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  • Sa

    Naaah, not me.

  • JoDa

    Did it have a window sticker that said “lift it, fat chicks can’t jump?”

  • aknomad

    Obviously someone who keeps their truck this pretty has never been out in the country…. which means they know better then parking in a bike lane!!!

  • kwame

    Am I missing something? Raptor is a model of the Ford F-150 truck. I actually think they’re pretty cool for a pickup.

    • K

      It’s a oversized, extended cab, very clean, polished chrome, pick-up truck, with decals (or what ever that type of paint job is called). In the middle of a dense urban city. Parked in a bike lane. On the cyclist sign.

  • ET

    Doesn’t look like that truck is the only person parked in the bike lane if that little bit of blue on the right peeking out is any indication.

    • textdoc

      And the relevance of this would be… ?

      • hahaha – obviously pick up trucks are singled out unfairly here :)

        • Mamasan

          That’s modelism, PoP. I’d define it as a micro-aggression if not for the earth-killing machine being, you know, a giant gas guzzling behemoth likely driven by a person who has never hauled anything but their own behind…

    • E

      that little bit of blue is the base of a sign, not a car?

  • stacksp

    Beast of a truck

  • Trinidaddy

    yeah, beast of a truck and beast of a parking job in a bike lane.

  • OP Anon

    If I looked up the word “jackwagon” in the dictionary, I’d expect to see this photo.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna take a wild guess and say that this person is REALLY into cross-fit and airsoft.

    • Joysbrother

      Airsoft. Nice!

  • DRC

    My God, is that a body lift on a Raptor? I love the truck, but yeah, anyone who drives a lifted Raptor in the city is definitely only parking in bike/fire lanes.

  • You should have taken the photo from the back to get the inevitable Trump bumper sticker.

    • OP Anon

      And the chrome-dipped TruckNutz

      • wdc

        And Calvin peeing on a Chevy logo.

        • eggs

          And the rear window cover with a screaming eagle coming at you in front of a billowing American flag.

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Bikers are not always clean when it comes to respecting road rules but the dangerous indifference car and truck drivers show for their safety is astounding and sad. Once again, this should be a priority for MPD or whichever agency is in charge of road safety.
    DC has 100s of bikers and the danger these drivers represent is brushed aside way to easily.
    There was another bike accident this morning around 8.45am on 11th and Fairmont i think. It feels useless to say anything because once again, DC does NOT care

  • K

    This guy might even beat the jackhole who nearly ran me and my toddler over yesterday.

    Vanity plate that reads: Ned4Sped.

  • logandude

    Yes, the optics of this are bad – but this is the M Street bikelane in the 2100 block of M Street. Isn’t there construction going on in that block that has blocked that section of the bikelane anyway? I have to admit I’ve given up on using the M Street bikelane because of how many construction sites there are along it, so I”m not sure what the state of that particular block is right now.

  • Q-Street

    Rascall Flats turned up to 11.

  • bje22201

    I realize it’s a picture of a truck parked in the bike lane, and I’m totally against that (as I’m someone that bikes, and drives). But, I’m not going to lie, I want the new Ford Raptor (have you driven on DC streets, and bottomed out because the roads are shaped like rounded W’s? I hate that). My only concern is that it’s too large to park in my space. I also don’t need the stupid “graphics package”. . . it’s a big truck, do I need to tell you multiple times what model of big truck it is? If anything, Ford should be paying you to have extra advertising on it.

    But yeah, don’t park in bike lanes . . . that’s bad. But not as bad as making turns in front of those in the bike lane, and then having to stop because pedestrians happen to be in the crosswalk which then causes the biker you just passed to almost T-bone you. That’s WAY worse, and more annoying to me.

  • brookland_rez

    That’s the reason I keep a truck for driving in the city. After I ruined the suspension on my car from a year of driving on DC roads, I’ve had a truck ever since, and I’ve never had that problem again.


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