• PFL

    Is this the same one you posted a couple years ago parked near Room 11? It still looks great!

  • Ashy Oldlady

    It’s amazing when you think about how this thing rolled off the assembly line between 1965–1969. Timeless beauty.

  • DCrat

    this guy lives on my block and one time while it was parked in front of my house, someone knocked on my door asking, if it was mine and if so, could he buy it.

  • anon

    The 912 is just a VW in a nice body.

    • TexSpicer

      Wrong. It’s a 1966 Porsche 912: a 911 body with a 356 engine–pure Porsche. In fact, the 912 outsold the 911 after the model change from the 356, and essentially kept the company afloat.


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