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Marine Corps Marathon is Sunday, Prepare for Road Closures

by Prince Of Petworth October 28, 2016 at 3:35 pm 12 Comments

Click here to get to interactive map.

Good luck to the runners!

From a press release:

“The Metropolitan Police Department and US Park Police wish to advise the public and members of the media of the street closures in conjunction with the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 30, 2016.

The race begins at 8:00 am in Arlington, Virginia, and then crosses the Potomac River into the District of Columbia. The following streets along the race route will be closed at approximately 5:00 am and will reopen at approximately 2:00 pm:

Francis Scott Key Bridge
Canal Road, NW – from M Street, NW to Reservoir Road, NW (Local Traffic Only up to 44th & Foxhall Rd, NW)
Reservoir Road, NW –from MacArthur Boulevard, NW to Canal Road, NW (Local Traffic Only up to 44th & Foxhall Rd, NW)
MacArthur Boulevard, NW –from Foxhall Road, NW to Reservoir Road, NW (Local Traffic Only up to 44th & Foxhall Rd, NW)
Foxhall Road, NW – from Canal Road, NW to MacArthur Boulevard, NW (Local Traffic Only up to 44th & Foxhall Rd, NW)
M Street, NW – from Canal Road, NW to Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Wisconsin Avenue, NW – from M Street, NW to K Street, NW
K Street, NW – from Wisconsin Avenue, NW to Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway
Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, NW – from K Street, NW to Independence Avenue, SW
Memorial Bridge
West Potomac Park
East Potomac Park (access to Golf Course and Tennis Courts available)
Maine Avenue, SW – from East Basin Drive, SW to Independence Avenue, SW
Independence Avenue, SW – from Maine Avenue, SW to Ohio Drive, SW
Ohio Drive, SW –between independence Avenue, SW and Lincoln Circle, SW
Lincoln Circle, SW – from Ohio Drive, SW to Henry Bacon Drive, NW
23rd Street, NW –from Lincoln Circle, NW to Constitution Avenue, NW
Constitution Avenue, NW – from Bacon Drive, NW to 15th Street, NW
15th Street – from Constitution Avenue, NW to Independence Avenue, SW
17th Street – from Constitution Avenue, NW to Independence Avenue, SW
Madison Drive, NW – from 15th Street, NW to 3rd Street, NW 3rd Street, NW – from Pennsylvania Avenue, NW to Independence, SW
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW – from 3rd Street, NW to East Capitol Circle, NW
1st Street – Pennsylvania Avenue, NW to Maryland Avenue, SW
Maryland Avenue, SW – from South Capitol Circle, SW to 3rd Street, SW
Jefferson Drive, SW – from 3rd Street, SW to 15th Street, SW
14th Street, SW – from Jefferson Drive, SW to Northbound HOV lanes
HOV lanes – from 14th Street, SW to HOV ramp at South Eads Street, NW

**Westbound M Street will remain open up to Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Motorists will be forced to turn north on Wisconsin Avenue, NW from M Street, NW or east from Wisconsin Avenue, NW to M Street, NW. Westbound M Street, NW will remain open unless otherwise determined.”

  • Impressed in Petworth

    Look at the SIZE of it!

    • Hill Denizen

      Looks about 26.2 miles!

    • Anon

      Heh, yea, I figured I couldn’t be the only one to see it.

      • Caleb

        Uncircumcised from what I can tell, the way God intended.

        • mcd


    • size

      And it is saying screw you congress

  • Nancy

    On Oct. 30 during the Marathon, I have to fly out of DCA at 10:00 AM. Driving in from Herndon. Is the best way to get off from I 66 at Spout Run to get on GWP?

    • Ampersand

      No, the route actually goes on Spout Run (you can see it on the interactive map) and I don’t think you’ll be able to go that way in the morning. I would recommend taking I-66 to the Glebe Road exit and taking Glebe all the way south to Crystal City. Give yourself an extra half an hour at least, but that route goes around the course and hopefully won’t give you any issues. Alternatively, take the beltway around to Highway 1 and come up from the south. Good luck!

    • jrdc


      That has the VA closures too and includes Spout Run and the parkway, so maybe a long trip down Glebe Rd is your best best?

  • ae

    Suggestions for driving from Dulles into DC (Columbia Heights) Sunday am? Would be driving into the city between 10:00 – 11:00 am.

    • T.

      I’d probably take the Beltway to Wisconsin Avenue or Connecticut Avenue and cut across from upper NW over to Columbia Heights.

  • Pari

    Suggestions from getting to DCA (reagan national airport) around noon today from DC (logan circle)? Thanks!


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