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  • samanda_bynes

    RFD is a Browns Backers so undoubtedly they’ll be there in the Chinatown area. I’m in Petworth/Brightwood and wouldn’t mind doing Walter’s or Bravo or something. Since it’s the Series, it’ll be on every sports bar – so we could all do an impromptu PoPVille Tribe.

  • Navy Yard Dude

    Tribe in 6. Its our destiny. #WINDIANS

  • Dan

    Try the new Buckeye & Bear in Dupont.

  • Anon

    THIS IS CUBS TOWN! (Heh, kidding? at least it seems that way to me given all my friends who are cubs fans)

  • Crisp in Bloomingdale will be showing the series at the upstairs bar. One of the bartenders is a huge baseball fan.

  • Harry Caray

    Threadjacking: What Cubs bars are there around town? The one time I tried to watch at Ivy and Coney on a slow weeknight the bartender gave me grief and couldn’t figure out how to put the game on.

    • Welshi

      Weird considering it is a Chicago sports bar… must have been a more important night for a Detroit team..?

    • Ben

      Union Pub on Massachusetts & 4th NE is the place to watch the Cubs.

    • Anon

      Must’ve been some newby – this is Bar far the best place to catch a cubs game.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    I feel for you, and can’t blame you for wanting to distance yourself from all those annoying bandwagon Cubs fans who seemingly appeared out of thin air this season. I’m rooting for the Indians, but maybe the Cubs should win so we don’t have to hear about it from them anymore!

    • Yankee

      Didn’t work for the Red Sox.

    • OP

      To be fair, right now there are plenty of bandwagon Tribe fans. Though my theory that most of the $700-1000+ SRO tickets on Stubhub were being purchased by Cubs fans seems to be penciling out right now, judging by the stands.

  • Baron of Brightwood

    Cubs in 5. No need for a Tribe party. Problem solved!

    • Ashy Oldlady

      Proving my point.

      • Baron of Brightwood

        You know nothing about me. Keep your “bandwagon” comments to yourself. Plenty of Cubs fans are enjoying having the best team in baseball for the first time in decades. Desperate-for-attention Cleveland fans come off the same way White Sox fans come off in Chicago: bitter that they’re being ignored by a more lovable franchise in their proximity. I have nothing against Cleveland (or the White Sox for that matter); it’s just hilarious how some fans can’t stand when a team with a nice redemption narrative attracts national attention and excitement. It’s petty. Why hate?

        • samanda_bynes

          BOOOO. Tribe BABYYYY. :p nah this has been an AMAZING dramatic year for baseball and I could be happier it’s between my beloved Indians and my dad’s beloved Cubs. It’s so exciting!

        • KAG

          Forget that the Indians are the subject of this thread — let’s talk about how lovable the Cubs are!! By the way, Cleveland fans are so desperate for attention.

          • samanda_bynes

            LOL my sentiments exactly.

        • OP

          Or, you know, since I know exactly zero “real” Chicago fans (know a few who are rooting for the Cubs by default, but not usually fans) in the DC area personally, but can name at least 3 Chicago-supporting or -leaning bars, but zero that have a bent towards the Indians (or Cleveland teams in general…haven’t been to RFD in quite a while, and don’t recall seeing any Browns swag there when I’ve been), I could just be asking a large group of locals who have demonstrated that they like to go out for their insights. I’ll admit that I usually watch games at home, or at a nearby bar for the first few rounds of the playoffs (tend to play Nats games unless you ask, don’t mind turning one TV if you do), I don’t know much about the baseball bar scene except for those places that are blunt about which team they support.
          But, sure, desperate for attention, butthurt about the focus being on the Cubs…that’s why I asked. Underdog works for us. Especially in the last 19 days. You keep the media focus and we’ll keep the W’s.

          • OP

            And since I was 17 the last time the Tribe went to the Series, and was dying of the plague in 2007 and watched that playoff run from my couch under the influence of far too many medications, I haven’t had much chance to try to find my “local Tribe” in big situations.

  • DCbyDay

    The Ohio Society hosts game watches at RFD! They’ll be there for every game
    and if you join you get a free drink…. i think….

  • Anon

    The Indians’ logo makes the Washington Team look positively progressive. I suppose we should root for them for that reason

    • Rich

      The Indians were. Armed for a player who was an Indian–this sort of thing was common in the early 1900s. The Indians were the first AL teamtointegrate shortly after Robinson first p,aged for the Dodgers. The Browns also pioneered integration. The Deadskins and the Senators needed changes of ownership and an integration friendly lease on RFK to join the 20th century. No amount of DC smugness can overcome the gloriously shameless racism of its sports history.

  • James

    Sorry…this Chicago gal is rooting for the Cubs as I have been my whole life.

  • Whitney

    The Ohio Society of DC is hosting watch parties for all the games at RFD with Great Lakes drink specials. The Facebook event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/992719360856703/

    They’re also going to show the Cavs’ ring ceremony tonight.


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