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“whimsical winter wonderland will take over Mockingbird Hill again — in addition to adjoining bars Eat the Rich and Southern Efficiency”

by Prince Of Petworth October 25, 2016 at 11:10 am 21 Comments

1843 7th St, NW

From a press release:

“Derek Brown, Angie Fetherston and Drink Company will bring back Miracle on 7th Street this holiday season, returning even bigger and better than last year’s inaugural, viral sensation that turned the James Beard Award-nominated Mockingbird Hill into an over-the-top pop-up Christmas bar.

Miracle on 7th Street 2015 at Mockingbird Hill in Washington, D.C. photo by Joy Asico

Miracle on 7th Street, which included whimsical winter wonderland décor touches like a dreidel chandelier and a nativity scene starring gilded dinosaurs, will take over Mockingbird Hill again — in addition to adjoining bars Eat the Rich and Southern Efficiency for triple the holiday fun.

In addition to the outstanding craft cocktail menu Washingtonians love, Stella Artois and Budweiser have partnered with Miracle on 7th Street to create a new beer cocktail for the themed menu, along with beer inspired swag and other boozy treats.

“Last year was so much fun, it’s hard to imagine how we could make it more fun, but guess what: we will,” says Brown.

Miracle on 7th Street will launch the day after Thanksgiving — Friday, November 25 — and will conclude with a New Year’s Eve bash on Saturday, December 31. More information to come!”


  • LedroitTigah

    didn’t make it last time – excited to go this year.

    • FridayGirl

      Same. And hoping the expansion means the wait times to get in won’t be 2+ hours again.

      • LedroitTigah

        agreed. I think I will try to go the first weekend, because the lines only got longer the closer we got to Christmas.

  • Jane

    No doubt this will be excellent and amazing—last year was spectacular—but if there’s any brand I didn’t expect to collaborate with Derek Brown, it’s Budweiser.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      I agree; whether their hand was forced by a greedy distributor or not, it feels like they’ve ultimately sold out. Nationals Park became an AB InBev (read: Stella and Budweiser) park this season, and the decent all around beer selection we’d enjoyed for years was annihilated almost instantly.

      • Dave

        For real?! I didn’t make it to a game this summer, but that’s disappointing to hear.

      • maxwell smart

        I hated the Budweiserization of Nationals Park. I’m sorry. It’s still the Red Porch. I do feel like they added more of the local beer carts, so at least there is that.

        • Ashy Oldlady

          That’s their one saving grace. The District Drafts carts are an asset to beer loving fans. I’m pretty disappointed that you can’t get Flying Dog’s brews anymore, though.

          • Anonymous

            They still sell Flying Dog beers at Nats Park.

          • Ashy Oldlady

            They stopped carrying them around August or so.

          • Anonymous

            I had one during the NLDS, so that can’t be possible. A bigger question is whether you will still be able to get them next season.

  • wandafish

    Last year I waited in line for 2 hours, on a Monday, in the rain. And I will do it again. It’s quite spectacular and gets you in a great mood for the holidays.

  • andy

    Man, I really don’t want to wait in line to get into another cool place. Bad Saint, Little Serow, Rose’s Luxury… I’d love to be able to bring a couple brothers in law down and go out for a drink at a place like this . . . but I could never convince them to wait an hour just to get in the door.

    • Anon H St

      Tried to go to this last year but bailed due to an unwillingness to wait in line for hours. My hope is that in addition to the expansion of this one we will get other awesome pop-up Christmas bars this year and I can go to one without having to navigate a huge line/big crowd.
      ATTENTION VENDETTA: you are clearly looking for a new concept. Pls re-brand as Miracle on H St for the holidays and copy everything Derek Brown did last year. THANKS

  • Andie302

    We were able to get in last year without much of a wait at very off times (if I recall, one was after a weeknight Caps game, and another might’ve been a Sunday). Hopefully the increased space kills the line some!

  • Tom

    Serious question, promise no trolling: Is the appeal rooted mainly in the Christmas theme? Last year, I walked past lines out the door just about every evening on my way out of the Metro. Although I never checked it out, I always wondered what the draw was. Maybe I should stop in this year and see what’s up.

    • Dave


    • Michelle

      I’m also wondering about the appeal, and I even went last year and really enjoyed the delicious holiday themed drinks and decor. It definitely got me in the Christmas spirit but if my friends hadn’t invited me and weren’t already inside waiting for me while I stood in line 45 minutes (on a Thursday), I’m not sure I would have gone since I didn’t realize there would be a line or that there was a theme at all (which explained why all my staunchly suburban friends were suddenly at a bar in my neighborhood). I can’t decide if it was THAT good but apparently everyone loves it. However, I wonder if the appeal is for a lot of suburban folks? Not judging where anyone lives, but that was my personal experience with a large group of friends who never visit suddenly being in town.

  • I Dont Get It

    I’m hardly the target market for this but it looks like a lot of fun! Tempting…as long as I don’t have to stand in a line though.

  • Anon Imus

    Wait in line for hours in cold weather to drink cocktails created by a Budweiser focus group? I’ll pass

  • Girl on a Hill

    I went opening day last year and did not have to wait in line, but this before word got out how awesome it was. I’ll be waiting in line this year, it’s worth it!


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