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“Bruce Monroe Task Force is soliciting community input to identify the desirable long-term use(s) for the former Bruce Monroe School site located at 3000 Georgia Ave NW”

by Prince Of Petworth August 26, 2015 at 3:10 pm 26 Comments

bruce monroe 2009
Bruce Monroe before demo in 2009.

Ed. Note: Remember this tease back in 2010 175 apts, 52 rowhomes, Burgers, Folks from Churchkey?

From an email:

“This is a reminder that the 1A Advisory Neighborhood Commission’s Bruce Monroe Task Force is soliciting community input to identify the desirable long-term use(s) for the former Bruce Monroe School site located at 3000 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20010 (between Irving St and Columbia Rd). The Government of the District of Columbia currently owns this parcel.

This site was formally designated to establish the Bruce Monroe Elementary School, which was later demolished in 2009. Currently, the site is designated for temporary park use. We need your input to determine the potential permanent use(s) for this site.The survey link can be found here.

This survey will take about 5 minutes to complete. The deadline to submit your response is September 9, 2015.”

  • tacopuss

    Small plates. Small plates as far as the eye can see!

    • Only if the small plates have pork belly

      WIth foam, please.

  • anon

    Isn’t the city legally obligated to offer it to a charter school if they no longer want to use it as a DCPS?

    • say what

      the school doesn’t exist and was torn down.

  • jcm

    It should remain a park. So much of Georgia Ave is vacant, undeveloped or under-develeoped right now. The idea that we need to get rid of the park to build more condos right now just seems nuts to me.

    • Garper

      A park seems like a good idea. Not much green space on GA Ave right now.

    • ParkViewRes

      Thank you! I agree. If you want another restaurant, condos, or whatever other commercial/residential venture PLEASE LOOK AT GEORGIA AVENUE!!

    • textdoc

      I want to see the rest of Georgia Avenue occupied/redeveloped too, but I suspect it’s easier for a development company to work with a large parcel that’s already vacant and has a single owner than it is to try to buy individual storefronts piecemeal from their owners.
      On a related note… there is a meeting of the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force tonight (Wed. 8/26) at 7 p.m. at M.O.M.I.E.S. TLC, located at 2616 Georgia Avenue NW. A representative of Zuckerman Properties, which owns some vacant properties on Georgia Avenue, will be there to talk about those properties.

      • textdoc

        From a message from ANC rep Rashida Brown about tonight’s meeting:
        “Please join us at the next meeting of the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force, which will take place tomorrow, August 26th at 7:00pm at M.O.M.I.E.S TLC located at 2616 Georgia Avenue NW. At this meeting the Zuckerman Partners will introduce themselves and discuss the properties they own along lower Georgia Avenue. Many of these properties are currently vacant. However, the Zukerman Partners will provide the community with updates on where they are with the status of their permits, solidifying lease agreements with commercial tenants and discussing their long-term vision for future development along Georgia Ave.
        “As you are aware, I have been working with the Zuckerman Partners to improve the conditions of their vacant properties to increase public safety in our neighborhood. They have made meaningful strides to increase lighting and install security cameras where footage can be linked to MPD’s system. They have also increased cleaning services around the properties, including approving graffiti removal. I am pleased with the progress they’ve made thus far.
        “Tomorrow’s conversation will be the first of many with the Zuckerman Partners that focuses on the future direction of Georgia Avenue as a sustainable, thriving commercial corridor for everyone to enjoy. I hope you can join us in this conversation.
        “We will also discuss the Bruce Monroe site survey in progress and provide updates on the Graffiti Clean Up Day and the Georgia & Lamont Safety Task Force.”

        • jcm

          Thanks for the update on the meeting. I suspect one way of getting Zuckerman to improve the conditions of their vacant properties would be to actually classify them as vacant and make them pay the higher property tax rate on them. Right now they’ve got the places next to Petworth Liquors, the old Murry’s, the old Mothership, and the strip mall next to the post office, and none of them are classified as vacant.
          I did notice the windows in the strip next to Petworth Liquors were being replaced today, so maybe they are going to get those temporary tenants in soon. But Zuckerman is singlehandedly slowing development on lower Georgia right now, by buying properties that they can’t or won’t move on, and the city doesn’t appear to be doing much to get them moving. a few lights and cameras isn’t what I would call progress.

          • textdoc

            Meanwhile the Labamba Sub Shop building is (IIRC) classified as “vacant,” but not “blighted.”
            If having missing/non-boarded-up windows and graffiti all over the place doesn’t make a building count as “blighted,” what does??

          • Anony

            Agreed. They have been being cooperative with security issues such as lighting and cameras at their properties which is positive. I think that is a good short-term solution BUT as @jcm mentioned, they have hold on about 3 of the so far slowest moving blocks and currently crime-ridden because of that.

            Their outline of plans for development have been vague at best seeming to stall indefinitely hinging on an environmental review of the Post Office property. Has that been finished? I can’t imagine a developer of that magnitude with that amount of real estate in a small area would not have a plan A and B. Obviously there is information being withheld.

            Rashida, please inform us of the Development timeline which would be very helpful to your constituents to understand. That is the real key to turning these blocks around and not being left behind.

    • MRD

      Agree on greenspace – hopefully with grass and trees

  • Garper

    The building is really unattractive. I hope the city razes it and replaces it with something that’s not such an eyesore.

  • Georgia Ave

    It saddens me to think that the city would even think about selling this wonderful park to a developer. It’s disgusting, actually! The city wants to improve the neighborhood? Leave it as a park. The basketball courts, tennis court, swings, gazebo, playground, dog run (drainage ditch), and community garden are always full of people. The saddest part is the city will probably make a concession with folks to keep the community garden and dog run (because those folks tend to be the most politically active/vocal), while the courts and playgrounds that are always full of kids playing will get torn down and sold to developers to make hideous urban industrial chic condos. There are enough condos! Revitalize the buildings that are vacant along Georgia. Please sign the petition. Save the park. I really have no idea where a lot of these kids would go if that park disappeared.

    • Anonymous

      I thought EYA was doing one of their row house infill projects here. They tend to do pretty nice projects not industrial condos.
      My understanding was this was always supposed to be temporary and the city did renovate the park down by Banneker which is close by.

    • anon

      “There are enough condos!”
      tell that to someone trying to buy in the city right now.

    • JL

      My understanding is that the city doe not own this land. It was owned by a developer before the park was built. If a developer is holding land like this and not developing it the city apparently forces them to make it usable to the neighborhood ( while they are working on plans to redevelop it – hence they built a park temporarily). They were probably waiting for the economy to improve enough before they build on it. I don’t think it’s going to stay a park for long…I actually wouldn’t mind if they did rip it up and build up a nice place. It might help speed the redevelopment of Georgia Ave faster.

  • kbm

    Dog park!

  • Keep it a park/playground but make it good. Plant a lot of trees since it is currently scorchingly shadeless and hire some good designers to make it a comfortable meeting place for all residents – old people, kids, families, newcomers etc. (Meaning do not hire anyone who had anything to do with designing the world’s worst public space – Columbia Height community plaza.)


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