• Tsar of Truxton

    Really hope this place is good, but with a name like that, I am not too hopeful. Does anyone know any good cheesesteak places in the area? Ray’s is okay, but I haven’t found anything else that is worth mentioning.

    • Chris

      South Street Steaks is pretty good and they have whiz. Worth going out of the way for every once and awhile.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Meh, I have been and don’t think it is that good. Not worth the trip imo.

    • MadMax

      Bub and Pop’s cheesesteak is better than any one that I’ve ever had in Philly.

  • BethPopville

    God I want this place to be good.

  • I’m hoping the people who will run it are actually from Philly, but I doubt that’ll be the case.

    • eb

      I am not optimistic they are from Philly. If they were they’d call them HOAGIES not subs!

      • LittleBluePenguin

        Yeah, the lingo is all wrong!

  • If they have pork-rabe-prov I’m in. Otherwise… gross.

  • Dana

    Omg it’s open and it’s gooood

  • OldinAM

    Just drove by and saw a neon “open” sign in the window. I plan to stop by and try their cheesesteak sometime this week.

  • anonymous

    Kind of disappointing. Flavor was decent (prefer the peppers to be cooked a bit more, though, all the toppings were still crunchy), but the sandwich had about half the fillings/meat there should have been. I normally have difficulty finishing a cheesesteak on my own (both the versions here and in Philadelphia), but after the 8″ sandwich I had to go looking for more food, which for me is really rare.
    Oh well, at least the holiday is coming up so I can get the real thing in a few weeks. I do still need to try Bub & Pop’s, I wish they were open a little later so I could stop by on the way home to pick up dinner since I don’t work nearby.


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