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“The following lights were Out as of the 12th of September”

by Prince Of Petworth September 13, 2016 at 12:50 pm 23 Comments


A reader has been keeping exceptional records about all the street lamps out in Ward 1. They pass on their latest that they sent to the Mayor’s Office:

“The following lights were at as of tonight the 12th of September:

13th and U St se corner
S and 14th at side of 1740 14th St NW
12th and T Streets NW me corner
8th and T Streets NW NW corner
8th and T Streets NW se corner
10 Streetlights in front of 1840 7th St NW
1914 8th St NW
1390 Kenyon St NW
2 streetlights at 1377 Kenyon St NW
Park Rd NW and Pine St – side of Sacred Heart Church

In addition Howard University’s lots on 7th and T and 7th and S were both open and unmonitored and had all their lights out – about 9 lights altogether out and also their lot at 9th and W had its lights out.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide DDOT to insure streetlights are working.

I have lived in Ward 1 for 35 years. I have always experienced the Ward getting 2nd tier service from city agencies compared to Ward 3. Ward 2 and the federal zone. I remain hopeful that will change under Mayor Bowser.”

  • Lala

    Both lights at 13th and O Street NW (NE and SW corners) have been out for a long time. I reported them on the 311 website and within a few days the ticket was marked as closed and resolved with the final note being that the issue had been sent to a contractor for bulb replacement. That was two weeks ago and the lights are still out. It’s troubling that the ticket is marked resolved when the problem is actually not resolved, and I’m sure 311 is getting credit for resolving that ticket within the required number of days, when all they have done is pass the buck.

    • Thunder

      Some times they do replace the bulb, but problem is something else. Try reporting it again. Noting that you reported it before.

    • Common

      They do this all the time. I reported the same mattress dumped in an alley 4 times and each time they close the ticket as complete without lifting a finger.

      • textdoc

        I know from experience that when you place a 311 request with DPW for “Sanitation Enforcement” or “Illegal Dumping,” they close your service request and open a new service request for their street-cleaning personnel to remedy the issue. The new SR # will usually be mentioned in the comments section for your original SR.
        Problem is, unless you know or can guess the e-mail address of the DPW person who opened the new service request, you have no way of checking the new SR’s progress.
        I don’t know whether DPW is purposely trying to “juke the stats” by showing itself as closing service requests with lightning speed or whether that’s incidental, but it’s certainly annoying. Seems like a service request shouldn’t be closed out until the service has actually been rendered.

  • charlie

    What do you expect when you have a councilwoman like Nadeau?

  • Thunder

    If this person just reported them to 311, their time and ours would be more productively spent.

    • I Dont Get It

      Reporting to 311 by citizens is a great supplemental tool but shouldn’t also someone from the city be aggressively monitoring street lights as part of public safety? IIRC the last list from this OP, if the same person, was quite long and concentrated in a specific area.

      • textdoc

        Agreed. Sometimes I feel like the city relies on residents to report EVERYTHING and does no proactive inspection/enforcement.
        When I moved into my house and learned about DCRA’s 10-inch limit for grass, I immediately bought a weed whacker to cut the grass/weeds in my yard/treebox. I thought DCRA actually patrolled D.C. streets looking for overgrown lawns — how naive I was. :(

        • FridayGirl


    • Common

      You would be correct if 311 consistently resolved issues instead of doing nothing and then closing tickets.

      • OP Anon

        There’s a car on Champlain in the heart of Adams Morgan that has been parked about 4.5 feet from the curb for the last 6 days and still hasn’t been towed. It’s racked up a bunch of tickets.
        I’ve reported it 3 times via the 311 app and the car is partially blocking traffic on a narrow street.
        I hope no one here drives a grey Honda Insight! You’re f#cked.

  • StreetLightGuy

    If you look at the recent history of the DDOT maintenance agreement for streetlights, you can see that the current contractor grossly underbid on the current emergency contract (as a means to cut out local competition). The city is getting the level of service they are paying for.
    Input the issues into 311 so they show up in the ticketing system and then repeat daily. You can also call DDOT and ask to speak to your ward manager. This can help raise awareness at DDOT that the contractor is not fixing the problem within the required time limit.

  • DC

    One in front of 1832 Park Rd NW is out as well.

  • FridayGirl

    Not to go on a tangent but I’ve seen at least 3 crosswalk lights out the past couple of days too and have been to report them. One by my apartment has been out for literally 2 months, and I have a hard time believing that absolutely no one has reported it to 311 (or that no government person who could fix it has seen it).

    • FridayGirl

      *been trying to report them

  • Anonymous

    I wish the light across from my place would go out. We have two highway style and one “acorn” bulb all within 30′ of the intersection. Sure makes sleeping in darkness a challenge. My neighborhood isn’t the safest, so I appreciate the need for lighting, but the city should really get on the bandwagon of installing low-impact full-cutoff fixtures. Better for our wildlife, and better for my REM cycle.

    • blackout shades are your friend! you can buy a sheet on amazon and use iron tape to put on the back of curtains.. very cheap solution!

    • FridayGirl

      Blackout shades?

      • its a fabric you can sew or iron-tape on to your curtains, or buy them from bed bath (for more money). they are like the ones in hotels

  • JGK

    Email your Council member. They have constituent-facing staff who know the people in those agencies. Graham’s staffer had our light on New Hampshire Ave NW fixed w/in a week, and this was after he had lost re-election.

    • textdoc

      Unfortunately Nadeau’s constituent-services person Claudia Barahona does not inspire confidence.

      • Thought

        Silly textdoc. Haven’t you heard? Her office only responds to constituent requests made in Spanish. Unfortunately they have a Google Translate detection filter, so the rest of us are pretty much toast.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Has anyone sent this to DGS? DGS has to deliver- we saw them act on the Duke Ellington Plaza. It no joke took months of badgering- they replaced all of the landscaping in the middle of the summer, and then didnt water- so they wasted a TON of money and time- great job guys. So dont get your hopes up on DGS doing anything right here. As far as the cheapshot about CM Nadeau’s staff- easy…They have been pretty responsive around nuisance crime and violent crime in Ward 1- so lets give credit where it’s due. It looks like the lights around 7th St. are being updated, so well see if they attack the lights that seem to have only worked for a few months on 8th and T/7th and T.


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