• Ashy Oldlady

    What did they do with the rest of them? Chop them up and haul them off to the landfill?

  • tom

    Bring back center cafe! The hall looks so barren without it.

  • asg

    A shame it’s the only one left at Union, but I believe the benches in 30th Street Station in Philly are the originals from the 30s (not sure if they’re made of mahogany though).

  • ReallyOld

    So how old is the bench? I’m surprised they didn’t include that information in the description.

  • spookiness

    Sad. Now it’s just a beautiful but empty space.

  • Mr. Magoo

    On the one hand, I’m sorry that we no longer have the benches, but at least we have Union Station itself, which is one of the most impressive railroad stations anywhere. I always enjoy “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” for the scenes in Union Station in the 1930s.

    I remember when I was a kid and I would go with my grandmother to Union Station in New London, CT to buy her railroad ticket for her annual summer trip to Indiana. We would sit on one of those old benches for a while and watch all the people coming and going. The benches in New London are long gone as well, but thank goodness the beautiful station remains.

  • anon

    It makes no sense to me that this bench isn’t for sitting on. It’s lasted this long as a sitting bench, and could be put to use for decades longer.

  • anon

    I was at the station last week and while I generally approve of the re-do (although I’ll miss the bar at Central Cafe), it doesn’t make any sense to have a renovation to return the original waiting hall into a grand, empty space and then litter the entire thing with a bunch of exhibits, signs, artifacts, etc. It looks junky and completely negates the purpose of the renovation. Hopefully these are just temporary things to celebrate the history, and then they will allow the open space to just exist without cluttering it up with a bunch of crap.


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