Lobster Lunatics Rejoice and Clear Your Calendar on Sunday

by Prince Of Petworth September 22, 2016 at 11:40 am 16 Comments

courtesy Luke’s

Normally I hate these made up days but for this one I’m making an exception that exception will not be lifted again until National Eggplant Parmigiana Day. Stay tuned.

From an email:

“For folks looking for things to do this weekend, they can celebrate National Lobster Day on Sunday, September 25 at Luke’s Lobster with their Lobstah, Lobstah, Lobstah special, available for one day only! [1211 Potomac St NW and 624 E St NW]

Featuring a lobster roll, a half lobster bisque, and a skewered half lobster tail served with cocktail sauce, this festively indulgent dish clocks in at a mindful $25 on the 25th of September. It will be available at all Luke’s Lobster shacks throughout the day while supplies last (no substitutions–but who need substitutions with a dish like this on the menu?).”

  • KBM

    Lobster with cocktail sauce???????? This Maine boy says NO WAY!

  • Are my eyes deceiving me or is that lobster roll smaller (in length) than a pickle?

    • lizcolleena

      Their lobster rolls aren’t huge, so there’s probably no deception here. I love lobster, but Luke’s is the king of in-between portion sizes. Like, this is too much for one person but not enough for two people, and that’s the case for several other combos on their menu. $25 is steep for fast casual for one person.

      • dcd

        “this is too much for one person”
        There is not one person in my family for whom this is true. Including my 9 yo.
        And, agree – cocktail sauce has no place near lobster. Come to think of it, you also need to choose between mayo and butter for the roll (and lemon butter, and secret spices? That’s not the Maine I visit).
        I thought about going, but then realized that with lunch for 3 costing $75, that money could be better spent going to the lobster vendor at the farmer’s market and making something truly spectacular.

        • What time should I come over?

    • stacksp

      Nope and normally, its $15 and comes with a bag of .25 chips. I can honestly eat two of them and a side of fries but that would be close to $40 and at that price point, might as well go to a sit down restaurant.

      • I’ve always been a fan of the one at Hank’s, which seems about 3x larger than this, and comes with a nice heaping of fries.

    • Anon

      I think their rolls are about six inches in length, which seems pretty standard to me (about the same size as all the spots in New England. At $15 or $16 per, they’re definitely an occasional treat rather than your everyday lunch. I actually think that $25 is a fair price for what you’re getting. I’ll probably swing by if I remember about this Sunday.

      • Brooklyn Brawler


      • lizcolleena

        I mean, all the lobster rolls I’ve had in Maine or Massachusetts (don’t think I’ve ever had one elsewhere) have been larger than Luke’s portions and $8-$10 – about half what Luke’s charges. I’m not going to boycott Luke’s or anything, but it’s far from what I’d consider a fair price.

        • Yeah, even in Boston, an expensive city, the touristy places are about $12 and for sure larger. I realize they aren’t exactly fishing up lobster locally in the Potomac or Anacostia, but don’t try to tell me it’s a “deal”. It’s just not as expensive as you normally charge…

          • Anon

            This wasn’t the case last year – all the rolls I got in Boston were 15-16 a piece. Granted, this was right downtown, so touristy, but I didn’t see anything for $12. And the ones I ate were very similarly sized to Luke’s.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            The price of Lobster in the northeast varies greatly depending on the season (i.e., whether they over-caught), and the prices of items like this typically fluctuate with market prices for the seafood.

        • NH Ave Hiker

          I’m from NH, and I’ve never met a New Englander that actually likes lobster rolls. I’m pretty sure it’s just a tourist gimmick.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            I am from Massachusetts, and I like lobster rolls. I would prefer a steamed lobster (or 2) with butter (cocktail sauce? WTF?), but that is a lot of work and messy. In a restaurant a lobster will run you $28-35 and won’t have too much more meat than you actually get in a roll. In a pinch, Luke’s pretty solid. Also, it is pretty normal to put a lobster roll on a hot dog bun, which is what they do.

      • dcd

        Six inches is pretty small. If you want something that is nine inches and have a taste for juvenile humor, you should check out the Wassubdc food truck.


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