“Refugees Welcome HERE. Fascists Stay Out of D.C.”

by Prince Of Petworth September 28, 2016 at 12:45 pm 16 Comments


Thanks to Legba Carrefour for sharing:

“Someone wheatpasted pro-refugee posters atop the anti-Muslim posters, I *believe* they went up in support of the Alt Right/Neo-Nazi conference happening down at the Reagan Bldng next month, across from the Petworth Safeway.”

Ed. Note: From the you can’t make this stuff up files, The NPI Conference:

“Friday, November 18
7 — 10:30 PM
Washington, DC

IRL (In Real Life) is a causal, colorful, and irreverent gathering and steak dinner, to celebrates the Alt Right. It takes place in downtown Washington, DC, on the eve of Become Who We Are. Hosted by Richard Spencer, IRL will feature Tila Tequila, Ramzpaul, and other special guests.”


IDAVOX reported:

“The next National Policy Institute (NPI) conference will be held at the same place as the last NPI event – the Ronald Wilson Reagan Building in Washington, DC. It will be the same old thing as before, hating Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and Jews (that is guaranteed with Kevin MacDonald among the speakers) and every racist internet troll coming out to meet and network with one another. But this time, there’s a treat in store: A-List talent! Well, A-List talent as far as they are concerned, but the rest of us might put this one in maybe the x or y area to be honest.

Folks, National Policy Institute managed to score former reality show star and occasional rapper Tila Tequila for a pre-conference party the night before! We are not kidding!”


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