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Bastards Stole the Stuffed Chicken from Crisp

by Prince Of Petworth October 6, 2016 at 4:15 pm 11 Comments


From Crisp Kitchen + Bar [1837 1st Street, NW]:

“If any of your readers are interested in helping us out we are trying to find our stolen stuffed chicken from our window. We will reward them with a FREE Dinner! His name is Dale Bloomington and we are using the hashtag #finddale”

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  • Anon

    If my experience at Crisp a few weeks ago is any indication, Dale Bloomiington probably flew the coop due to the poor service. Like us, he might have waited, and waited, to get any attention from the server. Then Dale probably ordered a beer, only to wait for 5 more minutes before his server came back to tell him they didn’t have the beer. No problem Dale, order another one. Oh, 5 minutes later you find out they don’t have that one either. But hey! third time’s a charm and after only 25 minutes you have a drink. And the food service was pretty similar to the drink fiasco. If you’re looking for Dale Bloomington, I’d suggest checking Boundary Stone, as that’s where we’ll be after spending time at Crisp.

    • CatieCat

      lolz. Ive had good service upstairs at the bar. Ate downstairs only once, right when they opened. Meh.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I was there in August, and service was awful. The a/c was also terrible (it was super hot, which made everything worse). Ordered drinks and an app, first round of drink came after 25-30 minutes or so. Sometime before the drinks came we (stupidly) ordered dinner. App came out about 40 minutes after ordering. We had already ordered a second round of drinks. Second round of drinks came out about 45-50 minutes after arrival. Finished second round of drinks and still no food (note: they make fried chicken sandwiches…this should take like 5-10 minutes to make). Already committed, we ordered a third round of drinks (it was happy hour, so they were cheap). Food finally came. Finished dinner and were about to ask for check when the third round of drinks finally showed up (again 25-30 minutes after being ordered). All in all it took like an hour and 45 minutes to finish a meal that included 3 chicken sandwiches. They comped nothing, and gave no explanation for all the delays. It was awful.

      • We actually appreciate comments like these because it gives us an opportunity as business to step up and improve our game. We are in the hospitality business and our goal is for everyone to leave every time thinking “that was awesome” and excited to come back again – and it wasn’t 100% enough that they want to let us try again. I’m the owner and was there that night and the downstairs AC did go out after we were already open and was fixed the very next day. In regard to your ticket times please understand that we are not fast food Popeyes/Chick-Fil-A and we hope that the reason you are coming and were named the #1 Fried Chicken Sandwich in DC is because of that. We brine our chicken for 24 hours, soak it in buttermilk for 8 hours, and make it only once you order it. It takes time to get to your plate. For some a couple hours in our spot is great experience drinking, hanging out with friends, etc… For others just let us know you want quicker service (or we now do Take-Out & Delivery) and we will do our best to make it happen. Look forward to you giving us another shot!

        • Tsar of Truxton

          I appreciate your response, but if you honestly think the average diner wants to spend “a couple hours” at a casual dining location that serves primarily chicken sandwiches (which are very good), you are crazy. Most restaurants turn tables in an hour or so. There is really no reason why a round of drinks should take 25-30 minutes to arrive and a few chicken sandwiches should not take well over an hour to show up. I appreciate you explaining the process, but by the time you open, that process should be complete, and the chicken should be ready to go, so I don’t see how it is relevant to what happened that night. People go to dinner hungry and want to eat, not sit around for two hours waiting for food. If they want to enjoy the “experience” after eating dinner, they will head to the bar for another round.

          • wdc

            Yeah, you have to let the customer control the timing. A business can’t decide on the customer’s behalf that this should be a slow, leisurely “experience”. If they want to hang around for 45 minutes before eating, they’ll tell the waiter that they want to order in 30 minutes rather than as soon as they sit down.
            The long waits probably increase alcohol sales, but not repeat business.

  • Mark

    Just posting to say I love Crisp! Had my birthday there this year in the upstairs bar. Happy hour every day + incredible hot chicken sandwiches = a winning combination in my book. Never had any service issues, but never eaten downstairs either.

  • skj84

    Also want to give much love to Crisp. Best happy hour in the city. While I’ve never sat downstairs, the bar is a great bring a book and drink spot. Sometimes off nights happen. Restaurants run out of product/service gets backed up. Even with the best of planning, shit happens. I would give them another chance, especially since they responded in this post. Also their Mac and Cheese is a hidden treasure.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      “Restaurants run out of product/service gets backed up. Even with the best of planning, shit happens.” I agree with that, but neither of those things should be an issue when you show up at opening and are one of the first 2 or 3 tables seated in the entire restaurant. Judging by the original Anon’s comment from a different night and the owner’s response about how they are intentionally, excessively slow, this seems like a trend, not an exception. Furthermore, if it was just an “off night,” the server or owner should have offered to comp something because that is what good restaurants do when they mess up. I’ll add that my table wasn’t the only table that had this issue when I was there. As the place filled up, nothing was coming out of the kitchen at all. People were speculating that the deep fryer was broken or whatever because 8-10 tables had ordered and no one had any food. Another table nearby ordered soon after we ordered, and after like an hour and 15 minutes, had to switch their order to go because one of them was travelling and could not wait any longer. I had brought out-of-town guests because I liked the sandwiches from a previous experience at the bar, and quite frankly, the whole situation was embarrassing. They were like, why would you ever come to this place?

      • Your Neighbor

        I have had the same experience the last few times I have gone to Crisp and have left blaming myself for thinking it would be any different. I’ve also heard the excuse from staff that “the kitchen is very small” and “there is only one employee working the kitchen tonight.” This bothers me for two reasons: (1) if your kitchen is too small to get food to 8-10 tables in less than an hour, you need to do something to fix that situation if you want to stay in business; and (2) your kitchen size has nothing to do with drink service being embarrassingly awful. I admit the chicken is delicious, but the ridiculous kitchen times are getting to the point that I will not be coming back.

  • Steve

    I too had a great dinner at Crisp. The food was good, and it only took an hour and twenty minutes for (some of) it to come out. Our party had dissipated by that time, and although they only brought out 75% of our food, they were kind enough to charge us for all of it. Then we had the pleasure of being told we had 10 minutes to eat our meal before they were closing. In Crisps defense tho, they gave us that hour and twenty minutes to finish the one round of drinks we were served, so I can see how 10 minutes for the meal seemed fair to them.

    Also good to know the owner seems to care on Popville, as he certainly did not give a shit as it all happened directly under his watch.

    To whoever has Dale, I cannot commend your theft. But I’m sure he’s in a better place now, and I’d be honored to serve him a delicious dinner, in half the time of crisp. #losedale


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