Friday Question of the Day – What Type of Restaurant/Bar Would You Like To See Open Near You?

by Prince Of Petworth October 6, 2016 at 10:22 pm 206 Comments

2920 M Street, NW

In yesterday’s discussion about the new Hilton brothers’ bars coming to Logan Circle, ExWalbridgeGuy commented:

“Whyy is everything a boring bar?
Here’s 10 restaurants.
Whyy is everything small plates?
Here’s 10 places to get entrees.
Whyy isn’t every thing cheap?
Here’s 10 cheap places.
Whyyyy is everything the same?
Here’s 10 different cuisines from all around the world.
Whyyy is it all just bars and restaurants. I want something different!
Okay, fine, here’s a completely off-the-wall idea that’s cheap food and arcade games and billiards and…
Whyy is it so unusual. I hate it!”

So what the hell, let’s just say it straight – in a perfect but realistic world (ie rent has to be paid) how would you describe the restaurant/bar that you’d like to see open near where you live?


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