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  1. so if park morton folks are shifting here, does this mean the old hebrew home redevelopment on spring is free to absorb some of the excess demand for market rate units?

  2. Who knows? The RFP deadline was October 14th. By city law 1125 Spring has to have at least 30% of the units rented below-market, but it’s unclear at this point what the final % of subsidized units will be.

  3. Will this look like the old Park Morton relocated?

  4. I was wondering the same thing. I am not sure that I would want to pay market rate for an apartment here it that’s the case.

  5. No. (Thank God.)

  6. There is literally a picture of the proposed development at the top of this post. It looks nothing like the current Park Morton physical plant. Unless you’re implying something about the residents, and then…

  7. All things being equal. current Park Morton residents should have the first opportunity to occupy these units given their homes are being taken away from them

  8. Yes, the project gives current Park Morton residents preference for space in the new construction.

  9. Yep, that’s how they’re doing it… current Park Morton residents will have the opportunity to 1) relocate to the new building slated for the Bruce Monroe site, once that’s finished or 2) remain in their current units until the completion of the new apartment building that’s slated for the western part of the current Park Morton site. After the building in option #2 is finished, the remainder of Park Morton will be demolished and townhouses will be built on that portion of the site.

  10. Nobody took anyone’s home away for this park, nobody’s home is being taken away to keep it. Fix your problem housing complex in the 5 acres it currently occupies and don’t screw up the best thing this neighborhood has going for it

  11. Park space is being maintained at both locations along with new housing. A win – win for everyone.

  12. “A win for everyone”, if you’re only considering the developer who “wins” somewhere upwards of $50 million and a small number of people that get a free new apartment at the expense of every other person in the area. Forever.

  13. Local neighbor in Parkview

    This will be mixed income – so 33% low income, 33% middle income (capped for median income earners: teacher, cops, etc), 33% market rate. Park Morton site will be developed to be the same.

    The idea of “New Communities” is to have new communities that have people with diverse incomes and backgrounds living together in privately maintained housing – not making all the poor people live together in dilapidated public housing. New Communities is also requiring ‘build first’ – meaning that current Park Morton residents could move into the new Bruce Monroe site and would not be forced to leave the community/neighborhood as Park Morton redevelops.

    If the city can pull this off it could be an amazing precedent-setting example of how to allow for urban development, bringing in wealth, while maintaining affordable housing and not forcing out longtime residents.

  14. “If the city can pull this off” — I think the key word there is “if.” I’m cautiously optimistic.

  15. Cops and teachers make way too much money to qualify for the middle income set-asides. A first year MPD officer and DCPS teacher would have a combined household income over 100K.

  16. Yep, the idea is 33% “public housing” (DCHA-administered), 33% subsidized (open to people making up to 60% of Area Median Income — current AMI for a household of 4 is ~$109K, so 60% of that is ~$65K), and 33% market rate.
    If I’m interpreting HUD’s chart correctly, AMI for a household of 2 is ~$87K, and 60% of that is ~$52K.
    AMI for a household of 1 is ~$76K. Sixty percent of that is ~$46K. So an individual would need to have an income of less than $46K to qualify for a subsidized unit.

  17. great, I make less than that, I want to not pay my mortgage anymore, wheres my subsidy?

  18. It’s the line in your tax return where you deduct your mortgage interest and property taxes.

  19. I don’t have any income, so your deduction argument is worthless. I still have to pay my mortgage and ever increasing property tax bill so I can help pay the salaries of the people spreading lies and taking away our community park.

  20. yes, i agree this is much needed. just to throw the counterargument out there, from a policy point of view, it can make sense to put market rate units only in areas where real estate is extremely expensive. by putting subsidized housing in, you have a double whammy: forgoing the extra tax from the market rate development at the same time as subsidizing the housing. the extra tax revenue (or more accurately, the normal tax revenue) could provide either better housing or housing to more people in other areas (which you’d want to still be job accessible, etc.). in other words, without getting into detail on the numbers, market rate housing here could provide for 400 units of subsidized housing somewhere else vs. 200 here.

  21. “it can make sense to put market rate units only in areas where real estate is extremely expensive” — The idea of doing something with Park Morton started several years ago, though. It’s been only (relatively) recently that real estate prices in this area were high.
    Plus, DCHA wanted to keep the Park Morton residents in their current neighborhood.

  22. counter-counter argument – but could it be that 200 subsidized units in a mixed income development are worth more to the community than 400 subsidized units in “dilapidated public housing” (to use Local neighbor in Parkview’s language above)? In other words, in actual dollars, yes, the city is forgoing tax revenue that could be used to create more housing somewhere else. But maybe the intangible benefits of having a mixed income community – such as reducing the concentration of poverty which would potentially lead to a reduction in crime is still a net positive (and would figure into the city’s bottom line in an indirect way).

  23. it’d be a hard sell for the 200 people who don’t get a benefit in your version, but agreed insomuch as bottom line doesn’t always tell the whole story.

  24. This is not accurate. The Park Morton location and the Bruce Monroe location are considered one “site” for the purposes of this project. So it is not going to be a third/a third/a third at either location, but that proportion overall. To my knowledge, the city has never considered two separate geographical locations the same “site” in this context before, so it is VERY misleading. At the last meeting I was at we were told that the plan was for the Bruce Monroe location to be 50% government housing, 25% affordable housing, and 25% market rate. The very combining of the two locations into one site goes against their underlying ideology of de-concentrating poverty because 50% of the Bruce Monroe site will be government housing. This is just ONE example of how the developers and the city have been misleading the public about this project. If they believe in the 33% mixed income ratio that is laid out in their ideological statements, then they should consider each geographic location its own site.

  25. Counting two locations as one site is also sneaky in that part of the rationale for using the Bruce Monroe site was the “build first” idea. However, they’re not planning on getting everyone out of Park Morton until the big building at Park Morton is finished too.
    It’s not clear to me why they couldn’t have done the whole thing without using the Bruce Monroe site, since part of the current Park Morton site is already vacant and boarded up in preparation for razing.

  26. Parkview resident

    Correction, the entire development will have those ratios when both sites are considered as a whole. However, zero guarantees have been made in regards to where the 33% of each will end up.
    Also Park Morton residents will be subjected to a qualification process like they were with “The Avenue” building on Georgia and only 8 units ended up relocating from Park Morton for a building with around 100 units in that case.

  27. If the city can pull this off it will be an amazing precedent-setting example of how to allow developers to co-opt park space using pitiful excuses and straw man arguments. Next stop kalorama park? rock creek park? the mall?

  28. By park space you mean former school space that the city decided to use temporarily as a park, right? If you believed the park was permanent you weren’t paying attention.

  29. I love how they don’t show the entirety of the development. They leave off the Senior Living Building and the dozen or so condo-style townhouses. DC Gov’t at its finest.


    What Park Morton Residents have you spoken to? I am a current resident at Park Morton and we can not wait to move to Bruce Monroe Park. Please stop speaking on our behalf, especially if you continue to lie on us.


    The senior building is in the photo above.

  32. The information provided here IS NOT an accurate representation of the project or the process. There is NOT community support for this. Walk down the 700 block of Irving Street and look at the signs in people’s front yards. The neighborhood is angry. The surrounding community has been completely ignored. Please go to savebrucemonroepark.org for more information.

  33. http://www.savebrucemonroepark.org/

    Umm, this is extremely misleading propaganda/promotional material from the Mayor’s office. As one commenter noted, the drawing leaves off several other buildings that will be part of the project. As a Columbia Heights / Park View resident, this development is absolutely not in the best interest of the community. It is a huge, unnecessary give-away to developers. And YES I am all for affordable housing….but the city is making the argument that it is “either/or” in an attempt to vilify anybody who is against this idiotic development as “against public housing for poor people.” It’s a disgusting argument designed to paint opponents as morally illegitimate.

    No other neighborhood would even be considered for the same proposal–basically take away the ONLY park in the neighborhood for YET ANOTHER condo building on Georgia Avenue when the new ones just built are. Think about it– woodley? Cleveland park? Please.

    And more “jobs”? Please. Georgia Avenue has plenty of commercial space. Those commercial spaces in the new condos? Alot of them are EMPTY, just like this one will be.


  34. Eh, the Park View rec center is a thing, as are Wangri Gardens (two blocks from here). It’s hardly the only park in the neighborhood.
    The large building on George Ave will not be condos, but rental apartments.

  35. Oof, why would you mention Wangari Gardens? You just gave some developers an idea of where to plan their next for-profit project on public land. Just kidding, I’m sure that is already in the pipeline.

  36. I wasn’t a big fan of the initial Wangari Gardens proposal for because folks have a way of getting attached to “temporary” uses, like what is happening here with the Bruce Monroe site. I assume that the Wangari landowner will one day want to redevelop that site, and anticipate a similar level of community freak-out when that happens.

  37. The “Wangari landowner” as with the Bruce Monroe site is the city. Why do you assume the city should be able to give away property it owns for development without taking into account with the uses folks have for the land, temporary or otherwise? There’s a difference between private ownership of land and public ownership of land and accountability to the public that you seem to be missing.

  38. Eh, when the city demo’ed Bruce Monroe, it was very clear that mixed-used development was planned for that site. Here’s a news story from 2009 stating that fact: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/news/housing-complex/blog/13120215/bruce-monroe-elementary-demolishing-for-future-development. Folks around the Bruce Monroe site act like the development plan is some shady reversal by the city when housing and mixed-use has been the plan all along. So, yeah, forgive me if I fail get worked up over it.

  39. Actually, when the city demoed the old school, there was a promise to build a new school there. The city pulled a bait and switch with a temporary park to placate people. I remember the angry parents, but the city ran them over.

  40. True that. And there’s waiting lists on nearly all of the gardens anyway. Some folks would rather give away limited green space than have the city actually spending money purchasing land for the development.

  41. Parkview resident

    Have you seen the crosstown transportation plan? Wangari shantytown gardens is definitely on the chopping block when they rework that entire area back into the city street grid.

  42. Parkview resident

    Yay, apartments. I’ll make sure to tell the neighborhood kids they can play there in the apartments instead of the park they have been using for the majority of their entire life.


    Or you can tell the residents of Park Morton that they can continue to live in condemned units so your child can have more space to run.

  44. We don’t have to chose one or the other. We can give Park Morton residents new space AND keep the park for the children. Both are important and we should not allow the city to tell us that we have to chose one or the other!


    Misleading propaganda? Where are you obtaining your information to be so certain that this info is misleading? Smh.

  46. I’ve talked to a number of Park Morton residents, and they are not happy with this development plan, at all. If you are for it, that is fine, but please don’t insist that yours is the view of all residents. And, it is this very “this” or “that” argument that is poisonous to our community. There are other options that could come on line WAY before this project which has residents living what you describe as “condemned units” for another 7 years!

  47. When there was a school here, pre-2009, did that bother you, that it was occupying a hypothetical park? This was a public site for decades, and after a brief pause due to financial collapse, it is being returned for public benefit, as it should be. As a Park View homeowner I’m excited about this project. I just think they should have integrated a school into the site.

  48. So there’s no public benefit to a park?

  49. A 1 acre park is being retained

  50. “Resident support”? Are you kidding me?

  51. The initiative is probably supported by the current Park Morton residents that will be getting an upgrade in living conditions

  52. Actually, I’ve talked to several Park Morton residents who have said they are AGAINST building on the Bruce Monroe Park because that’s where they take their kids to play. Many of them agree that we should be able to have affordable housing AND green space and should therefore tear down one of the vacant and blighted buildings on Georgia Avenue rather than a beautiful park. Another thing the city is keeping quiet is that there is that there is going to be a qualification process for Park Morton residents and many of the current residents will not meet the qualifications.

    The Bruce Monroe Park is a well-used park. The neighbors around Bruce Monroe Park are overwhelmingly against it and feel like they have been left out of the process. The idea of 50 neighborhood meetings is a JOKE. Most of those meetings WERE RUN BY THE DEVELOPERS. We were given maybe 5-10 minutes at the end to the meeting to speak. Many meetings were not open to the public. Most of the people I’ve talked to have said that they thought the meetings were intended to leave them feeling like there was no hope to intervene.

    So many of the Park Morton residents are going to be disappointed that they don’t qualify, the neighborhood is going to be overwhelmed by a significant and unsupportable increase in density (this is a 9 story building that is going into a neighborhood of 2 story town homes and oh, by the way, they are also eliminating street parking around the park as part of a separate initiative), and we are going to lose a well-loved park. It looks like the real winners here are the developers.

  53. I attended one of the meetings and I was definitely given the impression that this was a done deal. As for select Park Morton residents being against building at the Bruce Monroe Park site, I wish they had expressed that sentiment out loud at the meeting I attended, instead of literally demonizing anyone who disagreed with them.

    Alas, the developers win again

  54. This was my experience too. But this is NOT a done deal. We are NOT bad people for not supporting this project. And we CAN support affordable housing and have parks too. It is insulting for the Mayor’s office to claim there were meetings and that they have resident support. Check out all the yard signs around Bruce Monroe Park. That is the real resident “support” for the project.


    None of us are against using Bruce Monroe Park for a better chance at life.


    The Developers aren’t winning. However, the residents here at PM will be afforded with better Living conditions.

  57. The city certainly did everything in its power to present this (using Bruce Monroe as a replacement for Park Morton) as a “done deal,” and to stifle community opposition — for example, by using “breakout groups” at meetings instead of allowing a true Q&A. I got the feeling that the mayor’s office was determined to power this through whether the community wanted it or not.

  58. That was my impression too from the meetings I attended. The first I heard about this was when I received a survey asking how/if I utilized the space in its current iteration and asking what I thought about various other uses (e.g. keep it as a park, develop, misc. community space, etc.). Next thing I knew, they were rolling out their “proposal” for the new development. 50+ meetings, really? I don’t understand how they can claim to have sought “community input” when they’d clearly already made up their minds. The lack of transparency is troubling and seems to be par for the course w/ DMPED/NCI projects. They have bungled this project for years, didn’t publicize their plan to develop the park until October 2015, and yet they have the gall to blame the delay on people who have questions or issues w/ the plan?

    Ultimately, I’m in favor of the plan. However, I’m really disheartened by the way that the city went about it. Enough with these glossy one pagers. DMPED doesn’t want community input, they want a rubber stamp.


    What Park Morton Residents have you spoken to? I am a current resident at Park Morton and we can not wait to move to Bruce Monroe Park. Please stop speaking on our behalf, especially if you continue to lie on us.

  60. You cannot wait to move. Speak only of your family & not everyone else. Thank you.

  61. More misinformation from the Mayor’s office. Compare the two pictures posted: one includes a tiny amount of green space and the other includes a basketball court, 2 gardens, and a playground. How can these two images be reconciled? They can’t be. Both the city and developer have REFUSED to commit to the size or contents of the new “park”. And have REFUSED to hear neighbor comments about it. This picture is another empty promise. Make no mistake, we are not getting a park, we are having one stolen. The neighbors around Bruce Monroe Park support more public and affordable housing, but NOT at the expense of public green space.

  62. Temporary green space that was planned to be developed all along right?

    I think that is what allows the Mayors office to push through as developing the land was the initial plan all along and it was never to be a permanent park.

  63. The pictures seem pretty clear to me. It’s a new, 1-acre park. The pictures are drawn from different perspectives, so they look different. A permanent park is being given. Nothing is being stolen because nothing is yours – it belongs to all of DC, which broadly supports making better use of public land by constructing new housing. I hope you welcome your new neighbors, as they once welcomed you.

  64. Parkview resident

    The mayor’s office of lies and misinformation strikes again.
    Here are the actual facts:
    -“community meetings” were organized by the developer and specifically designed to disenfranchise opposition to the use of the park for development.

    -the “temporary” park has been 100% school, playgrounds, and basketball courts since at least 1971 and 75% public uses since 1920.

    -the “minimal investment” in the Bruce Monroe park exceeds 2.2 million dollars

    -99% of residents in the area surrounding the park are completely against this development

    -this plan has been shoved through by Kent Boese, Brianne Nassau, and mayor Bowser in bold disregard to the needs and wants of the community without any studies or consideration thereof

  65. Parkview resident

    Amending my comment:
    *Brianne Nadeau (ward one council member)
    -who btw, has a lightning fast email reply response and zero follow-through in everything I’ve contacted her office about and I’m seemingly not the only one


    Why must we be so quick to blame Brianne when things don’t go our way? Brianne is doing a fabulous job and everyone here at Park Morton would agree :-)

  67. The Mayor rammed this project through without consulting neighbors about what they wanted. In fact, a community survey being conducted at the same time showed a strong majority of resident prefer keeping Bruce Monroe Park as a park. The least popular option on the survey was a big residential/commercial development, exactly as the Mayor is proposing for the site.

    The Mayor made a decision and tried to force it down the neighborhood’s throat through a series of public meetings designed to silence dissent, force everyone to listen to the details of a plan virtually no one wanted, and tell everyone there was no other option. This is not true. There are many sites close to the existing Park Morton property that are vacant or abandoned. The city chose not to use these sites, because it would have needed to buy them. So steal a park from the community instead — it’s free!

    In other neighborhoods, the city is willing to pay millions of dollars to buy private land to create and develop new park space, but apparently Parkview doesn’t make the cut. Some people deserve parks, and others don’t? Same for the Wizards practice arena — $65 million available with barely a murmur from elected officials. But a few million dollars to buy some vacant land for mixed income housing? Impossible. Steal the park and move on.

    Go to http://www.SaveBruceMonroePark.org if you’re tired of elected officials bowing down to the feet of their campaign donors — big developers and commercial property owners — instead of protecting and building our neighborhood.

  68. Yes, TiredOfLies, I completely agree! We deserve green space AND affordable housing and if the city would stand up for its residents instead of giving sweet deals to the developers we could have both. The survey results showed what the community wanted and the city completely disregarded that. They have consistently disregarded what the neighborhood residents have said throughout this process, while providing misleading information as demonstrated above. Even worse, the developers have encouraged a false binary: affordable housing OR green space and they have manipulated the argument to set the people who support the park as being against affordable housing. This is a manipulative and disingenuous argument that was an effort to undermine the real concerns of the community. We should not participate in the developer’s divisive rhetoric. We can have both green space AND affordable housing. Ten other sites were proposed for this project: TEN!!! And yet the city chose to disregard community opinion as expressed by the survey in order to give the developer a sweet deal.

  69. If I remember correctly, the city announced the decision while the survey results were still being tabulated — blindsiding the ANCs that had conducted the survey.

  70. They’ve been spreading this BS on the CH listservs also…
    Plenty of misleading misinformation in this latest propaganda. More empty promises from the mayor’s office of “it’s not about what the community wants, it’s what we decide is best for the developers.”

    The Bruce Monroe park site is being STOLEN from the neighborhood and most people have either no idea it is happening or have been excluded from the decision by design.

    Park Morton is a red herring in this sham, and at least ten additional sites have been identified that are closer to Park Morton that should be used for that redevelopment.

    But why purchase land when you can take it away from people with no voice for the enrichment of major campaign contributors.

    There are hundreds of signs popping up in front yards all around the Bruce Monroe park. The community hasn’t been represented, consulted, or cared about by the officials sworn to represent them in this matter and others.

    This process is a disgrace to democracy.

  71. Samantha Pawlak

    No one from the government will answer any of my questions concerning this development. I do not support this development. It seems no one cares what people actually think or want to be open about what’s really going on. It’s really sad.

  72. Alanna Williamson

    Resident support? Seriously?? Name one current resident by name that supports this project! No one in thia area wants a giant condo building in their back yard.


    I can name 150 residents that support this project. I dare you to name 1 that doesn’t.

    In your opinion would the Park Morton residents be happy if the building was moved to one of the ten other sites that are also immediately adjacent to the current Park Morton complex, but would allow the community to keep the park? That way the community could have affordable housing AND green space. I don’t think it has to be one or the other. There are many underprivileged households who rely on that park too. Shouldn’t we try to find a solution that helps those families as well? The neighbors I’ve talked to are very supportive of the Park Morton residents and want them to get a new building close by, they just don’t want to do that at the expense of all the families that use the park. Unfortunately, the developers have pitted the Park Morton Residents and the people who use the park against each other, when in reality I think we could work together to find a solution that meets everyone’s needs! There are 10 other sites to choose from that would use already developed space — mostly abandoned or vacant buildings. Wouldn’t it be a better choice to tear down a vacant building than a park?

  75. Park Morton Resident

    I personally don’t now that I know the inner workings of it all. I’m ready to just find a way out of here & never look back because in the end PM Residents are going to be screwed over simply because these lying bastards keep changing things & won’t solidify anything by putting it in writing. If you know any better you’d better start saving some money before this all goes down because people are going to need it to help them move, security deposits, & more. Also having a certain credit score is being discussed as well. That notion alone will displace many of the families at Park Morton.

  76. Park Morton Resident,
    This is why I think we need to work together. The neighbors that I have spoken with are VERY supportive of the Park Morton residents and want to make sure that they get a new development. They just don’t want to take the park away from the families that use it. I think if we all work together we can find a solution that makes everyone happy. The problem is that the developer and the city have been encouraging the park users and the Park Morton residents to fight AGAINST each other, rather than work WITH each other. I really think we should work together! :)

  77. Park Morton Resident

    It’s not going to happen. The only way the people down by BM will be happy is if they get to keep the whole park & throw PM Residents over to the Hebrew Home which is just as bad as where we’re living now. There has been a lot of selfishness hovering around this whole process. The city will take whatever whenever & the citizens are not feeling that they’re being heard. It’s a lose-lose situation really.

  78. I do. I live two blocks from the site. I believe that all our neighbors deserve a quality place to live. I am excited that Park Morton residents will have a new place to live and there will be additional affordable housing. And plus there will be green space at both sites.

  79. I’m so over this. I just want to move. I’ve had the water, dust, & paint tested in this place by the DC Gov’t/Dept of Energy & Environment Lead & Healthy Housing Division Compliance & Enforcement Branch. The lead concentration in this apartment is <40 pg/ft2. That is not safe for anyone, let alone a child.

    I'd like to see all those people yelling about a park bring their children, grandchildren, nieces, & nephews here to live among all this lead & asbestos. A park is more important than people's lives? Really? Let's hear you say that when those same kids grow up with health problems & have to get on Medicaid (which both our tax dollars pay for) to help pay their hospital bills because giving them a better quality of life was too much like right from the start.

    I spoke with a lady that lives here who has a daughter doing absolutely wonderful things with her life & the young lady is looking at going to Ivy League College. So I guess this family doesn't deserve to live better simply because they don't have as much as the rest of us? I work & I still have to live here despite having a college degree.

  80. Real Park Morton Resident

    I like how this idiot changed his name to Park Morton Resident as well, lol. If you want to hear from actual PM residents, please come out to the steering committee next week at Park View recreation center on Thursday November 17th at 630. I believe the residents Council Tamika White will be in attendance and ready to answer any questions. It saddens me that we have non residents pretending to be one of us on blogs for their own personal gain. For the record I am a real PM rresident and we are all for redevelopment at BMP.

  81. I live it the neighborhood, and I am SO excited for this development to happen. My neighbors deserve safe new homes, & we get to keep a park that we can all enjoy. The sooner construction gets started the better!

  82. This development DOES NOT HAVE the support of the local community who live near the park, as incorrectly stated above. Every local resident that I have spoken to while visiting the park is completely against this new development on our neighborhood green space. THIS IS A FLAT-OUT LIE, and a very misleading claim by the Mayor’s office. My 1-year-old child, along with hundreds (if not thousands) of other kids and parents who live nearby, enjoy this park on a regular basis. It’s the largest area for miles where a child can run around and play (swings, basketball, tennis, slides, garden space, etc.) in a safe manner (due to the fences all around the park).

    The city administration should be ashamed of themselves for proposing such a development on scarce public park land. As if there is not enough development all around us already, this development should not occur on this piece of land.

    PLEASE STOP PUBLISHING THIS KIND OF MISINFORMATION FROM THE MAYOR’S OFFICE. Talk to real people who use the park every day, and see what they have to say about the land being developed to put more tax money into the city government coffers.

  83. Local Homeowner.

    While I was originally strongly against using the park for the redevelopment of Park Morton. At this point in the game so much time has passed, that if city started over, we would be forcing the park Morton residents to stay in their current situation for at least another 3 years. I have no problem letting the city know I a mad at them, and Brianne and the Mayor have definitely lost my support. But I don’t think we should be fighting the development any longer, if anything I think we have a responsibility to champion the development, so that it happens faster. We owe that to the park Morton residents that the city has let down for so long. That being said I am still keeping my save Bruce Monroe park sign in my yard so that our public officials know I am not happy.

  84. “At this point in the game so much time has passed” — It was only a year ago that the city announced its decision to use the Bruce Monroe site for the relocation of Park Morton.

  85. The Lady In 615

    I was just informed about this website last night and viewing the comments that are listed is appalling. I for one am all for the redevelopment and I’ve been living here well over a decade plus. I believe every resident here wants to live better. I certainly want the opportunity for a better life for me and my children. I was here when the first notion of redevelopment hit the table. Our then Resident Council President Mrs. Marie Whitfield (RIP) was against it because she saw that the residents were not going to be treated fairly and she was right. The residents of Park Morton were shafted in the end and for those who oppose this is what fuels their reluctance. However, many are holding out hope that things will work out in favor of everyone involved.

    Our current Resident Council President Ms. Tamika White seems to be fighting a losing battle from all ends it appears. On one end she has people telling her it’s not right to take away the park while spreading lies, on the other side she has government officials telling her lies or misinforming her, on the next side she has the residents clawing at her for information that she cannot give them respectfully because she has not been well informed herself or presented with something that was later changed without her knowledge. I do not understand why people are so against everyone having a place to live seeing as how this will end up being a mixed income community with the majority of it being allocated for moderate to market rate housing and not just low income housing as it was initially intended to be when the first redevelopment was suppose to happen.

    I agree also with one of the comments below when they said they’d like to see the people come live here with their children, grands, etc. I bet you half of the people not wanting the redevelopment won’t spend a single day in these apartments. I can bet that the majority of them would have somebody’s head on a platter if they found out that their child was once lead free but not anymore because of the paint chippings or the water being pumped through lead pipes is responsible.

    Truth be told what’s good for the goose is good for the gander so how about we do a little Reality TV experiment where we swap lives and you all can come live here for 3 months (because I know half of you wouldn’t make it six months to one year), live off of a weak salary that you can barely feed your family with so you have to go apply for food stamps which people shame you for, having to go back and forth to the doctor because the environment in which you live is causing hellish problems to your internal health which leads you to have to apply for disability because you’re too sick to work anymore. All this while being under-housed and raising two kids. Who wants to swap lives, hmm? Anyone? If that’s the case then sit yourself in a corner, place your dunce hat on, and shut up while the rest of us figure out how to keep all of the residents from being shafted again and being displaced.

    I saw another comment below speaking of a lady who has a child about to go to Ivy League College. That person to whom he or she speaks is me. My teenage daughter is a High Honor Student, a Student Ambassador Alumni, she was honored by President Barack Obama in 2010 for receiving the President’s Education Award, she’s a Scholastic achiever who was just accepted into the National Society of High School Scholars, a Youth Escape Arena (YEA, Inc.) Royalty Big Sister speaking to hundreds of her peers on a national platform about making positive choices, overcoming bullying, and keeping her grades up and did so recently at the GW Rodham Institute’s 4th Annual Summit, she is a teen model, she has competed in the Miss Teen Baltimore/Washington Pageant, she has had brunch with the DC Attorney General Mr. Rice, she’s been invited to numerous Leadership Summits and Leadership Forums in Medicine because she wants to be a doctor, and she has been hand selected by the officials at her school to travel abroad this summer to one of those said Leadership Summits with all her expenses paid by her school. So on top of all of this that my daughter is achieving, she now has to worry about where she’s going to live? Is this what our country has been reduced to? Choosing Green Space over a Living Space?

    I’m going to leave you with this and this is something I said to someone else when they wanted to understand the people of Park Morton. This is my own personal quote. If you use it, quote it verbatim.

    “In order for you to understand the residents of Park Morton you need to have visited a library recently. Reason? Because each of the residents of Park Morton is like a book in a library. We’ve all had our journeys that have contributed to the story written on the pages of our lives that happens to have lead us all to where we are now, which is Park Morton. No one takes the time to understand the residents because they’re too busy judging the book by its cover lobbing all of us in one category…”True Crime/Drama.” Yes it is true that we do have drama here and we’ve had true crime in the past, but that is not to say that the residents that are here now had anything to do with that. Open up the pages of our book and read our story. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find within. You cannot always read the synopsis of the book and tell whether it’s good or not. Read the book in its entirety which means talk to us before you judge us. Many people are surprised at the goodness they’ve learned exists within the people here on this property.”

  86. I am a DC residence, home owner on Irving Street NW, directly opposite Bruce Monroe Park. I moved to this location in 1993, and my firstborn attended Bruce Monroe Elementary school until the school was closed down for poor academic standard performance. One of the commentators already mentioned how the school, Bruce Monroe, was relocated and the space turned to a Park. Although I am not actively involved in our community activities, I sure appreciate the idea of the Park. It is so convenient and necessary for our community. My children learned how to ride bicycle in the Park. They do other activities such as play basketball, swing and other fun plays with other children. Most families I know love the Park and believe it was long overdue.

    Now it appears the DC government wants to take the Park away for building projects. The caption: “Open Space & Opportunity” is misleading. Bruce Monroe Park is not an “open space” it is an Occupied Space” The Park already provides opportunity to hundreds of families, parents and children. It is enriching lives, building relationships, physical health and friendly communication. It is a healthy and wealthy opportunity!

    However, I am aware that the DC government wants to allow a developer to build affordable housing, among other projects, for the Park Morton residence and others. The idea is commendable but the location is wrong. What the government is doing is like pitching one sector of the community against the other, taking benefit from one sector and giving it away to another. The Mayor should please, look at this matter holistically and resolve to satisfy the needs without prejudice. I believe our seniors and those in need of affordable housing deserve help. But this help can be rendered by finding a neutral location, a space that is actually open.
    I want to thank our community leaders and volunteers who are speaking out and looking out for the interest of our community. If possible, we may sign petition to the Mayor to express our disagreement with the current plan. I will also encourage the Mayor to pray and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help her make the right decision. Thanks for the opportunity to share. I enjoy reading all the posts from knowledgeable residents. God bless you. May the Lord continue to help our Mayor and leaders to do the right thing, and may He continue to provide for the needs of every residence in our community.

  87. Peter, please visit the savebrucemonroepark.org website and get in contact with them for information about how you can testify at the upcoming council hearing where they will be disposing of the park.

  88. The mayor’s office is full of lies, that our tax dollars are paying for, so they can steal a park from a neighborhood that really needs it, and give it to a developer. That is the plain and simple truth.


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