“The partnership will hasten bringing to justice those charged with violent offenses and help protect residents and neighborhoods in the District of Columbia.”

by Prince Of Petworth September 30, 2016 at 12:45 pm 16 Comments

From the Mayor’s Office:

“This afternoon, Thursday, September 29, Mayor Muriel Bowser hosted a signing with Channing Phillips, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia (USAO) and DC Attorney General Karl Racine (OAG) to announce a partnership between them to advance the Safer, Stronger DC public safety program. This partnership calls for the Bowser Administration to transfer $1.2 million in funds to the OAG to be used for the hiring of additional attorneys and enhanced training of attorneys who will be detailed to the USAO where they will help prosecute crimes. The partnership will hasten bringing to justice those charged with violent offenses and help protect residents and neighborhoods in the District of Columbia.

Full press release after the jump.

Today, Mayor Bowser joined with Channing Phillips, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia (USAO) and Karl Racine, DC Attorney General (OAG) to announce a partnership that will increase the number of attorneys prosecuting crimes in the District of Columbia. The partnership calls for the Mayor’s Office to fund eight new attorney positions at the Office of the Attorney General. Those attorneys and others will be detailed from the OAG to the USAO where they will receive training and assist in the prosecution of criminal cases.

“The point of the partnership is simple: when our hardworking men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department arrest a violent offender, we must have the resources to prosecute those cases and to do so quickly,” said Mayor Bowser. “By working together, local and federal law enforcement officials have developed a partnership that will keep our community safer and stronger.”

“This agreement reflects the strong relationship that our office has with the Mayor’s Office, the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General and other local partners,” said U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips. “We look forward to continuing to share information, coordinate resources, and collaborate on solutions regarding crime in our city. We must use every tool possible to identify and bring to justice those responsible for crime in our community.”

“Our justice system works best when all stakeholders work together to improve it, and this partnership is an innovative expansion of the positive collaboration that already takes place between the District’s two prosecutorial agencies and the Mayor’s Office,” Attorney General Karl A. Racine said. “This agreement will strengthen our justice system by providing the Office of the Attorney General with more resources to prosecute crimes and bolster our progressive efforts to reduce recidivism while also enhancing the U.S. Attorney’s forward-thinking efforts at community prosecution.”

The attorney augmentation plan consists of two separate agreements – one between the Mayor and the OAG, and another between the OAG and the USAO. The goals of the partnership are to 1) further the District of Columbia’s comprehensive public safety agenda, including the Mayor’s Safer, Stronger DC plan, a multi-agency approach to prevent violent crime; 2) to build the capacity of attorneys and other staff of OAG and USAODC to support the vigorous and effective prosecution of repeat violent offenders and the protection of District of Columbia residents and neighborhoods; 3) to assist OAG and other criminal justice stakeholders with addressing violent crime; and 4) to further enhance the cooperation and collaboration between the OAG and USAODC in their efforts to enforce the criminal laws of the District of Columbia and respond to the public safety needs of the community.”

  • Adam L

    A common-sense move. Well done, but they’re going to need way more than $1.2M.

  • A

    Amen. I’d like to see more initiatives like this one. Glad to see the mayor finally acknowledging crime is a problem and offering solutions. Now if only the council would take some sort of meaningful action…

  • textdoc

    I am cautiously optimistic.

    • atlascesar


  • I didn’t – and won’t – even read this since the headline is such absolutely gobble-de-gook -gobbledegook? It is embarrassing on every level to have illiterate blurbs from any govt. But honestly, from a majority black city govt. this is a phenomenal failure. OK – I did actually read it, and now feel 100 times worse.

    • PettyShabazz

      Das Racist

  • Anon

    So…more DC govt money and resources going into the USAO, no additional DC govt oversight/control? What am I missing re: why this is a good thing?

    • anon

      You do realize that the USAO is responsible for prosecuting cases in DC. We aren’t a state with our own office, so that’s the way it works here. It’s just like how the U.S. Marshals are responsible for prisoner transport, since there is no sheriff.

    • Anon

      DC is funelling resources to hire more prosecutors who can focus on DC crime. This is good because the USAO has been woefully understaffed to sufficiently prosecute DC crime. Many perps are given favorable plea deals to lower the workloads.

  • Linc Park SE

    This is puzzling since the Mayor also initiated a broader work release program at the DC Jail that appears to have gotten no press coverage. This program puts inmates to work outside of the jail and permits thise serving time or pre-trial to serve it in the public sector. This seems risky.

    Frankly – our sentencing is pretty strict already. The problem is the delay between conviction and sentencing, which can be months.

    • anon

      Isn’t the problem pre-trial release?

      • ParkViewneighbor

        yes it is brother

  • PlainEnglishBansGibberish

    BEFORE “The partnership will hasten bringing to justice those charged with violent offenses and help protect residents and neighborhoods in the District of Columbia”

    AFTER: Local-Federal partnership will protect residents and bring violent offenders to justice.

    There…fixed it.

    • kanon

      Thank you!

  • JohnH

    Woohoo we can sentence more people to probation now!

  • I Rex

    This is wonderful news and a sign that someone in the mayor’s office is listening. Agree, this is a common sense move. More steps need to be taken but this a great start. I wish more people understood that the feds prosecute violent crimes in DC and dont have a lot of incentive to staff up enough to fully prosecute rather than cut deals.


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