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“Place to donate unused pregnancy tests?”

by Prince Of Petworth — November 15, 2016 at 1:40 pm 12 Comments

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“I have a close friend who expected to be working on getting pregnant for awhile, and as such, she stocked up on dozens of pregnancy and ovulation tests while they were on sale a few months ago. We are all super excited that she and her husband had no problems and are already past the first trimester of a healthy pregnancy. This will also likely be their only child, at least for the next few years. Now she has a stockpile of tests, still shrink wrapped in the original packaging and with expiration dates in the 2017-2018 range. She reached out to me because I’ve volunteered with a number of local women’s organizations, but we are striking out finding a place that will take them. Two places told me to sell them on Craigslist at a discount, lol, but my friend really wants to donate in order to hopefully provide a service to someone who may financially need it… especially given the political developments of the last week. Does anyone have knowledge of places that do accept new-in-packaging, over-the-counter pregnancy tests, or do you have any recommendations for places to contact? Thanks!!!”

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  • wdc

    Did you try Martha’s Table?

    • FridayGirl

      I was going to ask the same thing. I also wonder if a college would take them — you could try calling American, or GW, etc. When I was in college we had an organization that existed explicitly to provide contraception and pregnancy tests at no cost to students (since the health center wouldn’t).

  • bll

    You could also try N Street Village and Community & Family Life Services, both in DC.

  • I would recommend keeping at least one if she plans on getting an IUD. You are supposed to take a pregnancy test the morning of insertion.

    • anon

      the doctor will usually do that for you

    • anon

      If she wishes, she can get an IUD immediately after delivering the baby.

  • anon

    You could try the DC Diaper Bank. I recently donated some non-diaper items there.

  • meh

    Try Bread for the City? They have health services.

  • addingmytwocents

    I’d maybe try DC General or the District Alliance for Safe Housing (a domestic violence shelter). DASH accepts donations of other personal items.

  • well

    Planned Parenthood
    Mary’s Center
    Northwest Center
    Bright Beginnings

  • Marjorie Harrison

    Maybe Planned Parenthood would be able to use them.

  • NJAveSE

    DC Diaper Bank will take them.


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