Joselito Casa de Comidas is now hiring at the former Sona Creamery space

by Prince Of Petworth November 7, 2016 at 10:05 pm 4 Comments

660 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Joselito’s Facebook page says:

“Joselito Casa de Comidas is a small, intimate Spanish café reminiscent of the quintessential establishments found throughout Spain. These are the cafes where luminaries such as Neruda, Hemingway, and Garcia Lorca spent countless hours eating, drinking, and enjoying the beauty of life.

At Joselito, we go back in time to recreate a nostalgic feeling of being in Spain during the turn of the century.”

More info on their Kickstarter.



  • bje22201

    Wish they had a menu somewhere. I’m all for trying to help their kickstarter, but my translation skills limit me to figuring out they have “Cocktails, Wine, Beer, Pastries, Tea, and coffee”.

    • tom

      My HS spanish is a little rusty. But, I think it translates as “Le Diplomate for Spanish food”

  • John

    “recreate a nostalgic feeling of being in Spain during the turn of the century”

    Is it safe to assume that the restaurant will be giving away Cuban sandwiches and Filipino food for next to nothing?

  • alurin

    The turn of the century? So they’re going to fiesta like it’s 1999?


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