The 20 Best Bars to Drink a Beer in the District

by Prince Of Petworth October 11, 2016 at 12:45 pm 29 Comments


I recently got a press release about the Men’s Journal‘s 76 Best Places to Drink a Beer in America. This reminded me of my own arbitrarily picked best places to drink a beer in the District of Columbia.

In no particular order:

1. Cantina Marina because I like boats and Budweiser.

2. Meridian Pint (and all the Pint family) because I like good beer too.

3. Churchkey (see above.)

4. The Pug because I like to curse and watch local sports.

5. Solly’s (see above.) Ed. Note: Happy 10 years again!!

6. Dew Drop Inn because I like trains and bric a brac.

7. Bluejacket because I like baseball.

8. Nanny O’Briens because I like drinking local and I’m addicted to their mustard based wings. Ed. Note: Best (non Korean style) wings in DC.

9. The Blaguard because I like the Burgundy and Gold.

10. Dacha because I like drinking outside.

11. Red Derby because I like drinking on Roof decks (and it is also convenient to another favorite of mine, Lyman’s Tavern, located next door.)

12. Boundary Stone because I occasionally like to drink good whiskey after my beer.

13. Satellite Room because I like the 9:30 Club.

14. Looking Glass Lounge because Georgia Ave is where it’s at (also neighbors Walters and DC Reynolds)

15. Ivy and Coney because I like people with good senses of humor, retractable roof decks and dirt.

16. Lost & Found because I like good bartenders.

17. Rustik because I remember how much pain they went through before opening. I also like pizza.

18. Petworth Citizen because I like books.

19. The Raven because I like kicking it old school from time to time.

20. Lucky Bar because I like soccer and my memories of dollar beer on Thursday nights.

Ed. Note: I really have a list of 40 but market research has told me that people stop reading after 20 so stay tuned for part two and/or my 20 favorite spots for getting a meal on the run and/or many more arbitrary proclamations.


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