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Today’s Rental Has “custom furnishings, lighting, shelving, decorative art pieces, fully customized closet system and much more”

by Prince Of Petworth — November 21, 2016 at 2:25 pm 12 Comments


This rental is located at 2550 17th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Model Studio Residence in the Ontario 17 Condominium now available for Rent Now. Completely designed w/custom furnishings, lighting, shelving, decorative art pieces, fully customized closet system and much more. Sun-filled residence also has its own large, private balcony and comes w/a storage unit. Building offers a stylish modern lobby, a rooftop terrace w/gas fire pit and Monument views.”


You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $1,950/Mo.

  • Elkhaert

    Is there something up with my computer, or are all of those photos too zoomed in to actually see anything about the space?

    • Anonymous

      These studio units came pre-furnished with a modular furniture system. A Murphy bed folds out from the behind the couch (you can see the wall has to two separate panels that open up). The dining table is attached to the wall and can fold up.
      It was a dumb concept and these places are stupidly overpriced. They are just sitting on the market. This would have worked better next to NYU in Manhattan.

  • Anon

    Guess they couldn’t sell this unit so they’re no renting it out.

  • anon

    That’s an awful lot of money for a tiny space. Unless there’s something misleading about the pictures, it seems like a double bed would take up most of the living area. Also that block of Columbia is pretty dodgy at night and on the weekend. I wouldn’t want a balcony facing out onto it.

    • anon

      The bed in the wall flips down over the couch. The living area is tiny. Hard to see who would buy it.

  • DC

    ~370 SF for $1,950/mo on that block? It’s a perfectly fine neighborhood, but it’s not Shaw or another “hot” place. Insane that they would ask that.

  • AMDCer

    And the refrigerator…argh! How hard is it to order the right door??

  • Nancy

    I still remember when this building was the “ORIO” – Actually it was Ontario, but only four letters were left lit. It will always be the Orio to me.

  • Anonynon

    For 2k, you can do much better…location and space. Anyone live in this building? I know its wood construction are the walls thin?

    • DCReggae

      Wondering the same thing. I saw it being built and the entire structure is wood…???

      • DC

        Yeah I saw that too during construction – I have to imagine you can hear every footstep and dog bark. Wood construction works up to like 5-6 stories and is vastly cheaper than concrete or steel.

        I feel like their pricing is all over the place including up to $850/sf on some units. Just overall a pretty bad project in my opinion.

    • Bumi

      I just moved out of this building this past week after living there for a year. The walls and floors are somewhat thin, but I was never severely bothered by my neighbors. It is an apartment building, though, so a reasonable person will expect some noise. You can definitely hear street noise loud and clear, including all buses, trash pickup, drunk people yelling, and gunshots. If I remember correctly, at least two people were shot on that block in the past year, plus a couple stabbings and someone getting brained with a rock from behind, practically on our doorstep– to say nothing of what happens in neighboring blocks. We left primarily because of safety concerns.

      I will say the layout of the condo we were in (1 bdrm) was thoughtful and comfortable, fixtures were nice, neighbors (apart from the president of the condo board ugh) were unfailingly pleasant. We had great views of the Washington monument, too, and location is convenient to AdMo and CoHi areas if that’s what you want. I think this studio is super overpriced, but the 1 bd we were in was fairly reasonable in the low 2k/mo range.


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