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  • ugh

    That’s a school playground. Hoping they’re wrong.

    • samanda_bynes

      was just thinking the same. how sad….i walk by there every day, wouldn’t even remotely think it was unsafe.

  • Neighbor

    Somebody, please help get these guns out of the hands of shooters in Petworth. Living a block away, we’ve had to endure month after month of gunplay in this area. Gun fear related stress is shortening our lives!! Please Brandon. Please Kenyon. Please Muriel. Take some meaningful and effective actions.

    • Longfellow

      Until our elected officials start treating possession of an illegal firearm as a violent offense, nothing is going to change. As it stands, those arrested with an illegal gun are released from jail in 24-48 hours while they await trial. The sentence for this crime is generally too lenient as well, but let’s start here: it is time to start keeping those arrested with an illegal gun in jail for a more significant period of time.

  • Playground

    That’s the EL Haynes playground. Horrifying.

  • Petworth Girl

    Can anyone confirm this happened?

  • KK from cohi

    Just went under contract for a house two blocks away, welcome to the neighborhood

  • Newtonian

    We don’t have the facts, but enough is enough. The criminals who commit these wanton acts of violence have demonstrated over and over that they have zero regard for anyone else’s wellbeing and safety regardless of their age, race, class, gender, etc. No public space, not even playgrounds, are immune to this nonsense (this brings to mind the gunfight at 15th/Girard last summer, the 6-year-old shot at a playground in SE in July, the Park Morton playground shooting in 2014, among others). DC had problems long before I arrived a decade ago, but they seemed to be getting better until they started getting worse. I don’t have answers, but I agree with some of the comments on threads about crimes committed over the last few days (Petworth shooting, rocks thrown at 3 year old, etc.). I have more to lose now by remaining here, and I’m just about done dealing with DC’s high COL, dysfunctional and ineffective government, and a justice system that encourages juveniles and repeat offenders to prey upon law-abiding citizens without consequence.

  • Carlospr

    I live 2 blocks from the school and from my terrace I have a clear view of the school playground. Kids are still playing there at this moment. I didn’t hear anything and there are no police There at this moment. I hope is a mistake… But with that said, we had a crazy shooting on Crittenden last Sunday and a homicide on the same street less than 2 months ago. Crazy violent up here lately.

    • haynesmom

      thanks Carlos. My kid is at that school, and we didn’t get any kind of call from the school, so I was a little concerned, especially after yesterday’s strange incident near the metro station.

      • another Haynes parent

        I called the school at around 1. They said they’d just started hearing the rumor, but hadn’t heard anything from MPD.

      • Carlospr

        I also checked on the police twitter account and there’s no info related. I can only assume that if there was a shotting that close to Haynes playground, there would be massive police presence there and so far nothing there. Just hope the reader who posted heard something else other than gunshots, which unfortunately are heard way too often around here.


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