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  • Salt n Peppa

    Great haul! Well done ! That should keep you going with lots of spicy chilli through the winter!

  • Never served

    What exactly do you do with 10 lbs of peppers ripe all at the same time?

    • Anon

      My suggestion would be to find someone who has a smoker (if OP doesn’t) and smoke them, then freeze them. They are great to add to dishes through out the year to add some smokey depth. No need to let them dry out completely. I am about to do the same with about 30 jalepenos that I was hoping would turn red in these last few days of warmth.

    • Anon

      I had this “problem” a few months ago. I sliced up and frozen a bunch (they’ll be great in soups and chilis this winter), and made fajitas, grilled jalapeno poppers, roasted red pepper sauce, and salads with the rest.

  • Emmaleigh504

    That’s a lot of peppers!

  • katemc

    YEAH CRS!!!

  • Fried Zucchini

    You should make a life-sized statue of yourself out of the peppers. Call yourself “Pepper King”. Paint “Pepper King” on your car. Ride around yelling pepper-based quips at non-peppered based statues.

  • Anon

    Last year I was harvesting crates of tomatoes the day before Thanksgiving. This isn’t late at all for a garden haul!

  • Spicy Tequila

    The Prince of Peppers!

  • Josh

    Our serranos and habaneros look like this right now too – we’ll be getting hot peppers and pumpkins into December again, just like last year. Garden haul ought to be year-round!

  • Amazing peppers and so relaxed, no schedule, just harvesting when you want to harvest. Truly a dream(y) harvest(er)!! For all the times it rained on that harvest and all the farms you got in using my name, is it too late now to say sorry?


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