• Truxton Thomas

    Now I REALLY won’t be investigating an airbnb setup for inauguration. More like barricading my doors.

    • skj84

      I’m swinging between staying in town and protesting, or getting out of dodge for the weekend.

      • Anonymous

        Out of town for us. Those coming here will be itching for a fight. Lots of anger about anything and toward anyone.

      • maxwell smart

        Also on the getting out of town train – so much anger on both sides (for very different reasons), I expect it to be very confrontational.

      • Ross

        Hell, I’m thinking about getting out of the COUNTRY that weekend.

        • anon

          Sounds like you have the privilege of being sure you’d be allowed back in.

          • dcd

            Gimme break. Ross obviously is disgruntled about the results of the election – no reason to get into a, “well aren’t YOU lucky” snit.

          • MtP

            @dcd – I normally would agree with you that statements like @anon deserve an eye-roll, but not here. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of people, especially minorities, who can’t even leave DC during the inauguration. Instead of fleeing, I’m hoping to organize/participate in some service events.

    • C YA

      Definitely getting out for the whole week – I want nothing to do with it.

    • Anon

      I’m considering getting married that day (best to do it soon before our rights as a gay couple get taken away). I like the idea of creating a spot of beauty in an otherwise dreadful day.

      • anon

        You really think replacing Scalia with someone just like Scalia is going to affect your rights as a gay couple? Gay marriage is now the law of the land and SCOTUS precedent. It will take more than Trump to undo that.

        • Anon scared liberal

          Trump has pledged to appoint hyper-conservative Supreme Court justices. The liberal justices are old. It’s not just going to be Scalia’s seat getting filled with a conservative, it’s going to be Ginsburg’s and Kennedy’s and maybe Breyer’s too. The justices he appoints could absolutely overturn that precedent, not to mention Roe v Wade.

      • Hill Res

        Up front: I am part of the 4% that voted for the President-elect. My reasons are my own just as your reasons to vote are yours.

        I am shocked and saddened you would think that any of your rights will be taken away.

        Instead of all the worrying and dare I say “whining” I see on the boards; go out and thank a Vet today. It’s because of them (straight/gay/pick your race-color-creed…it doesn’t matter), you were able to go out on Tuesday and freely participate in the election process. Millions upon millions outside the United States don’t have that right.

        • ParkViewneighbor

          Oh come on…. this is going to be most likely not published but can we stop about the military idolization? When was the last time the US military had to fight to protect the right of US citizens ? 1812 ?
          Yes they are putting themselves in harm’s way but is it for the rights of the random US citizen ? Invading Iraq does not meet that criteria for example

          Why people keep being on awe of the military, they dont realize they are getting ripped off. Trillions of dollars are sunk in programs that dont deliver like the F35 and in the meantime, driving on most roads around the country feels like a throwback to 1975 Bulgaria

          • Kendo

            1861-1865: When the Union army fought to expand basic human rights to an entire race of people

            1941-1945: When after being directly attacked US soldiers fought against fascism and Japanese imperialism which were both fundamentally destroying human rights around the world and if they had been successful potentially here in the US.

            To name a few…

            I agree with your sentiment that money from the military budget could be put to better use on infrastructure projects but to discredit the fact that the US military has had an important role in ensuring vile institutions such as slavery or genocide are halted is a disservice.

          • ParkViewneighbor

            it’s all about that potentially, isn’t it ?
            Anyway, even if we go with your examples, that’s about 70 years without any action to protect citizens’ rights. That’s called a lifetime.
            Now, the US military is an invasion force and it’s not sent out for “freedom and justice”. Inasmuch as I am sorry for the kids sent to Iraq in 03, I reaaaaaaally have a tough time seeing how and when they protected my rights.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I have a mad huge beef with how our elected officials choose to use our military, but I am grateful to the young men and women who enlist, not literally all but I truly believe mostly with noble intentions to serve their country in ways that are honorable.

        • skj84

          Because your candidate ran on a platform where he promised to take peoples rights away. He literally said he will deport immigrants, muslims, etc..Because he wants to demolish reproductive rights that are important to women everywhere. Because he wants to dismantle ACA which would cause millions of peoples insurance away. People, especially people who are not white, not men are rightfully scared. You and the people who voted Trump failed the rest of us. Don’t you dare drag Vets into this, its empty to thank a Vet yet, not give a shit about their civil liberties. To everyone else? Don’t listen to this vapid idiot. Stay mad, stay strong and never let anyone control your legitimate emotions.

          • anon

            amen brother/sister

          • LedroitTigah

            +1 million

          • HaileUnlikely

            I agree completely with the first half of what you wrote. Regarding the second half, though, this election drives home an important lesson that we cannot afford to refuse to learn. The concerns that are near and dear to the hearts of many of us are not near and dear to the hearts of everybody, and many other people have concerns near and dear to their own hearts that are altogether foreign to many of us. Even if we really, truly, honest to goodness believe that our concerns are more important than theirs, we can’t afford to deride and dismiss them, even if for no other reason than because it will cause us to lose.

          • JohnH

            I love all of the Trump people who are suddenly all about we need to come together as a country and work together. Ummm, where was that the last 8 years? And for those who are complaining about the protesters – meh, whatever. But let’s also keep in mind 1/3 of Americans thought Obama was a secret Muslim and not born in the US because of a smear-campaign against him (ahem, led by Trump). Not sure how that’s ok, but protesting is whining?

          • Woodridge Res


          • maxwell smart


        • Anon scared liberal

          You are shocked and sad that people think Trump is going to do the things he said he would do? Here is a transcript of him saying he disagrees with gay marriage and would “strongly consider” appointing justices who would overturn it: http://www.foxnews.com/transcript/2016/01/31/ted-cruz-attacks-donald-trump-financial-record-trump-responds/
          He has also said many times that he would appoint justices who would overturn Roe v Wade. Did you not know these things when you voted for him?

        • maxwell smart
      • eggs

        Wow, these comments…
        I think that’s an absolutely beautiful idea. I love it.

      • skj84

        @Anon, that’s a beautiful idea. Take the day back. Congrats to you and your partner.

      • Hill Res
  • anoNE

    Those have been up for weeks…

    • anon


  • C

    Starts in September and is usually done just before the inauguration

  • lemeow

    Nice. Can’t wait!


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