• This is confusing as all get-out. The problem is that the area boundary descriptions don’t actually match the map letter labels, nor do they match the actual dates you get when you search the site for your address (http://leaf.dcgis.dc.gov/). I live in the area that’s labeled E, but is 4C, which, according to the database, is not getting our first pick-up until December.

    • wobber

      The descriptions for each area are mixed up… First pick up for 4-E is Dec 5th? WTF?

  • Anon

    Interesting… I read the bundary instructions differently. E on map =C area boundaries, C=D, and D=E.

  • NHAve

    Yeah, this is ridiculous. I challenged my husband to make sense of it after I spent several minutes trying to decipher. I thought we were 4D based on the map, but the description of 4D seems to correspond to 4C on the map. The description of 4E corresponds to the map of 4D. So which do we go by?

    • NHAve

      And yes, nevermind that the rando 4B box has no labeled roads on the map.

  • ES

    The descriptions don’t match the map. Simple as that.

    I tweeted DC DPW and Councilmember Brandon Todd about it, but of course no reply.

  • Anonymous

    What idiot designed this flyer?

    • Anonymous

      DPW – ’nuff said. I guarantee this was design-by-committee.

  • Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one completely baffled by this. I made my husband look at it too to make sure I wasn’t being completely dense in not being able to figure it out.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I noticed this last night as well. I live in the part labelled on the map as 4C, whose boundaries are described in the section of the table labeled 4D. Not sure which to believe, though I don’t care, because I keep my leaves and use them for mulch.

  • E

    Yeah, this is funny… I’m a visual person, so figured I was in 4-D based on the map (even that took some doing with the confusion caused by the B block). Now that I look, I’m in 4-E according to the written description. Of course I’m also in ANC4-C. Yikes!

    • jonah

      The second level of frustration here is as you mention the overlap with ANC districts. We have 4A, 4B, 4C, and 4D that don’t match (although 4A is close).

  • alurin

    I emailed DPW to ask for clarification; have not heard back yet.

  • Tired

    Most of what is contained in box B is property belonging to the National Park Service as well as a heavy traffic corridor that has mostly fields. It’s ust a leaf pick up stop complaining and bag it yourself for recycling.

    • RCPForLife

      Define “most”…

    • alurin

      More like a densely populated ~100 square block area with a few parks.

      I don’t think having accurate information about city services is too much to ask for. It would have taken less than five minutes for someone to proofread the form… and about the same for someone at DPW to respond to my email or @ES’s tweet.


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