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“While his personality is well known, his current status as a man struggling to support his family through medical trial after trial is less known.”

by Prince Of Petworth October 4, 2016 at 2:05 pm 23 Comments

Joe via generosity

A reader and patron of Queen Vic passes on from generosity:

“Meet Joe Schinosi:

I work with Joe Schinosi at a bar in DC called the Queen Vic, and would be willing to bet that everyone who has the opportunity to come in and visit him would agree that he is a man of character. Whether he is arguing politics or the best way to educate the youth, chatting about being in the cutting edge music scene and railroad working in Pittsburgh, or asking about how your family is doing, his passion is tangible.

If inclined and able, you can make your donation here.

While his personality is well known, his current status as a man struggling to support his family through medical trial after trial is less known. In 2011, Joe’s wife was diagnosed with type II diabetes. When the recession claimed her job that same year, the family of five had to rely on COBRA medical insurance and Joe’s hard work to make ends meet and keep her healthy. Their nest egg of savings was eaten up after their COBRA insurance expired, just before their daughter Madeleine (then sophomore in college) got very sick with kidney stones and returned home from school. Thirteen months later, Madeleine was diagnosed with lymphoma.

While Joe has since acquired medical insurance, the bills keep adding up. After years of research and medical consultations, as well as several rounds of chemo and amino therapy for Madeleine, doctors just discovered that the cancer has spread to her bone marrow. Her brother and sister are about to be checked to see which one might be the best match. Even with a successful surgery, though, a full recovery is yet uncertain.

Meanwhile, Joe’s other daughter, Noelle, has some medical issues in her lower abdomen. The surgery she requires is not covered by medical insurance. While Joe works as many nights at the bar as he can, the costs are staggering, and the pressure on him is immense.

This is why friends of Joe are requesting your support. Joe has been looking out for his colleagues, the H Street neighborhood, and each patron who comes up to his bar for years, but that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Please take a look at the below accounts of a man who has been a friend to those in their times of need.”

  • bean

    Joe is super sweet. Had no idea he was going through so much. I wish you and your family the best Joe! I’ll be donating.

  • That Man A

    I second that Joe is a great guy
    have always enjoy talking with him over the years

  • kd21

    This is why we need a publicly funded universal health care system.

    • MiddleofNowhere


      • me


  • Joe is the best. The fact that someone who’s saved for years and actually has health insurance still has to struggle to pay outrageous medical bills should be alarming to all. For-profit healthcare is one of the stupidest things we’ve ever allowed to exist in this country.

    • me


    • KPS

      Yes, it is alarming that “Obamacare” is an absolute scam. Some of us had this figured out just by going through basic medical necessities and dealing with the high out-of-pocket expenses for basic things that insurance won’t cover, in addition to exorbitant costs of co-pays just for the privilege of stepping inside a doctor’s office. I hope Joe experiences a great outpouring of generosity to see to his family’s needs.

      • textdoc

        The problem isn’t Obamacare per se. It’s the health insurance industry.

        • KPS

          LOL, ok. When you get cut the problem isn’t the knife, it’s that the knife was sharp. *smh*

          • CRT

            Do you understand Obamacare has nothing to do with employer-provided insurance? I have private insurance through my employer and just spent hundreds of dollars on travel vaccines because Aetna apparently would rather I get typhoid fever than pay for a vaccine.

            If they are actually on an individual plan bought in a marketplace (ie Obamacare), they would not be able to get any coverage prior to Obamacare due to pre-existing conditions. Try a little knowledge before you decide to say something stupid next time.

          • Hill Denizen

            Using your analogy, the problem isn’t the knife or that the knife was sharp. It’s who’s doing the cutting. Obamacare has done a lot of good things to expand care and lower the costs of preventative services,but as long as we insist on running health care as a basically free market, the consumer is always going to get screwed. Unless you’re a doctor, you have imperfect information, no transparent pricing, and little choice in whether you buy a service or not, so health insurance companies can basically charge whatever they want.

      • soozles

        No one argues that Obamacare is a panacea. We all know it’s broken. Obama knows it’s broken and that it was destined to have problems because the Republicans did everything in their power to ensure it would not succeed. The answer, of course, is not to vote 45+ times to repeal it, but to work on fixing it. Not gonna happen with this idiotic, obstructionist Congress.

      • The industry was broken long before the Affordable Care Act was even conceived. It’s been broken for decades, why do you think the Clintons tried to reform it in the 90s? Any time you’re trying to make money off the health of citizens there’s a fundamental flaw. ACA is full of flaws, but that’s because it’s not the system it was designed to be, it’s a dumbed down version thanks to too many Congressional concessions.

    • textdoc
  • jcm

    Didn’t Joe work at Au Pied long ago? There was definitely a bartender name Joe from Pittsburgh, and he was a really solid guy.

    • DcMdVa

      Yes he did work at Au Pied

  • Dadric

    The Vic is comfortably our favorite regular spot on H and Joe has always been great to us. A terrible run of luck for a good dude, but great to see the H Street (and beyond) community circle the wagons to help out,

    • me

      2012-2013 Queen Vic was my Tuesday night hangout. Loved the Atlas District now called H street. I don’t know Joe but my family and I have been through some very hard times due to chronic medical illnesses. Lost our home. So I get it. We have yet another medical hardship. I will give what I can as every little bit helps.

  • Caps fan

    Joe is awesome! I remember losing money to the Caps beating the Penguins in the playoffs. I will definitely donate to his cause.

  • Amo


  • Almost $13K in 4 days. Hell yes DC.

  • DcMdVa

    Yes JCM he worked at Au Pied and also Brasserie Beck before Queen Vic


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