Check Out the New Fall cocktail menu at La Jambe

by Prince Of Petworth October 28, 2016 at 11:40 am 1 Comment

Jardin de Luxe courtesy La Jambe

From La Jambe (7th and Q St, NW across from Dacha):

“We’re doing a daily special where the featured cocktail is $10 instead of the usual $12. Schedule is as follows starting Friday:

Friday– The Spice from Her Lips
Calvados (apple spirit), cumin liqueur, dry ginger liqueur,
Don Ciccio’s Donna Rossa amaro, and dry vermouth.

Saturday– Champagne Julip
Sparkling crémant, calvados (apple spirit), and fresh mint.

Sunday– Jardin De Luxe
A delicate balance of Don Ciccio’s Donna Rossa amaro
and yellow Chartreuse over French gin, with housemade
Herbes de Provence bitters and fresh basil.

Tuesday- For the two Lovers Underneath the Poire Tree
A perfect balance of pear spirit, white rum, white
vermouth, rancio aged wine, dry ginger liqueur,
and orgeat (almond). With just a hint of bitter
orange to show it’s true colors.

Wednesday- The Great Paris Mule Riot
French gin and a dry ginger liqueur, with
lime, soda, infused with smoked rosemary.

Thursday- Jojo Lapin
Smoky whisky with Don Ciccio’s walnut liqueur and a
hint of lemon.

Friday- Père Lachaise
French kirsch (unaged cherry spirit), bitter salers,
white vermouth, and peach aperitif wine.

Saturday- Carré Neuf
A version of the classic Vieux Carré using unaged spirits:
French white rye and Armagnac, along with white
vermouth, Bénédictine, and an assortment of bitters.

Sunday- The High Divide
French gin with bitter herbal Suze
and a splash of Chartreuse.”


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