• AMDCer

    Oh, please – not early dismal! Things have been dismal enough the last few weeks… 😉

    • hahaha woops!

      • AMDCer

        Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Ben

      Hehe reminds me when I had asses instead of assess in a presentation. The client nearly lost it (laughing that is)

      • AMDCer

        Not as good as when I worked in catering and I misspelled “duck consomme” on the order – let’s just say I used the wrong vowel in “duck”.

  • I Dont Get It

    Earyl dismissal is not as much fun when you work from home.

  • Bruno

    Happy Thanksgiving! (^ _ ^) /

    • bruno

      They just launched us a pie spread in the cafeteria. I went with the coconut pie.

  • Marty

    we got the usual 1 hr. I was hoping that the President was going to come through with a “Thanksgiving miracle” and give us Friday off. Alas, not to be.

    • textdoc

      That never happens. The best you can hope for is that the President grants a day off for the Friday or Monday when Christmas Day falls on a Thursday or Tuesday.

  • JohnH

    Not to mention all of the grocery store workers and other retail workers that are open on Thanksgiving….


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