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From Rotisserie Chicken and Bail Bonds to Primrose French Restaurant in Brookland

by Prince Of Petworth — November 28, 2016 at 10:22 pm 8 Comments

3000-3002 12th Street, NE

Well this is gonna be a helluva transformation – the liquor license placard for Primrose says:

“A neighborhood bar serving French cuisine with a strong wine focus. Seating capacity of 66 inside. Total Occupancy Load of 97. Summer Garden with 26 seats. No entertainment, performances or dancing.”

Updates as they get closer to opening.

Previously the Silvestre Cafe and note the Bail Bonds upstairs:

12th and Hamlin St, NE back in 2010 or so

  • brookland_rez

    I miss the chicken place. They had good food. Anyone know why they closed? I know they got robbed a few years ago.

    • JoDa

      I assume it was a simple lack of business. While the food was good, it was almost always a ghost town when I went in there. Silvestre is actually a small, local chain (most locations in inner MD suburbs). I’ve been to some of their other locations when doing “site” work, and they are PACKED at lunch and right after “office hours.” This outpost was usually dead.
      Have you been to the new Peruvian chicken place near RI on 4th?

      • kwame

        I always thought the opposite. Half the time I went for chicken they were already soldout.

    • BRKLND

      I don’t think it was a lack of business thing…I think the building was sold to the new developer (Ive heard its the same people who did Brooklands Finest building).
      You can’t tell because of the wraps but the building looks really good – they have done a TON of work.
      We’ve had our fingers crossed for a restaurant…while I’m not sure how a French restaurant/wine bar will do in this location we will most definitely give it a chance.

  • stacksp

    Chicken and shrimp fajitas at silvestre are awesome. Not sure why this location didn’t do well. All the other seems to flourish. I am not a big French cuisine kind of guy but it’s good that this space is being filled. Someone will enjoy it. I might try it out just to support

  • Slb

    I live across the street and went there regularly — they did not seem to have a problem with lack of business (most people took orders to go). I was under the impression that Silvestre’s closing had to do with the change in ownership of the building — the new owner wanted to renovate it and get higher rent tenants. Although I really, really miss Silvestre, I am glad that building is getting repaired and that corner will now look much nicer.

    • nathaniel

      Can confirm it was basically a to go only place. I ordered from them many times, but I only ate in once. Why? Because they gave you a to go container and plastic silverware, no air conditioning, and a complete lack of ambiance. Still while I am very excited by this news, i still miss the food.

    • JoDa

      I guess I was mostly comparing to other Silvestre locations I’ve been to. I never saw a line – or more than one or two other customers when I went in to pick up – here, where I’ve stood outside other locations in a line heading down the sidewalk. The food was good and I know plenty of people who ate there regularly (a couple times a month or so), so it wasn’t like they had *no* business, but I don’t think it compared to their other locations in terms of volume/revenue. Just my observations comparing it to their other locations. I’m sure the new owners and their desire for higher rent were a part of the closing – UNDOUBTEDLY. But they may have fought harder to stay or found a new location in the neighborhood if this location was doing the business of, say, the one near Census, where you had BETTER call in your lunch order or you could wait almost an hour to even get your food.
      The building does look great. The outdoor seating will be nice…I’m assuming that once all is said and done they’ll open just as the weather warms. 🙂 Now we just have to keep our eyes and ears open for the inevitable objection to the liquor license from SOME quarters. Steptoe stays off the Brookland Listserv since she was arrested, but I’m sure she and her ilk will be at any and all meetings arguing that serving wine across the street from a daycare will scar the kids for life.


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