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  • contrarian

    Wouldn’t a senator have a plate from his home state? I think that’s DC shadow senator Paul Strauss.

    What really mystifies me is the trailer hitch.

    • Ross

      Yes, that’s Paul Strauss. He cleans the synagogue so that’s probably why you always see his whip parked there.

      • dcd

        “Yes, that’s Paul Strauss. He cleans the synagogue *and is a lazy jerk* so that’s probably why you always see his whip parked there.”
        Fixed that for you.

        • Anon

          Nothing else getting your feigned outrage going this morning?

    • anon

      I’ve worked in the Senate for a decade and have never seen Paul Strauss. That seems a little odd. Apparently he is really taking the “shadow” title seriously.

      • dcd

        His primary function is knowing what evil lurks in the hearts of men. You don’t really have to be present for that.

        • Ashy Oldlady

          Yeah, if that’s his function, actually entering the Senate chamber might overwhelm him completely.

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Offended ? you must be new here. Rules for common citizens dont apply to senators and DC councilmembers

  • andy2

    Super annoying – especially because a) its a thoroughfare, b) the synagogue has a parking lot, and c) its just rude.

  • Sydney

    Thanks for the info. I’m heading to Judiciary Square to vote at lunch time today. I’ll be sure to skip the category for “Shadow Senator” now.

  • Epic Fail

    Wow, he’s parked there so often that when you go to the Google Street View of that block his car is exactly where it is in the photo above!

    • Luckycat

      I thought this was a joke, but then I went and looked on Google Maps and you are absolutely right – the car is there!

  • navyard

    Just lost my vote! (How do I have a Senator that I’ve never even heard of?)


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