store, would take the money and hopefully leave without ransacking my store.

      • PetlessInPetworth

        That’s how the bar I used to work at here in DC operated as well. Left like $30 so hopefully any robbers looking for enough to buy drugs would be satisfied with the easy grab and leave rather than trying to find pawn-able stuff in back/taking the computers or TVs.

  • Anonymous

    Hope they catch the criminals. Not likely in this city… I love this bar though. Might be best in DC!


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