“two new House Favorite Bowls” launched

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2016 at 11:40 am 9 Comments

2805 M Street, NW

Over maybe they won’t go tits up after all

From an email:

“I’m writing to share that ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen just launched two new House Favorite Bowls, as well as its new Sweet Chili Sauce, at all DC and Maryland restaurants.

Inspired by traditional Thai sweet and sour sauce, the Sweet Chili Sauce is the perfect addition to ShopHouse’s favorite gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free bowls or as a dipping sauce for the Crispy Spring Rolls. Details on the brand-new House Favorites and Sweet Chili Sauce below.

Sweet Chili Sauce: sweet and sour sauce made from fermented Thai chili, garlic and rice vinegar
Thai Chicken Salad Bowl: kale & cabbage salad, grilled chicken satay, charred corn, sweet chili sauce, green papaya slaw, herbs and crispy garlic
Sweet Chili Meatball Bowl: jasmine rice, pork and chicken meatballs, charred corn, sweet chili sauce, green papaya slaw, herbs and crispy garlic”

Comments (9)

  1. Huh? Something doesn’t seem to add up here.

  2. Yes, please stay tits down, ShopHouse. I love thee!

  3. apparently they’re also running a buy one get one today if you mention “voter” at check out.

  4. I’m doing my bit for their survival. This is probably the only restaurant I’ve ever gone to on a weekly basis. The ready availability of ShopHouse salads makes me happy.

  5. Please stay open!

  6. Come on, Popville, do better than using terms like that. Especially in the sexist and misogynistic moment we are in. Be the change.

  7. I think PoP is using a Britishism. I don’t particularly see it as misogynist… but I do worry that a word like “t1ts” might trigger some kind of automatic warning for readers whose employers have some level of monitoring of their Internet browsing.
    So I personally would prefer it if “t1ts up” weren’t used, and if swearing were kept to a minimum.

  8. I didn’t say it was misogynist. I said we are in a misogynist and sexist moment, which we are. He might think it’s a lighthearted joke and a funny phrase, but that’s not how it’s landing. I think many people, men and women alike, need to be aware of what their language conveys and whether they stand behind it once they realize how it lands. And for the record, I really don’t think this kind of thing reflects the kind of person Popville is, so that’s why it’s even worth pointing out. Because he’s one of the good ones.

  9. to be fair, this was posted before we were in the deepest trenches of the misogynistic/sexist moment of the President elect.


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