Veterans Day 2016

by Prince Of Petworth — November 11, 2016 at 6:00 am 5 Comments


Thank you to all those who have served (and continue to serve.)

From an email:

“Catalogue for Philanthropy: Nonprofits That Support Veterans and Their Families

  • Operation Second Chance (www.cfp-dc.org/osc)  provides direct support to those in financial crisis due to combat injury or illness, usually during the gap between active duty pay and the initiation of veterans’ benefits.
  • Our Military Kids (www.cfp-dc.org/militarykids) provides small grants to help families pay for extracurricular activities when a parent is overseas and supports children of wounded warriors from all military branches.
  • Operation Renewed Hope Foundation (www.cfp-dc.org/orhf) helps homeless and at-risk veterans secure safe, permanent homes and overcome the root causes of homelessness and instability in their lives.
  • ThanksUSA (www.cfp-dc.org/thanksusa) empowers military families — children and spouses of military personnel —through its scholarship program to expand their education and skills through college, technical school, or vocational training programs.
  • The Veterans Consortium (http://cfp-dc.org/vet) provides free legal services to over 400 veterans and their families each year, ensuring equal access to justice in court and achieving favorable outcomes in 80 percent of its cases.
  • Yellow Ribbon Fund (http://cfp-dc.org/Yellow-Ribbon) provides practical high-touch support to wounded, ill, and injured service members, their caregivers, and families in the D.C. area at Walter Reed and Fort Belvoir as they transition back to their home and communities.”

  • Hill Res

    To all of the Vets out there: Thank You.

    Like many of you, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of my buddies and what we did. I am proud to have kept this country “exceptional” and a nation where civil government is in place.

    • mcd

      +1. Fellow Vet here- slaving away on vets day :-0

      • Hill Denizen

        I seriously think everyone but veterans should have to work on Veterans Day. I mean, I haven’t done anything to deserve my day on the couch, and it would really make people see the impact veterans have on our everyday lives even when they’re not in uniform.

        • mcd

          That would be interesting- people would really take notice of who wasn’t in the office. To be fair i work from home and it has been a very light day- and I started cracking beers at lunch 🙂

        • lizcolleena



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