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  • CatieCat

    How fun another retailer in CC that I can’t afford! Ha! Tesla is dope though. I’ll definitely check it out

    • Their showrooms are really cool. Even though I have no intention of buying one (or any car for that matter) I love checking out the one at Tysons when we go.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    Ahh, Tesla. They sure do look cool and Elon Musk is promising the moon, but I have little faith that the company will be around ten years from now. More people will die as a result of their half-baked autopilot technology that is clearly not ready to be used beyond the test track at this point.

    • shmoo

      I dont think you know what you are talking about to be honest.

      • Anon


      • Ashy Oldlady

        If you believe Tesla is going to thrive at their current pace, then I’m not sure you understand how the automotive industry works, or basic economics for that matter. They’ll be swallowed by a much larger, more established auto manufacturer before they ever come close to reaching mass production capabilities. There’s no way they’ll be able to deliver Model 3’s to everyone who put down a deposit before the cars are technologically obsolete and before better, less expensive equivalents are available from companies like GM, VW, Toyota or the like. There are reasons why no new large scale auto manufacturers have popped up in nearly a century.

        • Shmoo

          If you say so, but you are not correct.

          • Ashy Oldlady

            Musk’s greatest achievement is the brand fanaticism that has uninformed neophytes such as yourself believing everything he says.

        • Duponter

          No, no. I agree with above. You have no idea what you’re talking about. None of those companies have come close to producing a car like the Tesla S yet and that has been out for several years. Try again.

        • Anon

          If only Tesla had some sort of an advantage over all the other carmakers you listed… Can’t. Quite. Put. My. Finger. On. It.
          But hey, even misinformed opinions count as opinions, so you have that going for you.

    • CatieCat

      Not sure I agree but I have it on good word that Musk is a total psycho and a nightmare to work for/with! But a genius, no doubt

      • Ross

        And he possesses the charisma of a televangelist crossed with Steve Jobs. I mean, he’s blowing up Space-X rockets left and right, the Tesla auto-pilot function obviously isn’t as safe or foolproof as they’d like you to believe, and all of his magical utopian schemes have more holes in them than Swiss cheese, yet some of the folks above are clearly drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • Nathan

    There’s still a showroom on K street, right?

    • check for content

      Do you just read the headlines?

      • Nathan

        Guess so!

      • JohnH

        Yes, it’s mentioned that it exists. But it would make no sense to have a showroom at 10th and K and then 9th & H. So logically one would think they’d close the K one down when this one opens? But who knows. Another worthless store at City Center.

        • Duponter

          Probably not. The only people I know who own Teslas are lawyers in DC. And do you know what basically surrounds City Center?

          • JohnH

            Well on 3 sides it’s hotels….but yes, I get what you’re saying.
            Maybe these stores do fine, maybe they don’t (and some are probably not actually expected to make money), I’m just disappointed there’s nothing really worthwhile here.

  • Sally

    I am a fan of the whole “disruption” silicon valley thing, and if I had the dough I would have a Tesla in my driveway.

    However, I tend to agree. Tesla is on borrowed time. It has been occupying a market space the bif global automakers have been actively ignoring because it was such a small slice of the pie.

    Make no mistake, Ford, GM, Volkswagon etc could eat Tesla’s lunch tomorrow if they choose to, and likely will in the next 5 years or so.

    Tesla will sell off its car manufacturing assets and pivot to being the wolds largest batter manufacturer, which has 100 times the revenue possibilities.

    Look at it this way. Tesla has been a formal company for 13 years. If you added up all the money they’ve spent on R&D during that period, it would equal about 10 months of yearly GM R&D budget.

    Once global automakers are already beginning to churn out Tesla competitors, once the market warrants their full attention Tesla will either be bought, or simply pushed out of the market by the larger more nimble automakers.

  • PCC

    Strangely, this is the only car dealership within DC.


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