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Friday Question of the Day – How Many Times Have You Been Called for Jury Duty?

by Prince Of Petworth October 20, 2016 at 10:22 pm 112 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Josh

“Dear PoPville,

I’m writing with a suggestion for a Friday Question of the Day: how often are DC residents called for jury duty?

I get called every 2 years pretty much like clockwork (and I’ve lived in DC for 20 years), whereas my husband has been called maybe twice in the 11 years he’s lived here. In fact, this year I got called twice – once for District Court and once for Superior Court. However, I was excused from Superior Court jury duty because I had served as a juror for District Court (technically didn’t serve, but got credit for having to go into Court one day, wait around, and ultimately was not selected for a jury panel).”

I’ve lived in DC for 19 years and I’ve been called four or five times and served once (a drug case.)

  • Waterfront

    Lived here 14 years. Did my first jury duty day last month. My SigO is called minimum of once every 2 years…he’s served at least 4 times in the last 8 years he’s been here.

    I hope to crawl back under the rock I’ve been living for the past 14 years and cross my fingers.

    • anon

      Same! I’ve lived and voted here since 2009 and have never been called for jury duty.

  • anon

    I served on a grand jury in DC Superior Court for 14 months. That was the one and only time I’ve served on a jury in DC in almost 10 years of being a resident.

    • DCjoe

      14 months! How often did you have to go in? Was it just a day or two a month? Must have been really disruptive, no matter how often you had to go.

      • anon

        The first month was our nominal term of service in which we attended daily during the week. Grand jurors are technically sworn in for an 18-month period even though most only serve for the normal one month period. However, we were selected to serve as the grand jury for a special case. For the next couple of months after our first month we went in a couple of days a week. Then it tapered off over time but it still required weekly attendance until close to the end.

        At the start of my grand jury service my kids weren’t yet born. By the end they were walking.

  • Ellen

    I’ve lived here for 25 years and don’t know how many times I’ve been called in…maybe 10 times (?). In my case, it used to be just about every 2 years but it’s definitely less often for the past 6 years or so..like maybe every 3 years or so (sometimes more…sometimes less). I’ve never had to actually serve, however.

    • ah

      Same here. I got a first summons within weeks of getting a DC drivers license (I waited, as I wasn’t sure how long I’d stay), and then basically 2 years and a day after that for a couple of cycles. But it’s slowed down – I’m scheduled soon, but it’s the first time in ~4 years.

    • JoDa

      This is good to hear that it’s not “just me” or that I somehow didn’t get a summons (was having problems with my mail for a while) and was now in violation of something. I used to get called reliably every 2 years, but it’s been ~4.5 years since I was last called.

  • Gout Machine

    None. Lived here nearly 13 years.

  • DCjoe

    Twice in 12 years, both Superior Court. Both times was put on a jury. First time was 2 day trial, informed at end I was an alternate, went home. Second time wad picked for a 3.5 week trial, took 1.5 days of deliberation. That was 5 years ago, haven’t been called since.

  • M90

    Twice so far for me! Once for grand jury (selected, one month) and once into the courtroom as an alternate….

  • soozles

    Lived in DC 27 years and just completed three weeks on a federal jury for a criminal case. Before that, in 2010, I served five weeks (9-5 every day) on a grand jury, and then got called about four times prior to that for regular jury service in Superior court, but never made it on a jury. I have to say federal court is quite deluxe compared to DC court. They served us continental breakfast every morning and paid us $47 per day. We all bonded quite well, and it was a good experience. Oh, and we convicted on all three counts (illegal gun export, conspiracy and money laundering).

    • jim_ed

      Out of curiosity, how many years were the defendant(s) sentenced to?

      • soozles

        The judge will sentence the defendant and his company on Dec. 15. Co-defendant, who was tried earlier and then turned on this guy (they are Thai nationals shipping gun parts to Thailand without a license), got three (?) years maybe?

    • Planner

      You are so right about how nice Federal Court is – I am almost (almost) hoping to be called back as soon as I am eligible again.

    • soozles

      our judge, Rosemary Collyer, told us she once had a jury for a seven-month trial, and two pairs of jurors fell in love and got married, and she performed the ceremony.

      • textdoc

        I love it!

  • Eva

    My first 14 years in DC I was called like clockwork every 24 months. Sometimes more often when the federal and DC courts got on the same schedule. But was released in those cases due to serving within the past two years.

    I was last on a jury about 2.5 years ago and the DC judge told the jury as he thanked us for our service that DC was now calling on a 36 month cycle instead of 24 due to an “oversubscribed” jury pool and growing population. So I’m guessing that in 6 months or so I’ll be back. It does not bother me, though the grand jury calls terrify me (so far I’ve only gotten one for 5 weeks and I talked my way down to petit service which ended up being 5 days). Sitting on that sex crimes grand jury for that long might have fully eliminated my faith in humanity.

    • Hmm, 36-month cycle, eh? That explains why I just got my latest summons exactly 3 years to the date I last served. So my total tally is 2x a petit juror, but since I’m moving to Montgomery County next month, I expect it’ll be a long time before I get called again.

    • rachel

      I was on a homicide grand jury in 2009–which could also be difficult to listen to, especially when the witnesses testifying were family members of the deceased–but the worst cases we had to hear BY FAR were when the sex crimes jury was overbooked and they sent the sex crimes to us.

  • Franke Baby

    Every two years since 1995 including this week! Some great stories from time in the box but it’s seriously depressing seeing how messed up this city and it people are.

  • MarkQ

    Been in DC 24 years. For the first 16, it was every two years like clockwork. In the last 8 years only twice. As a Black male, I was always a defense favorite favorite from criminal cases involving young Black men.

    • dcd

      Was the defense’s assumption justified, or mistaken?

  • Suomynona

    DC native, eligible for jury duty the past 45 years. Petit jury duty used to be for a week when I was first called. When it switched to the one day one trial format, I was called every 2 years, although it’s been about 6 years since the last time I was called.
    About 20 years ago I served as an alternate on a Federal grand jury for a 2 year term. I didn’t have to go in for the first 20 months. I began to think I was in the clear, but all of a sudden I got called in, and had to go in at least twice a week for the next 6 months.

  • LP

    I moved to DC in 2007 but didn’t get a DC DL until 2011. Since then, I have been summoned twice for DC Superior Court and served both times on juries (robbery – 4 days, homicide – 2.5 weeks).

    • andy2

      Lucky! I’ve only been called 2 times in my life (Washington State) and was out of the country so couldn’t serve. Come on DC – call me in!!!!

  • Cam

    Four times in nine years (one was grand jury) and I had to serve once, the first time I reported, which surprised the heck out of me because I was quite new to DC and thought lawyers are never picked for juries. Wrong! I served on a jury with three other lawyers. So many lawyers around here!

  • HaileUnlikely

    4 times in 13 years, 3 times for D.C. Superior Court and once for Federal Circuit Court.

  • Otis Gal

    3 or 4, can’t remember. One time on a jury.

  • JC

    I’ve lived here almost 8 years and have been called 3 times to DC Superior Court. I was called for the first time after I had been here 6 months, and since then have been called about every 3 years. Got put on a jury once, for a gun possession trial that lasted a few days. Have never been called for grand jury (thank God!).

  • anon

    Been here 14 years and I believe I’ve only gotten two summons, maybe three. I’ve never actually served. The last one I got was during the the major snowstorm last year so the court was closed and everyone was excused. What luck!

    • Nonna

      Similar story here. I’ve been here 8 years, got called once but never had to actually go in because the gov’t was closed for snow on that day. Lucky indeed!

  • dcd

    When I was in my 20s and lived in Maryland, was summoned once and served (drug smuggling case, though not nearly as grandiose as it sounds – they used UPS – convicted)
    In my 15 years in DC, I was summoned 4 times but never served. Some close calls, though.
    I have no earthly idea how I’d ever serve on a grand jury.

  • anon

    Every 2- 2.5 years.

  • rachel

    I have lived in DC for 11 years, and I’ve been called 4 times: 1. DC Superior Court Grand Jury – I was on a homicide jury and we met 3x a week for 3 months in 2009, 2. DC Superior Court Petit Jury – I was selected and served on a criminal trial that lasted about 4 days in 2013, 3. DC District Court (federal court) – I had to call in every day for two weeks in 2014 but never actually had to show up, 4. DC Superior Court Petit Jury – I was scheduled to serve one day in January this year but it was during the huge blizzard and the government was closed. After the government reopened, I called, and they told me I would get “credit” for that day, so I should be good till 2018 (for Superior Court).

  • eggs

    Out of everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve been eligible for jury duty for a decade now and have literally never been called ever.

    • also anon

      I have never been called either! I’m in my mid-30s and I’m mystified as to why I’ve never been called. I’ve been a DC resident 2 years and haven’t been called (yet).

    • Anon

      I’ve lived in the DC area over 11 years and have never been called. I wonder if it’s because I moved back and forth between DC and VA during my first 5 years. At my current address we’ve gotten summons for my wife and someone who doesn’t live there but never for me.

    • I’d always worried I’d done something wrong that I haven’t been called. Been here and a registered voter since 2006. My husband gets called every two years to the day.

  • kgw

    I think I’ve been called for Petit Jury 4 times in 11 years of living in DC. Served on a jury panel twice for a week each time.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    I’ve been called 6 or 7 times and served on one jury for three weeks. I don’t quite understand why some people hate jury duty so much — I found it very interesting to have the change of pace and learned more than any social studies class I ever had. Is it that people’s employers really don’t support the American criminal justice system and give people a hard time for being selected? We usually blame the police and prosecutors for bad outcomes (often fair!) but employers that pressure their employees not to do their civic duty or to rush through it surely worsen our problems as well.

    • dcd

      “I don’t quite understand why some people hate jury duty so much — I found it very interesting to have the change of pace”
      In the abstract, I would love to be on a jury. But there are a lot of people for whom it is a real problem. Hourly workers, if selected, often take a real financial beating. Small business owners often face a real imposition, especially if they have deliverables that are still required (and no one to whom they can pass it off too). As for me, I would be at the jury all day, then working long into the night. I’d be exhausted, I’d barely see my family, my wife would have to cover many of my responsibilities at home – it would suck for a 1-2 week trial, but a grand jury would absolutely crush me. The work still needs to get done, and while I could pass off many things, some things I can’t, or won’t. My livelihood depends on clients being happy with the work I do, and it’s just not as simple as dumping it off on someone else.

      • rachel

        the grand jury I was on was almost 100% retired/unemployed, and government workers. I’m guessing just about everyone else is able to get out of it for the reasons you describe. (At the time I was a rising 2L so it was a great summer experience for a law student plus I was THRILLED to be getting paid $34 a day.)

      • Anon

        I agree with DCD on the counts above. But it also can be difficult just on a person’s emotions/sanity. Some time ago, I served on a terrifying case for extensive human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. I will never forget it.

      • CHGal

        I am self-employed in a fairly seasonal business (taxes). I was called last spring and excused for that reason.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Agreed completely. The one time I served on a jury, the case went 7-8 days, and one of the jurors worked night shift at Safeway. He was basically going from work to court to work to court etc the whole time, unsurprisingly falling asleep in court, probably struggling mightily at work as well, and surely did not get to see his small children at all during that time. The pool also included a taxi driver, who begged the judge for mercy (i.e., opportunity to go earn money instead of being trapped where he can’t), which the judge granted.
        I once received a summons, for petit jury not grand jury, for a specific case that the summons indicated was expected to take about 15 weeks, and specifically asked whether this would pose an undue hardship. I replied, truthfully, that I personally would be delighted to serve, but it would be a substantial hardship for my employer, as my organization has fewer than 10 employees and many of my responsibilities are things that cannot realistically be done by others here and are critical to the success of the organization. The judge excused me from that specific trial. I did not know they issued summonses for specific trials, and still wonder what trial I ended up missing that was expected to take about 15 weeks.

    • navyard

      “I don’t quite understand why some people hate jury duty so much — I found it very interesting to have the change of pace”

      I find it interesting too, especially the ones that go to deliberation — what goes on in the jury room is absolutely fascinating to me. The way people can compromise their beliefs in a matter of seconds if it means the difference between having to come for an extra day of deliberations or getting to go home for dinner. That part actually made me lose some faith in the system.

      The other thing that made me lose some faith — I was once a witness both before a grand jury and in Federal Criminal Court. During my Grand Jury testimony, people were reading and sleeping! In Federal Criminal court, I realized that the lawyers don’t really want the truth to come out. They just want to limit your testimony to the points they want to make, regardless of whether it’s reflective of reality. That part made me sick because what ended up being portrayed to the jury was in no way what I witnessed. But that didn’t seem to matter to anyone but me.

    • Hill Denizen

      I understand why people who would have to make considerable sacrifices wouldn’t like to serve on a jury, but there seems to be a lot of hate for jury duty generally. It’s such an essential civic responsibility and a cornerstone of our government. We should feel proud to serve on a jury, not get all pouty.

      • ExWalbridgeGuy

        Yes, this is what I mean. I obviously understand the situation for people who don’t get paid if they don’t get their hours, but a lot of people do have the ability to serve and still just gripe about the whole process. That’s the part I don’t understand. It’s not only an essential civic responsibility that should be a source of some pride, but an interesting one too.

        • Eva

          Well, serving can be very frustrating–both from the macro perspective of our screwed up justice system and the micro perspective of sitting in that room of “peers” for a week arguing about everything but the matter at hand. All of the juries I’ve been on have been for low level drug distribution–i.e. people who don’t even handle money and allegedly get compensated with small amounts of the product. One of the defendants was an older man, seemingly quite clearly suffering from the affects of addiction and who was homeless. We deliberated for 6 days about his guilt. And it was like, really? Does his guilt even matter? The guy needs help not jail time most likely. He wasn’t charged with violence and in fact only got picked up because he was urinating in an alley…probably because he was homeless. But not our call to make because we had to decide if he was guilty of distributing crack cocaine. After 6 days the jury was hung. How much money was spent prosecuting that guy (and presumably prosecuting him a second time)?

    • anon

      Ha! If you had served on my last jury, and spent days trying to convince several idiotic jurors that the defendant was in fact guilty as several witnesses had confirmed and as federal prosecutors also had confirmed on tape by his own admission, you’d hate it as much as I do.

  • BRealAnon

    10 years, registered to vote and with a DC drivers license for 9. Not once been called.

  • skj84

    Called once in the 10 years I lived in MoCo. Haven’t been called yet for DC, but I’ve only been an official resident since March. Still plenty of time. I do wonder since I almost never got called in my time in MoCo will the same happen in DC?

  • aktodc

    DC resident for 4 years, called for Jury Duty twice, and been placed on a jury both times.

  • AJSE

    I’ve lived here 4.5 years and never been called.

  • Herewegoagain

    Called twice for Superior Petit, served once (civil case.). Called once for District and screened but rejected. I try not to take that personally. So that is three times in 10 years.

    The most recent superior was pretty easy. You can bring electronics now and have wireless while waiting, so I did work and watched netflix for a day as I waited.

  • artemis

    I was called twice in the 13 years I lived in DC (in the burbs now). The first time I got out of jury duty because I was helping prepare for a trial and the court excused me. The second time, I got the notice the week we moved to the burbs so I was excused again.

  • jcd

    Every two years, to the day of my last service, since I moved here 14 years ago. The only time I was empaneled on a jury, one of the other jurors thought he saw someone in the hallway taking pictures of the jurors during a break. He reported it to the judge, who dismissed us and had marshals lead us out of the courthouse by a back entrance.

  • Edgewood Res

    Lived in DC for 2 1/2 years when I received my first jury duty summons, which was in Sept. I was not seated on the jury, and all in all it was a good experience. The DC Superior Court staff were great. Basically got paid $4 for the day to read a book and was out by 3.

  • Cleo42

    I’ve lived here 13 years. I’ve been called to federal jury once, but didn’t make it onto the jury so just did voir dire for 2 days. I have never been summoned by DC courts.

  • dc_anon

    Averaging once every two years, w/ one 5 week grand jury thrown in. Have never been picked to sit on trial though.

  • TX2DC

    I’ve been summonsed twice in my 10 years in DC. It was a quiet 8 years until I was summonsed for Grand Jury service in 2014 (3 days a week for 3 months – it was an absolute hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy). I was summonsed for Petit service just a month ago and only served one day. I assume all those who are not being summonsed are (1) students who retain ID from their home state or (2) not registered to vote or (3) have a criminal record that prohibits you from serving. Otherwise, they’ll get you sooner or later.

    • Original Poster

      OP here –
      I think another reason for not being summonsed is that their data is wildly out of date. The Superior Court summons I received this year STILL had my maiden name on it – and I’ve been married for 11+ years and haven’t had a drivers license, paid taxes, or conducted any other business under my maiden same since then. Somehow they were able to update my mailing address, as I have moved within DC during that time.

      Many years back when I was called, I remember waiting in the jury room and seeing boxes upon boxes stacked along a wall. I overheard someone from the jury office saying that those boxes were filled with returned jury summonses that couldn’t be delivered. Makes me wonder what percentage of summonses end up getting returned. I suspect it’s pretty high.

    • also anon

      I have never been summoned anywhere I’ve lived. I’ve always been a registered voter and always had a driver’s license for the area I’ve lived in and do not have a criminal record.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Once in ten years for me. I think the jury wheel resets every two years, but it is random selection, which is why some people are getting it so much. As the city continues to grow, it should be less and less for everyone.

  • elizml

    Just once in 4.5 years- and that one came exactly two years to the week that I moved back and switched my drivers license to DC. Funny you should raise this question, I was saying earlier this week that I was surprised that I wasn’t called earlier this year but if it moved to 36 months, I’ll continue to be on the look out.

  • Mr. Magoo

    I’ve lived here since 1998 and have been called for Superior Court jury duty every other April like clockwork, except for this year. I’m a lawyer and have done some criminal defense work. While I would love the opportunity from a professional standpoint, my chances of serving are basically nil.

  • mtpresident

    Lived here a bit over 7 years, but somehow never called.

  • Never served

    Never been called in DC. I’m 38 and have been called 3x in my life, though I’ve moved around a bit. Never actually served.

  • MPinDC

    I just got a jury summons in the mail yesterday, two years and a week since I last had jury duty.
    But before then I’ve been summoned every 5 years (or so). So far, all summons have been for petit jury but I’ve not yet been on a jury.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Never in DC and I’ve been here 10 years. I desperately want to do my civic duty!

  • skaballet

    Once. Have lived here 3.5 years. It was a very short criminal case which took 3 days. Jury selection took way longer than the actual trial which only lasted a few hours.

  • E

    10 years, registered in DC for 8, called once, but they didn’t select a jury for any case that day.

  • Hill Denizen

    Like clockwork every two years since my freshman year in college (in FL at the time, 31 now), but I’ve never been picked for a trial. The last time was the first time I even got interviewed.

  • H Moore

    I’ve lived here 30 years and get called every three years or so. Have served once.

  • thoma193

    I’ve been eligible to serve on juries for the past 14 years, and have only been called once. This actually happened last week as I got a letter in the mail to report for jury duty in DC on 11/9. I moved away from DC in May for my job, but surprisingly it wasn’t that involved of a process to get excused and to get my name removed from the list. I just emailed my completed application and a copy of my out of state license to the jurorhelp email and got a confirmation of removal via email in less than 24 hours.

  • blues

    Lived here for 20 years, been called 6 times including once for grand jury 2. Have never served but have been called for voir dire once.

  • Stacys

    Every 26-28 months like clockwork since I got a DC driver’s license in the mid 90s. And I’ve been seated on juries the last 3 times!

  • CPT_Doom

    I’ve lived in DC since 2003 and have been called three times since then – once even went through voir dire, but was excused for being the victim in a violent crime. I’ve actually been called to jury duty from every address I’ve every lived (Massachusetts, DC 1989 – 1991, and Maryland – at 2 different addresses). I’ve never served, either because they didn’t need me or because I was excused. I am actually co-author on two Psychology research papers on how to influence juries, so often neither side wants me serving.

    • textdoc

      “I am actually co-author on two Psychology research papers on how to influence juries, so often neither side wants me serving.” LOL!

  • S

    My husband and I have lived here for about 6 years. I’ve been summoned once, but wasn’t chosen for a jury; my husband has never been summoned.

  • TSL

    0 times in 5+ years in DC. Not complaining!

  • Frida

    Lived here for six years and I’ve never been called for jury duty!

  • Clockwork – Juror #2

    Every 2 years like clockwork. Last case the man had a gun at home, no license and prior conviction. The Govt lawyers are overworked.

    At least I like the coffee in the basement!

  • sbc

    Lived here 7 years and have been called twice (both to Superior Court). First time I got to voir dire but one side challenged me. Second time I just sat in the waiting room all day.

    My wife has lived here 5.5 years and has never been called. My sister was called the first year she lived here.

    All of us registered to vote and changed our driver’s licenses immediately upon moving to DC. Not sure why it varies so much!

  • Colhi

    I’ve lived here for 25 years, probably been called about 15 times, if you include federal and dc courts. I have served on a grand jury for 2 months and a petit jury for 3 days. I was getting called a lot about 10 years ago and I would always try to move my reporting date to a Friday before a 3 day weekend or close to a holiday because the judge usually just lets everyone go after about 10am.

  • rockyartdc

    Been here 6.5 years, called twice, once for federal court, once for superior court. Ended up deferring federal 3 times (for nearly a year) as I travel a lot for work and was never in town for a straight 2 week period to call in every day. Was the last juror struck from a murder trial for superior court. I would have been the laughing stock of my firm to be a lawyer who couldn’t get out of jury duty!

  • Noma girl

    Lived in DC 12 years. Got called for a federal grand jury about 9 years ago and got called for DC Superior court roughly 5 years ago. Didn’t actually end up serving on either jury – so I’ve never served here, nor in my life – as I never got called in any other state I’ve lived in. I’m 37 yrs old.

  • bruno

    For a while, the local court called me every two years for a long time. The federal courts, maybe once every ten years. Been through voir dire about a dozen times. Served on only one jury. Was empanelled on another but then it settled. As crime drops, maybe fewer trials?

  • kt

    Lived in DC since 2009, and just got called for the first time in Spring 2016!

  • ChillyDC

    Every two years like clockwork, and have lived in DC 29 years. I’ve been empaneled many times despite being an attorney (no idea why, though I don’t use lame or made-up excuses). I served on a Superior Court jury in January, and then was called again last month for Federal Court service. They do not excuse you just because you recently served in DC. (BTW — Federal Court service is awesome compared to DC.) Here’s what irked me: Of all of the people going through voir dire, I was the ONLY one who had served on a jury before. Am I just a huge sucker?

  • anon

    My husband got a jury duty summons before I did – and he’s not a U.S. citizen. I lived in DC for 7 years before getting called.

  • gotryit

    3 times – every two years like clockwork. And I’ve been selected every single time. Even when I thought I had a great reason to be released.
    On the plus side, I got grand jury knocked down to petit since I was a witness in another case.

  • Pixie

    I’ve been summoned three times in three different states. My jury duty assignment in DC ended up being cancelled because of the government shut down in 2013.

  • ET

    2 for federal, 4 for DC Surperior

  • textdoc

    I’ve lived in D.C. for 14 years and have been called for jury duty 4-5 times for D.C. superior court and once for federal district court. Always petit jury duty, never grand jury duty.
    Until the past two times, every single time I was called, I ended up being selected for a jury. The very first time I was called, I had to be there at 8 a.m. The entire trial was done by 11:30 a.m., and I used my afternoon off to go visit the pandas!
    I’ve been on the jury for three (I think) civil trials in D.C. Superior Court and one criminal trial (drug dealing) in federal district court. The criminal trial took two weeks, as did one of the civil trials.

    • textdoc

      The criminal trial was interesting, but a little disappointing. It involved a guy accused of dealing crack. There was an informant who’d worn a wire, but the resulting recording was ambiguous. Most of us thought the guy had _probably_ done what he was alleged to have done, but the evidence presented to us just wasn’t strong enough to meet the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard. So we reluctantly acquitted him.

  • exiledinarlington

    Lived in DC for 13 years, was summoned every two years (but have never served). Also was summoned once for a criminal case in DC Federal Court that was expected to last at least 6 months, but wasn’t empaneled.

    Have also been summoned in Montgomery County, Md, in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and in Arlington County, VA. They just love calling me up. Now that I’m in Virginia, my law degree and current bar membership exempts me from actually serving.

  • Anon

    Never! And I’d actually love to do one.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been in DC 6 years and was called once. However, the jury summons went to my old group house. I got the summons from my old roommates 1 month after I was supposed to show up. Never contacted the court and haven’t heard back from them in 4 years. I think if you ignore the first response you fall off the list pretty quickly. If you actually show up, they will hit you every two years like clockwork.

    • Anonymous

      I should add, I got a DC license and registered to vote pretty quickly after moving to DC.

  • I am called like clock work every 24 months. Last time (this March) I had to call in and was dismissed. I have sat on an actual jury once in civil court.

  • Anonymous

    Moved here 2007.
    Called for grand jury 2009 and got out of it.
    Called for regular jury 2011 and served 2 days.
    Called for regular jury 2013, so I called to explain I had a 6 month old baby and got a warning, delivered in a nasty tone, “Fine. We’ll let you off *this* time, but you’ll be called again in 6 months and you’ll HAVE to serve.” I said, “Go ahead. I’ll still be in the same position in 6 months: with a child too young for your daycare.”
    Have not heard from them since, although this comment probably jinxes me. :(

  • J

    I’ve never been called for jury duty once, in the 12 years I’ve been eligible – in DC or other states where I’ve lived.

    Call me, DC gov’t! I’ll serve!

  • Got called for the first time within 6 months of moving here in 2004. During voir dire the judge dismissed me when he realized I had graduated college that year. Apparently I was too young for a jury trying a teenager.
    Got called two years later I think.
    Definitely got called two years after that and sat on a jury for 6 weeks.
    Got called two years after that, did not serve.
    Got called for Grand Jury duty two years after that, I was traveling for part of it and was excused without even having to show up.
    I’m one of the few who enjoy jury duty.

  • Carly

    I’ve lived here for 2.5 years and have not been called.

  • hiphop anonymous

    In the 10 years I’ve been living here (am I a LTR yet?) I’ve been called 4 times, served 0.

  • wpk_dc

    I’ve been called for jury duty every 4-5 years over the past 25 that I’ve lived here. I’ve served on 3 juries, twice being dismissed before deliberations as an alternate. Overall, I’ve very much liked my experience in jury duty.

  • Petworth Gal

    I’ve been called every 2-3 years since 2000, and have served on 4 juries – one Federal, the rest District court. Plus I served on a jury in Indiana. Almost – but not quite – makes me wish I’d gone to law school.

  • Columbia heights mama

    16 years as a DC resident – summoned every two years like clockwork. I served one 4 day trial, it was a fun break from work. I was excused twice from serving due to lack of childcare. I bet they will find me again this spring.

  • Jodi

    I’ve lived in DC for less than 2 years; I’m currently serving on a grand jury!

    It’s 3 days a week for a total of 27 days… Fascinating to see the justice system in progress but hard on my work schedule since work doesn’t want to adjust any of my deadlines accordingly.

  • Anon

    I’ve been called twice in 6 years. First time I served 6 weeks for grand jury duty (5 days a week all day) and was called back for petit almost two years to the day. I still think if you serve on grand jury they you shouldn’t be eligible again in two years.


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