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“112-unit residential apartment building with 6,000 square feet of ground floor retail” coming to 315 H Street, NE

by Prince Of Petworth September 13, 2016 at 2:50 pm 24 Comments

rendering courtesy MRP Realty

From a press release:

“MRP Realty, developers of commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate across the Mid-Atlantic region, and Kruger Real Estate, a diversified private investment firm, announced today that they have acquired three parcels at 315 H Street, NE in the H Street corridor for mixed-use development.

MRP and Kruger will develop a 93,992-square-foot, 112-unit residential apartment building with 6,000 square feet of ground floor retail set to deliver in the spring of 2018. The project’s location at 3rd and H Street NE represents one of the final, large scale development opportunities on the H Street corridor.

“The site’s proximity to Union Station, Union Market, NoMa and the destination retail developing on H Street, a historically significant corridor in Washington, make this an exciting long term investment for the Kruger and MRP venture,” said Ryan Crane of Kruger.

“H Street is one of the most historic streets in Washington and over the course of the past decade our government and business leaders have returned it to its roots as an energized commercial and creative hub in the midst of an authentic urban neighborhood,” said John Begert, principal of MRP Realty. “We are thrilled to partner with Kruger on this long term investment.”

315 H Street benefits from its proximity to Union Station and Metro, and includes front door access to an H Street streetcar stop. Additionally, a resurgent visual and performing arts scene, bars, music venues, an array of independent retailers, as well as high end residences have reshaped the historic corridor.”

  • Anon

    I love that they’re really taking a chance here. Bravo!

    • Guillermo Brown

      I don’t understand, isn’t this basically in the heart of the H St revitalization, across from a brand new Giant with tons of apartments? They are by no means pioneers

  • LionofLedroit

    H Street developers: please do more to add more daytime retail (i.e., clothing, small gyms, coffee shops, assortment of repair shops, cafes, etc.) and offices into the mix, to give H Street vibrant 24hr streetlife. Thank you! – Your (friendly) neighborhood lion

    • H St. NE

      Oh come on, this block already has the weed shop that’s open from mid-afternoon until late! What more do you want?

      • LionofLedroit

        Lions and weed really don’t mix. Or maybe they do. I need to go take a nap.

    • John

      Retail requires daytime foot traffic, of which H Street has extremely little.

      • LionofLedroit

        That’s more or less the point. The area around the Shay (8th & Florida) had almost no daytime foot traffic a few years ago, as most of the sites were either abandoned or vacant lots. The developers who built the Shay and Atlantic Plumbing actively targeted a nice assortment of daytime retail, and now – magic – there is foot traffic. The establishment of thriving retail corridors in formerly neglected areas don’t happen overnight, but they won’t happen at all in many cases without some level of foresight and active effort on the part of city planners and/or developers targeting certain types of retail tenants.

        • The Prophet

          Yes, JBG has done a great job with that project, but remember that the U Street Corridor has about a 15 year head start on revitalization over H Street, is significantly more dense, residentially, and has a much higher daytime population. These streets’ retail follow a rather predictable life cycle as they mature as a retail destination. Daytime retail will eventually occur, but successful “daytime” retail will only come en masse, in time. If you remember back, even the 14th & U corridor is littered with failed “daytime” businesses that opened before the area was sufficiently mature as a location to support them. Its often the 3rd or even the 4th concept that is actually successful, not the ice cream shop or book store that opened with it had 10 customers all day long. I get the desire for it now, but it takes time.

      • Anon

        H St seems like it is in a good position to have daytime retail – there are a lot of students and interns in the area that may have more flexible schedules and lots of people walking around with strollers in Capitol Hill not too far away. They might stroll up to H St if there was a (daytime) reason to do so. Also agree that a full-service gym (maybe Vida?) is a no-brainer

    • Anon

      Yessssss, definitely want more day time stuff on H St and please more work out studios!

    • The Prophet

      Unfortunately, retail markets don’t work that way. You need daytime demand before you have the daytime supply. There is very little pedestrian traffic or daytime demand for services in the area because there is very little office or jobs in the corridor, except for the far western end. If and when that arrives, the retail mix will diversify. Until then however, they would be doomed to failure.

    • doyouevenlivehere

      lol what, there’s literally three coffee shops, a dry cleaner, a hair salon, a furniture store, and a food store within 2 blocks of this place.

  • Sa

    Yes please – add a full service gym, or a smaller gym and a cycling studio!!. It’s currently a gym desert and the cross-fits and yoga aren’t the same thing as a gym. Hoping that the new development on H between 8th and 10th will bring a gym. Please, please, please Rappaport!

  • ezzles

    I’m so over these apartment buildings. Just look at that row of buildings, it looks incredibly out of place with the rest of the smaller structures. It feels like the west end of H St NE is going to turn into only apartment buildings which is very disappointing.

    • DCDoubleK

      +1 literally a wall of apartment buildings and they look quite similar. Some effort to blend with some of the improved buildings/fronts would be appreciated.

    • Reality

      As opposed to the grass and junk lots that are there now? There’s literally nothing currently in this space. Very disappointing.

      • NERes

        I’ve always kind of liked the makeshift dog park. It wasn’t just another abandoned lot–it was mowed regularly and people used it (to some extent).

      • ezzles

        I’d prefer grass to another giant apartment building, the entire street doesn’t have to be filled with concrete.

      • James W.

        Eh, whatever. I’m cool with grass. The notion that some gleaming new brick and glass building is better than (insert aging infrastructure here) is a truism. There are plenty of other options for vacant land other than luxury apartments.

  • anoNE

    LOL to the inclusion of the Streetcar in the image. The fact that there’s no Uber picking up passengers, car parked an inch over the red line or unaware pedestrians blocking its route (or even a Metrobus t-boning it) means we cannot take any of the rendering seriously.

  • Nate S

    The construction will never end.

  • Eileen

    Is this for lease only


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