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The 20 Best Bars to Drink a Beer in the District

by Prince Of Petworth October 11, 2016 at 12:45 pm 29 Comments


I recently got a press release about the Men’s Journal‘s 76 Best Places to Drink a Beer in America. This reminded me of my own arbitrarily picked best places to drink a beer in the District of Columbia.

In no particular order:

1. Cantina Marina because I like boats and Budweiser.

2. Meridian Pint (and all the Pint family) because I like good beer too.

3. Churchkey (see above.)

4. The Pug because I like to curse and watch local sports.

5. Solly’s (see above.) Ed. Note: Happy 10 years again!!

6. Dew Drop Inn because I like trains and bric a brac.

7. Bluejacket because I like baseball.

8. Nanny O’Briens because I like drinking local and I’m addicted to their mustard based wings. Ed. Note: Best (non Korean style) wings in DC.

9. The Blaguard because I like the Burgundy and Gold.

10. Dacha because I like drinking outside.

11. Red Derby because I like drinking on Roof decks (and it is also convenient to another favorite of mine, Lyman’s Tavern, located next door.)

12. Boundary Stone because I occasionally like to drink good whiskey after my beer.

13. Satellite Room because I like the 9:30 Club.

14. Looking Glass Lounge because Georgia Ave is where it’s at (also neighbors Walters and DC Reynolds)

15. Ivy and Coney because I like people with good senses of humor, retractable roof decks and dirt.

16. Lost & Found because I like good bartenders.

17. Rustik because I remember how much pain they went through before opening. I also like pizza.

18. Petworth Citizen because I like books.

19. The Raven because I like kicking it old school from time to time.

20. Lucky Bar because I like soccer and my memories of dollar beer on Thursday nights.

Ed. Note: I really have a list of 40 but market research has told me that people stop reading after 20 so stay tuned for part two and/or my 20 favorite spots for getting a meal on the run and/or many more arbitrary proclamations.

  • [rrrrr]

    Would just make a case for Kingfisher at 14th and P. They won me over when I realized every beer comes with a coozie. Hope that lasts, but even if it’s an opening gimmick I like the style.

    • Yes I’m very optimistic about them – a little too young to make this list but a certain contender for next year!

    • “every beer comes with a coozie”

      Was just there last week and this was not the case. Also it smelled like urine.

  • rpwalsh

    Comment Section Preview:

    – You idiot! You did not list my favorite bar!

    – This is a good list but the fact that you included “Bar X” is proof you don’t know what you’re talking about

    – Ugh, is popville doing bar ranking listicles now??

    • hahaha bless you sir!

      • Anon

        This guy is clearly above trying to proscribe idle banter. This is serious talk here!

  • Ledbelly

    I would humbly add All-Purpose to the list, because pizza and beer are a no-brainer, and their beer list is different (and awesome and eclectic) every single time I go in.

    • Still too young for this year but certainly a contender for next year!

  • ajr

    I really love this blog.

  • N

    I’d add Recessions for HH, 3 Stars and maybe Roofers Union. Great list though!

  • GoodJobBob

    Solid list. Good blend of old and new-ish.

  • city c

    I’d add Big Hunt to the list.. because everyone needs a good dive bar every once in a while

    • Oh wow can’t believe I left Big Hunt off – 100% agree on that one. Dang it!! Got to email myself this one for part two :)

      • Big Hunt definitely could make a claim to a spot, as could Jack Rose and Pizzeria Paradiso (Gtown > Dupont location), Granville Moore’s and / or Brasserie Beck (Sovereign too new by your standards), and Black Jack for all day Sunday $3 craft drafts. There really are so many great spots now, it’s come a long way.

    • Bryan

      I mean I like the Big Hunt….but the main premise of a “dive bar” is that drinks are cheap. While the Hunt may be cheaper than its Dupont counterparts, drinks are still too much. The Raven is far superior in the dive category.

      • Ashy Oldlady

        The Raven isn’t *that* cheap.

        • Throg the Impaler

          $2 natty bohs isn’t cheap??

      • I thought the main premise of a dive bar was the DGAF vibe, which comes across in a multitude of ways. Big Hunt serves some pretty legit beers, you can’t sell them as cheap in Dupont Circle as the Raven can sell Miller High Life for cash near nothing else in Mt. Pleasant. Big Hunt comes across as just about as divey as you can get by given those constraints.

  • skj84

    I was just thinking about grabbing a beer after work. Now I have a list to choose from!

  • FridayGirl

    I personally like Jackpot in Chinatown. Not the hugest selection but always humming and also popcorn.

  • hiphop anonymous

    #21 Dan’s Cafe

    • If you’re going to Dan’s for beer you’re doing it wrong :)

      • BethPopville


  • chaz

    Fuckin’ Orioles….I drink at the Pug

  • Tre

    Pretty solid list but I’m a little surprised about Rustik. I’ve probably been there 10 times and I’ve never had a good experience. The staff have always been rude and pushy (like literally pushy and pushed my husband out of the way one time without saying excuse me beforehand).

    • Tsar of Truxton

      If I want pizza and I am in Bloomingdale, I am going to Bacio. I also love Showtime as a non-pretentious, dive bar (plus dog-friendly!).

    • DC Beer donkey

      Kinda glad, my neighborhood bar Trusty’s isn’t on this list…lists always more newcomers to my Favorite DC bar, because its not like any other DC bar, so please stay away! Do like most of the rest of your list @popville


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