Uh Oh, Russia House Building For Sale in Dupont!!!

by Prince Of Petworth October 7, 2016 at 4:25 pm 9 Comments

1800 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending this photo from this morning. Another reader also sent word that they heard the building was for sale. At this time, not clear what the plans are for Russia House but we’ll update as soon as more info is known. Anyone else hear anything?

Ed. Note: Russia House is the same group that owned the recently shuttered Alphonse on U Street.


  • Anon

    Having just rewatched Eastern Promises, uh….

    • textdoc

      That was a brilliant movie. Viggo Mortenson was so good I didn’t even recognize him.

  • p

    oh no! where am i going to get my coke and hooker fix every Friday??

    • los


    • MKD

      You can get coke and hookers anywhere. More important, where am I going to get my Baltika #6 and $3 happy hour borscht fix??

  • bruno

    The Beef Stroganov was pretty good.

  • J

    Where on h?

  • JohnH

    Can you forward the listing to the real estate team of Donald & Vladimir?

  • divebar311

    H Street?!?! Well at least RH is not going away forever, now THAT would be my rant. I have not been to RH in about a year but they have a great HH.


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