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After 9 Years, Red Derby Gets Signage! Celebrate Sunday with their epic “annual Halloween fundraiser for the kiddos at DASH”

by Prince Of Petworth October 6, 2016 at 9:50 am 7 Comments

3718 14th Street, NW Photo by Rachel Neugarten

Thanks to Rachel for a photo of the new signage going up at Red Derby. Another amazing bar approaching a decade. File the owners squarely in the good people column:

“It’s that time of year for our annual Halloween fundraiser for the kiddos at DASH [District Alliance for Safe Housing]:

Sunday Oct 9th from 3pm – 8pm, we’ll be hosting a Derby Oktoberfest in support of DASH … we’ll be grilling up brats on the barbecue ($3 per), as well as toasting up pretzels ($1); with 100% of proceeds going to our Halloween DASH drive. Also, anyone who brings in a pound of candy or a costume (there are 63 kiddos this year) will receive happy hour prices all night long. In addition, there will be a gaggle of German beer specials … and, of course, the ability to make any beer on our 100+ list a German combo by adding a shot of Jagermeister. (For those who prefer wine… we’ll be offering our Clean Slate Riesling for $15 a bottle.)

At 9pm, we’ll be showing the second Presidential Debate on the Derby’s Big Screen. We’ll be fashioning a game of Bingo (whereby the proceeds from bingo cards also will go to DASH).”

  • Ashy Oldlady

    As of this morning it just says Derby. Are they going to add Red?

    • biketowork

      I kind of hope not. I always call it Derby so why not? It looks like they have spaced the text so there’s no room for “Red” on the left…maybe it could go on top though.

  • apes

    I’m going to miss all the people walking into Lyman’s asking how to get to the roof.

  • redderby

    Dan, thanks again for posting about DASH, They are great people and a fantastic charity. As for the signage Beth, who is a local artist and has been a Red derby employee for almost a decade did a great job.
    For 10 years we were a hidden bar in a hidden neighborhood, but now with a new bar next door and a 7-11 and condos across the street we figured signage was due. Also, our cash only policy will soon change as well.. A big thanks to Dan POP and all our friends and neighbors for the past 10 years..

    • interesting

      I find it interesting that you find DASH a “fantastic charity.” In my experience, as a resident of Eckington where we have a DASH facility, DASH is a very poor neighbor.

    • An end to the cash-only policy means credit cards and a price hike to cover the processing fees, I worry. . . .

  • manstring

    Clear sign that hipster is a historic term.


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