Anyone Know Where the Polls Will Be For Folks Who Vote at Marie Reed?

by Prince Of Petworth September 23, 2016 at 11:55 am 11 Comments

2201 18th St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I recently realized that with the construction going on at Marie Reed, it will likely be closed on Election Day. Any idea on the alternate polling place for voters who are meant to vote there? I tried to find something online but all of the DC websites keep telling me to go to Marie Reed.”

  • Anonymous

    Voter information can be found at https://www.dcboee.org/voter_info/. The site to find your polling place is https://www.vote4dc.com/SearchElection/SearchByAddress.

    • LP

      I was wondering the same thing about my polling place – Murch School is undergoing renovation. I just checked the links above and my polling site is still listed as Murch. I wonder if I should vote early to avoid the frustration of my polling place being closed on election day?

      • Anonymous

        That DCBOE hasn’t updated the list could mean that they dropped the ball, or that they don’t actually know where to send people yet. I’d vote early if I were you just in case. If you want to do everyone a solid you may want to call 1-866-DC-VOTES and tell them that their locations aren’t up to date.

      • Anon

        Ditto with Bancroft.

    • anon

      This still shows that voting for Adams Morgan will be at Marie Reed, which currently has no windows or doors, let alone space for voting.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a fair question, but I am intrigued about why someone would be worried about this so far ahead of time, and also why they would ask PoPville rather than DCBOEE.

    • Anon

      The election is just over a month away, it appears numerous sites are under construction, and chances are they have asked DCBOEE. I do know a fair number of DC government officials read PoPville, so it seems reasonable that someone here may know the answer.

    • Because the answers are always given here;:”The polling site typically housed at Marie Reed will move to Mary’s Center for the November 2016 election.” and perhaps it’s not always obvious who to contact at a government agency. Mystery solved!

  • Ward One Resident

    The polling site typically housed at Marie Reed will move to Mary’s Center for the November 2016 election. According to the D.C. BOE they will be notifying all affected voters before the 8th. The relocation of certain polling places was just discussed at the Sept. 14 board meeting.

  • NoLines

    How does early voting work? I see the list of places, can I just pick whichever is most convenient, regardless of my regular polling location/voting district?

    • CHGal

      Yes, early voting is open. And usually pretty easy. I can’t remember the last time I voted on election day.


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