The Debate – Where’s the Best Spot to Watch on Monday?

by Prince Of Petworth September 21, 2016 at 2:05 pm 33 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

Suggestions for best bars to watch the debate next Monday?”

Ed. Note: OP has some concerns that Monday Night Football could take precedence over the debate [for the record Meridian Pint will be showing the debate with sound.] Now I like football a lot but I would not miss this debate for anything short of the Superbowl. I’m sure most bars realize this too. So, for those going out, where will you watch?

  • PladimirVutin


  • Reed_Walter

    I can’t believe any bar would show the debate over football (or the Nats who also play on Monday).

    If you want to watch the debate, watch at home.

    If you don’t have a TV, find a friend who does or watch online.

    Keep Politics out of Bars!!

    • You honestly can’t fathom a bar doing that? Are you new to DC?

      • Reed_Walter

        Nope, been here 13 years.

        It’s one thing if there are no sports on, but in the middle of the pennant race and the midst of America’s sport (football), why would a bar do that?

        If a bar had the debate on instead of sports, I would leave immediately.

        • jkauf23

          What pennant race and N.O vs. Atlanta on MNF? Nats will have clinched by then and the MNF game is atrocious this week. I’m pretty sure politics have been in D.C. bars for as long as bars and D.C. have been around.

          • Reed_Walter

            Any football (except futbol) is more interesting than the debate.

          • Truxton Thomas

            This debate is more interesting than any football—except maybe ol’ alma mater on a Saturday—and certainly any futbol.

          • Reed_Walter

            Will this debate influence who you vote for?

            If not, why watch?

          • You’re placing your own personal interests above the possibility that other people might be interested in something else? 1/10, try again.

          • Q

            This debate is probably going to be rougher and bloodier than any football game, so there’s that.

          • Reed_Walter

            I’m basing it on appropriateness for a bar.

            Bars are loud. Drunk people are loud. Debates need to be heard (not seen).

            Sports can be seen and don’t need to be heard.

            Debates in a bar are like fireworks in the daytime…you can do it, but it’s pretty stupid.

          • Anonamom

            If you need a debate to decide your vote, don’t watch it at a bar. If you are into some bi-partisan shot games, go to a bar.

          • textdoc

            +1 to justinbc’s “You’re placing your own personal interests above the possibility that other people might be interested in something else? 1/10, try again.”
            I don’t like sports. I don’t particularly like it when bars have TVs showing sports games; I try to patronize TV-less bars/clubs instead.
            I recognize, however, that there is a significant audience of bar-going people who like to watch sports on TV. (Or a significant audience of sports-watching people who like going to bars.)
            Presumably if debate-screening bars thought that showing the debate would be detrimental to their bottom line, they either wouldn’t do it, or would consciously elect to do so for reasons other than their bottom line.
            It’s not like bars are choosing to show debates rather than sports programming on a frequent basis. You can watch sports in bars most of the other ~360 days of the year. Is it really that big of a deal that you might not be able to see this one particular night of sports in your bar of choice?

          • Truxton Thomas

            No, it won’t influence me, but it will influence who a lot of other people vote for in an extremely important election. And you said football is more interesting, not more appropriate. That said, I don’t disagree about the appropriateness of watching it at a bar, and in fact have no real business in bars anyway.

          • @Reed, are you operating under the assumption that there is some universal “bar” where everything is the same across the city? I can’t imagine Buffalo Wild Wings will be showing the debate, but surely you’re aware that not all bars are the same? Luckily for you there will be plenty of places to hide from those who like political chatter in the capital of politics.

          • Los

            “Any football (except futbol) is more interesting than the debate”

            Sounds like we have a Trump supporter here. A very provincial point of view. In fact, on a global basis, “football” is very inconsequential and irrelevant. Futbol, on the other hand, can have consequences that echo for eternity

          • Reed_Walter

            Please tell me about what “consequences that can echo for all eternity” a soccer match can have? Please…it’s a game just like any other. It’s soul crushing boring to me (just like politics).

          • dunning-kruger

            I’m basically with Reed. I don’t see any undecided voter making up their mind after watching a debate at a bar (important debate, sure I guess, but not to watch at a bar), it is utterly pointless if you can’t hear it, and if you can hear it you’re probably going to want to stick your head in your pitcher of beer to drown out Trump’s idiocy and Hillary’s hubris.
            Bars usually have multiple TVs so unlike our living rooms, the debate and sports aren’t mutually exclusive but if I’m at a bar getting loud over sports on Monday (I won’t be) and someone shushes me because they can’t hear the debate I’m not going to be at all sympathetic.

  • EcceNerdo

    I tried to watch the State of the Union at Meridian Pint and the sound was off upstairs and too crowded/noisy downstairs.

  • Kevin

    My living room couch. It’s comfy, it isn’t loud, and I can drink all the whiskey I want.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      +1. I’d rather be able to concentrate on what is said on the TV than have to hear a bunch of drunk kids who need to let the whole room know just how liberal they are.

  • No Bikes

    DC9 was good fun last go around.


    Capitol Lounge is having a BIG debate party.


  • Carly

    DC Young Democrats are hosting a watch party at Local 16:

  • samanda_bynes


  • You can join me hiding under the bed in the fetal position with a bottle of bourbon. Bring your own bourbon.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Can I bring my own tequila instead?

      • I don’t discriminate on your choice of beverage. I might judge you on the quality of the bottle, though.

  • Trekkie Junk

    How about Penn Social in Chinatown? They have a 22-foot screen, and i know they’ll be showing it with sound, because we called and asked. I have a small group from work going there.

  • J Street

    Nellie’s showed the Republican debates.

  • youtwo

    Red Derby is showing it monday night!!

  • BikerChick

    I’m going to Nellie’s

  • tad

    Garden DIstrict on 14th st is showing it and giving away beer all night. Free tiny cans to match trumps tiny hands.


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