4 Houses and a Car Struck by Bullets in Petworth Last Night “ShotSpotter detected (17) gunshots”

by Prince Of Petworth October 23, 2016 at 2:11 pm 21 Comments

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A reader passes on from MPD just after midnight last night:

“We are currently working a sounds of gunshots/destruction of property in the 800 B/O Crittenden Street, NW. At 0010 hours, CIC ShotSpotter detected (17) gunshots in front of 8xx Crittenden Street, NW. Officers responded to the scene and located a vehicle parked in the block that had been struck by gunfire as well as gunshots to 8xx, 8xx, 8xx, and 8xx Crittenden Street, NW. There are NO victims located at this point. Officers are interviewing home occupants to obtain a suspect lookout, but no lookout as of yet. MPD gun K-9 has been requested and area hospitals are being checked for victims. (9) cartridge casings have been located so far on the side of 8xx Crittenden Street, NW.”

  • Too frequent

    No one even comments on these anymore. Are we becoming so desensitized to the violence? It is frustrating. Second one in a month on this street. Everyone knows the house targeted, but can’t do anything about it.

    • Tony S.

      We’re still trying to decipher thr report.

    • Alexander

      After this long, hot and violent summer we decided to move – four weeks and we are out of here. Too much violence, not enough focus by our elected leaders and too many excuses by the police. This is not a neighborhood for kids.

    • madmonk28

      What’s the point? Nothing gets done, there is no capacity and/or interest by elected officials to address the problem. Basically, this shooting is going to go on until one side wins, or something so horrible happens that it makes national news, maybe even the Washington Post will take notice of something happening within the District. If that happens, then you’ll see some high profile, short-lived attention from DC government.

    • Anonymous

      Serious question: who owns the house? Is it possible to track them down and appeal to them directly? Can neighbors band together and sue the owner?
      I was talking about a similar issue this weekend with a friend who recently bought a house in Hill East. There is one house along the alley that is actively dealing and thus bringing dangerous elements into the block. We were brainstorming ways to address the issue, as shutting down one house can have a massive effect on the desirability and safety of their block. One house is “holding back” 40+ other homes – that’s not cool.
      The government mechanisms are just too slow to deal with the issue. Perhaps a private solution (i.e., finding the owner and getting permission to seal up the building or suing the owner directly) would be more efficient? I guarantee there’s one attorney on your block lol

      • jonah

        If there is a known problem house that is dealing or responsible for gun violence the Office of the Attorney General can get involved. They can build a case for eviction. There were two high profile evictions in Petworth about a month ago. They are long processes usually compounded if they owner of the property lives elsewhere or next of kin if the owner passed and has to be tracked down. You can contact OAG directly and ask them what neighbors can do to help start things moving. One of the main things they will share is 911 calls for that specific address when you see illegal or suspect activity.

  • Petworth Pal

    What house?

  • M

    We are a few blocks away but see/hear very little of this. For folks on that block, can you provide more context?

    Is there anything that your neighbors can do to help advocate with you?

  • Delafielder

    What specifically would we want the DC government to do about this? More police and CCTV in Ward4? Are there particular houses with known addresses that we are absolutely sure are dealing drugs? We need a list of realistic action items before we press the DC government about the broader crime problem.

    • madmonk28

      So elected officials aren’t expected to propose solutions, only enact other people’s solutions?

  • NHAve

    We’ve known that Crittenden is a problem since we moved in, but we rarely hear anything. Heard this loud & clear at 12:10am from the 800 block of Buchanan, I thought it was about a dozen (then thought I must have misheard – too many). I did call 911, as I was on the phone I saw two police vehicles approach.

    SEVENTEEN gunshots and no arrest? (Yeah, i get that’s demonstrates my ignorance of police work, but still. Neighbors seem to know exactly what’s up on this block).

  • 9th street

    I moved to the neighborhood less than a month ago and so far have heard nothing but vague comments from my neighbors like “Be careful” when pointing in the direction of that block. No one has wanted to offer any specifics so I haven’t pressed on. Can anyone provide more concrete information, like which house is the issue? And is the problem drug dealing or does it go beyond that?

    • Anon

      Sounds like the problem goes all the way up to “flying bullets”.

    • ZetteZelle

      It’s the house that abuts the alley on the south side of the street. Weirdly enough, that house was listed as being on the market for about 24 hours back in the spring, then removed without any evidence of a sale having happened–I’ve assumed that the listing was some sort of end-run around some sort of city regulation (though I can’t quite imagine what).

      I’d say that you should avoid that stretch of alley just behind 9th and between Crittenden & Buchanan, and don’t walk along the south side of the 800 block of Crittenden. The problem is armed drug dealers, whose inability to control their turf or their tempers leads far too often to gunfire.

      • Anon

        Your information is off and out of date. That house has historically been a problem, but there hasn’t been dealing there for at least 6 months. It was a very quite summer, which I will assume is due to the good work of the police and other law enforcement. The house was listed because the owner passed on. I believe some of the family wanted to sell, some didn’t. The current violence isn’t directed at that house, it’s closer to 8th St. And for everything I know about the block, I still won’t conjecture about the source or cause. I’m waiting to hear from police and find out how neighbors can be helpful to their efforts. I encourage all neighbors to do the same.

        • ZetteZelle

          Thanks for the update!

  • More than one house?

    I have seen open drug dealing in the alley near the corner of 9th and Crittenden St NW. Though of late there has been lesser open dealing. Probably not seeing as much also because I avoid that corner.
    This is actually the third shooting on Crittenden St in 2 months.

  • Mike

    Surprised the neighborhood listserve hasn’t gotten the template e-mail from Brandon Todd’s office about how he’s personally on the site and consulting with local police district leaders. Or maybe since no one was hurt this time he can’t even bother to pretend he’s doing anything about this.

  • Charlie

    1st week in July. Multiple gunshots
    4 august homcide
    4 September multiple gunshots
    30 sept gunshots and a man hit on the leg
    23 oct 17 gunshots
    5 events in the same corner in less than 4 months.
    This is just crazy!

  • crittenden resident

    There are some things that all of us in petworth and specifically near the 800 block of Crittenden can do. Call 911 when you see criminal activity. I call when I hear people fighting (No need for things to escalate). Look at getting cameras on your property. http://ovsjg.dc.gov/service/private-security-camera-system-incentive-program It may not prevent crime, but it’s the best chance the police have for evidence and convictions. And if you have cameras, review your footage and offer it to police. And think carefully about your elected officials especially your ANC rep… elections are coming up, please vote!!

  • Lights on the corner

    The police lights are back on the corner of 8th and Crittenden


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