• Lisa

    I think this is a great idea. Have imagined a similar thing for 9th St between CityCenter and U Street. Not just to ease the passage for erstwhile pedestrians but to psychologically link the two places and make the middle no-mans-land (to many) visible, familiar, and accessible.

  • ah

    Does it come back empty? Why?

  • northeazy

    Americans by in large are in fantastic shape, so this is definitely a luxury the city should subsidize. If the majority of Americans were obese and we recently moved to a publicly financed health care system shifting the economic burden of people’s poor choices on to society at large, I’d be against government money helping people to avoid burning a few extra calories. But that isn’t the case in America so carry on DC.

    • west_egg

      Cool rant, bro! Just a few quibbles:
      1) Lots of people have mobility issues that have nothing to do with obesity or “bad choices.”
      2) Our healthcare system is not publicly financed.
      3) This service isn’t subsidized by the city or paid for with “government money.”

    • CHGal

      We have a publicly financed health care system? Then why am I sending money Blue Cross every month ?


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