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  • Bloomingdale Resident

    It’s for sale.

    Want to be our neighbor?

    • Anon

      Heh, you’d have to come up with ~$800k in cash, as the seller freely admits this house won’t pass regular financing. I’m guessing this will eventually sell to a developer who’ll turn it into as many condos as they can get way with.

  • Eric comments

    The listing says this – Evidence of discoloration in the Kitchen and Basement , Property will not pass regular financing. no offer first 7 days, only owner occupant and none profit organization from 8 to 15 days, 16 plus all offers can be submitted.

    Anyone know what that means?

    • Anon

      It means the house needs serious structural/etc work and that the sellers would prefer to sell this to someone who’d like to live there themselves as opposed to a developer looking to flip this into condos. But it also says that they’re realistic about no owner-occupant wanting to take on this expensive rehab on their own.

  • Moe

    I’m a neighbor too– they’ve been pretty aggressively showing it this week. I think it used to be a halfway or boarding house?

  • Moe

    Looks like a foreclosure from a half-finished flip:


    • LIsa

      Fascinating read. Thanks. I don’t get the half-finished flip part from the court documents, just appears ownership was contested by Moore, and that ultimately Walker defaulted. Deutsche Bank looks to be the current owner, which make the offer terms strange as a bank will care only about profit.

      • Nathan

        Yeah sounds like one of those scams where someone offers to help you with your mortgage but you end up selling them the house under the guise of refinancing.

        A google search reveals this place was originally built as an apartment building with 8 units.

  • Bloomingdale Resident

    Although originally built as as “apartment house” , The Bloomingdale was subdivided into two separate single family homes- one facing Rhode Island and the other facing T Street.

    Interesting place.


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